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  1. PVE server is down. Been trying to log on for 30 minutes. Any ETA for its resurrection? Thanks.
  2. any update as to whether this is a planned change? -we can additional numbers to existing items that already occupy slots, but cannot add any NEW items to the CWH still. or something that is going to be addressed? Cheers!
  3. Just inquiring... is the CLAN Warehouse now limited in the number of "SLOTS" (aka different type items) you can place into it? ON PVE, our clan warehouse is giving a "Warehouse Full" when we try to add an additional item that is not already in the warehouse. Has there been a limitation placed in terms of available slots, on the CWH? Thanks
  4. kicked again:6:25 pm what sucks is at 5:15pm we had over 80 players online .. last kick there were only 30 or so... - I am about to throw in the towel!
  5. PVE server disconnected players at least 4 times in last 15 minutes. Will not allow reconnect now.. just stalls at "connecting" window. Also in server selection screen, the PING for PVE and PVP1 alternate (1 is blank, the other a # ex: 139ms, but if you refresh the screen the readouts change.. the other will be "blank" and the other will read 139. Thanks,
  6. 23 Jan 2017 - 5:15pm USA-CST PVE server down 4 times in 15 minutes.. Disconnected everyone.... and will not allow reconnect now.
  7. Sorry was just given this link.. I have gotten the following: 15 X Heavy Rattlers 7 X L'Oceans 7 X Indefatagables 3 X Endymions 7 X Agamemnons 1 X Pirate Frigate BP Plus about 4 others (I forgot which though.. as I have just been giving them away) and more paint than Sherman Williams! Need some... lol, just ask me! But here are what I still have left to place here for your data. I am missing a few, as I have given a few away as well. Niagara: Classic White X 1 Cerberus: Carota X 3, French X 2, Swede Dreams X 1 Renomeee: Barra X 3 Essex: Sicily X 2, Sangre X 2, Rouge Noir X 1, Brest harbor X 2 Trincomalee: Scarred X 1, Sangre X 2 Consitution: Sicily X 2, Brest harbor X 1, Swiss guard X 2 Rouge Noir X 1 Belle Poule: Swede Dreams X 1, French X 1 Bellona: Classic White X 2, Brest Harbor X 1, Pink Royal X 1, Swiss Guard X 1 St Pavel: Swiss Guard X 3, Sicily X 2, Pink Royal X 1 Bucentaure: Pink Royal X 1, Brest Harbor X 1 Santissima: Sicily X 3, Pink Royal X 2 Victory: Pink Royale X 2, Rouge Noir X 1 Cheers!
  8. (PVP and PVE based) Suggestion: Allow the "Friending" of NON-Nation players in game. - Just as simple as that. Would like to know when new acquaintances are online, without bogging down global chat with searches and personal inquiries. EX: "hey X, are you on?" Suggestion: Allow Indefatigables and Endymions to be broken down for parts -- not necessarily for BP's but at least for Parts. - sell back prices are pretty low, and they are better served as parts acquisition ships, after the challenge of capturing them. (PVE based) Suggestion: Allow non-nation players to form groups. - This to allow new players the ability to pair up with more experienced players regardless of nationality in order to show/teach them how to play more effectively. Would also allow them to join in missions together for better instructional means. Or to just help the bloke out who is having a lot of difficulty and no one on their nation is present or being helpful. To all Veterans: Thank you for your service. Never forget! - Takes just a Pittance of Time to remember those who have gone before us, and gave that ultimate sacrifice. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=a+pittance+of+time+terry+kelly&view=detail&mid=E5DDED3F4183A9B3B002E5DDED3F4183A9B3B002&FORM=VIRE -Yankyaeger, USN
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