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  1. Just an update - I have 2 systems (desktop and Laptop) both are having same issues, for PVE server. My sons'account as well.
  2. Ditto, but for PVE server Same issue for PVE server.. same stats: Working Low, -ms, screen stalls when PVE server selected adn then states Failure to connect
  3. PVE server is down. Been trying to log on for 30 minutes. Any ETA for its resurrection? Thanks.
  4. kicked again:6:25 pm what sucks is at 5:15pm we had over 80 players online .. last kick there were only 30 or so... - I am about to throw in the towel!
  5. PVE server disconnected players at least 4 times in last 15 minutes. Will not allow reconnect now.. just stalls at "connecting" window. Also in server selection screen, the PING for PVE and PVP1 alternate (1 is blank, the other a # ex: 139ms, but if you refresh the screen the readouts change.. the other will be "blank" and the other will read 139. Thanks,
  6. 23 Jan 2017 - 5:15pm USA-CST PVE server down 4 times in 15 minutes.. Disconnected everyone.... and will not allow reconnect now.
  7. (PVP and PVE based) Suggestion: Allow the "Friending" of NON-Nation players in game. - Just as simple as that. Would like to know when new acquaintances are online, without bogging down global chat with searches and personal inquiries. EX: "hey X, are you on?" Suggestion: Allow Indefatigables and Endymions to be broken down for parts -- not necessarily for BP's but at least for Parts. - sell back prices are pretty low, and they are better served as parts acquisition ships, after the challenge of capturing them. (PVE based) Suggestion: Allow non-nation players
  8. So, the PIrate Region Los Martires does not get a regional bonus? Or has it just not been found out?
  9. ok, line 21 (Should be Region: "Gulf", County: "Los Matires" -- wish there was a known Bonus for that area Thank you for all your hard work. Quite an endeavor. Very much appreciated. Also, as was noted in a previous post.. if a region is captured by another nation, and a ship is crafted, and the regional bonus changes for that region to suit.. will you be adding in varying nationalities per region? Could be confusing until its all ironed out.
  10. anyone craft anything in the Mortimer area? Just not seeing a listing for anything in that area yet. * Just an observation ... Line 4 & 34 of Spreadsheet are duplicates. Was wondering if either entry was intended for the Florida area.
  11. Oct 4th ... no patch. Still on track to release on or before the 8th? Will we get a "mini-notice" the day before, on log-in screen, stating it will occur over the "next" maintenance action? - that would be very welcomed. Thanks, -Yank/BvW
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