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  1. Ship blueprint data is incorrect, as seen in below screenshot, the Sabicu Log count is different then in the game, it was like this for several ships I checked were like this.
  2. I was, on PvE you dont get pulled into battle, you need to manually join
  3. Friend jumped a NPC LGV trader, I tried to jump in and help, nope.
  4. I had something like this, TSnow doing almost 5 knots then does a U-turn and books it the other way
  5. Leave it in, but change the button! V swaps rolling front back only and have some key to change it between rolling or random
  6. I understand, and thanks for the reply, though I have edited my post since I have been able to get on server and well, you know the rest
  7. How does one go about contacting support? I would like to know if its possible to to contact support about an issue I had that probably cost me the dura on my victory, and unable to get back in as it was so close to maintenance. THanks EDIT EDIT: Ok, I was extremely 'not happy', unforeseen things happened, was unable to log back in due to it being to close to maintenance, so for an hour I was arngy, upset and really annoyed and unsure. I KNEW I would of won the boarding I was in when it all happened. I logged back into this, http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=6
  8. I think it would be a good Idea to let pirates dock at neutral ports so they have access to more resources/ports, as everyone knows, and doesn't matter on the PvP server as you have conquest. On PvE you do not. Before you start going on about PvE and pirates, I don't care what side i play, but my friends want to be pirate, so it makes sense to play with them, I wish to also craft ships, but that is hard with only having about 12 pirate port plus the few free ports.
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