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  1. Frankly, I can see where the Danes are coming from. I just hope they do not see our nation as incessant trolls/griefers who enjoy watching Danes get up early to retake ports. The ability to set timers for 4-6 generally allows for the next day (or consecutive days) to allow flag purchases to allow for us to keep the presence in a certain territory that we have gained permanently. I won't lie that the tactic is frustrating to deal with, but I hope that my Danish brothers can understand that this tactic is more of a problem with the game that's just being used by the Brits in order to compensate
  2. I was excited to hear National News reopened, and then immediately disappointed to see it filled with US/SORRY prick measuring contests. It is further disappointing to see how Vicious's / SORRY's personality contrasts from the forum personality and the one I listened to on Jeheil's clan interview. I want to believe that [sORRY] genuinely gets lambasted by a large amount of this community to an extent that is uncalled for so I can feel sympathy towards them, which would match the vibe I got from Jeheil's point of view, but then I read these bait threads & AARs that range from braggart to do
  3. Haha, this is why I love the devs of this game. shots fired. To be honest frigates are very viable outside of Port Battles, inside them I really can't see how you could make them stand up against a 25 1st Rate fleet within the confines of the Age of Sail setting. Things like tackling, disabling, stunning, and other MMO status effects would be useful to put on the smaller and more nimble ships like Frigates (and give them a purpose in PBs), but obviously that doesn't work very well here if we're staying true to the setting. I'd considered weather being a factor that benefits smaller shi
  4. I think the clan interviews idea is great and it was interesting seeing [sORRY]'s perspective. When you're fighting against the same handful of clans every single day without talking to them directly --- especially when the language barrier is a thing, it is enjoyable to get some insight from the other side in a "fireside chat" setting. While [sORRY] is certainly notorious for a variety of reasons depending on who you ask, they are still players in our game world and I respect Jeheil for acknowledging that. I hope to see [sLRN]'s perspective in the future.
  5. Conquering Europe won't fund itself. J'aurais rejoint la France avait mon français pas été si pauvre! Malheureux!
  6. Pardonnez mon pauvre français, mes amis. Je ne parle pas au nom du conseil britannique, mais je voudrais aborder la question des minuteries portuaires que je comprends. Il est vrai que, grâce à la sagesse du conseil, il semblait raisonnable de fixer des minuteries portuaires tard dans la nuit. Il est très difficile de défendre plusieurs ports et de progresser dans une guerre contre votre nation avec le système actuel de mécanique de combat de port. Puisque la France a repris ces ports en dépit de notre stratégie, il semble inefficace et je pense le conseil britannique de réajuster en cons
  7. If a clan leader isn't responsible enough to ensure that his position will be filled in the case of his absence, I think a complete reorganization of that clan is necessary. My issue with auto-delegation comes from the fact that it's often abused and needlessly causes drama within a clan when someone gets the title of prestige and then goes bonkers with it for selfish reasons.
  8. Auto delegation? No. Allowing a clan leader to pass on his leadership role to another without remaking the entire clan? Yes.
  9. Since the game is borked at the moment, all you need to know is this: Get some cash from missions. Make a Compass Wood factory near a port that consumes it. Buy an Exceptional Speed Trader's Lynx/Trader's Cutter. Buy up all the Compass Wood you make each day and make up to 300,000 gold profit a day by selling it at the consuming port. If you get tagged, just sail upwind after doing a defensive tag*. *Defensive tagging is to tag an enemy player you're keeping speed with just as he comes into range of your attack circle. The enemy player must then choose to either keep speed with you and engage
  10. 1.5x system is terrible, I'd rather have no circle than the limitation again. If anyone in a 1st Rate fleet makes a mistake by leaving the combat results screen early, there will be nothing my comrades or I can do to help him. Countering screening fleets becomes pointless because players who seek an easy frigate kill or two won't be allowed to stack up 20v1 to clear a path for 1st Rates. Attacking seal clubbers outside your capital becomes impossible. 20v1 ganks still occur as people abuse the BR system yet again by just stacking Yachts and Cutters. There's a good chance I wouldn't even be
  11. If we own the land, please give us the option to transfer port (or the estates) ownership to a different player of the same faction at will.
  12. Salutations, Alors que je me attends à échanger avec vous canonnade peu de temps encore une fois, je dois dire que vous avez tous combattu honorablement et avec un grand esprit à Ponce. [ EDR ], [ ED ], [ CPC ] et [ ACR ] sont clans exemplaires sur PVP1 qui ont montré une grande force et la capacité de la France. Je ne l'ai jamais vu la Grande-Bretagne travaillent avec tant de ferveur ensemble afin d'entrer en conflit avec vos marins, et j'espère que dans l'avenir, nous pouvons nous considérer aimables les uns aux autres. Je ne parle pas sur la moitié du conseil britannique, bien que je sout
  13. Marines work wonderfully as they are now. Nearly every rank of Marines is useful. Very hard to get that kind of balance with most upgrades!
  14. Pestilent, unwanted, a plague-carrier, swears like a cutter, full as a goat, and with a coat as black as your flag. Vermin! A blight upon every sailor's deck, and even more so upon his food supply. Damnable creatures, much like the dread pirate.
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