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  1. British are Russian vassalls, so their Home Defense is defending russian waters. It is not a bug, it is a feature.
  2. I cannot buy it, too. But thats because I want to keep my dignity.
  3. The next Patch I guess, there isn't any picture of the other *new* paints, too. =/
  4. Hat dann wohl eher was mit den Trims der Schiffe zu tun und wohl auch damit, das ihr besser spielen könnt. Mit dem Thema hat es schon ein wenig was zu tun, das Balancing funktioniert zwar so lala, niemand hat in seiner Gewichtsklasse aufgrund des rechnerisch (in Maßen) schlechteren Schiffes automatisch verloren, aber es gibt immer noch Schiffe wie 3rd-Rate und Pavel, die rein rechnerisch keine Daseinsberechtigung haben, solange man Zugriff auf Bellona oder Bucentaure hat. Was ich schade finde, vom Aussehen mag ich die Pavel lieber als die Bucentaure. Auch bei Portbattles zeigt sich d
  5. Naja... Wenn man die Bellona entsprechend baut und mit schwächeren (ergo leichteren) Kanonen bestückt, wäre das kein Problem. Nachladezeit hängt ja nicht vom Schiff ab, sondern vom Kaliber und den refits, soweit ich weiß, oder wurde da inzwischen was gedatamined bezüglich versteckter Attribute? Und die Grundgeschwindigkeit der Bellona ist, wenn auch geringfügig, höher als bei der 3rd-Rate. Dementsprechend ist das Verhältnis zwischen Bellona und 3rd-Rate dasselbe wie zwischen Bucentaure und St. Pavel, sozusagen die Premium-Variante, einfach besser in allem.
  6. If someone has some Swiss Guard or Classic White paints for Bellona left for me on PVP-EU, I would pay a decent amount of gold.
  7. Looking for paints for Bellona, Swiss Guard preferably or Classic White. United States on PVP-EU, /pm me, name's the same.
  8. My guess is, straight with the next patch. When the next patch will be, we might know on Monday, devs are supposed to post something about future content then, if I remember correctly.
  9. I would appreciate that. I understand the problems that might occur if durability gets rebuildable, like no one likes to buy ships etc. But i am stacking my favorite setup ship right now, and it feels stupid. When I was able to restack just one dura for the costs of building the same ship again, I would restore the dura. And that only if you are able to craft that type of ship. If it would work this way, people who bought new ships instead of building them themself right now would buy new ships after that change anyway.
  10. I am sorry if I overread a similar reply, but that ship seems to be the "Wapen von Hamburg I". =/
  11. I totally agree, that a more complex and individual kind of shipbuilding is something what a sandbox-game like this game tries to be needs. I would also really like if the game would move away from those replicated ships... Shipbuilding would be far more interesting to me if I was able to not build a special ship that sailed the sees, I would like to pick the hull, the paint, the stern and the figurehead of a ship individually, so that every ship may look different and there may not be whole fleets of identical looking ships, what just became boring for me after a while, no matter how bea
  12. Dear Santa. I'd like to see some kind of courier(-missions) in the game someday. Small vessels, bringing small but important things to middle or far ranges, being paid for fast delivery as addition to the merchant ways. Stay sharp, Johnny
  13. First of all it is nice that things like that are introduced since doing Admiralty Orders is fun, but everything done too often gets old at some point. But just 10 winners and everyone else empty-handed might get frustrating, especially when the winners are the same in every round. (What can't be told yet, but still...) And well... about that timed PVE-challenge-thingy. Two Ships sunk in barely minutes without dealing damage? How is that possible? Ramming? Do they manage to board that fast? Or even exploit-using? I don't think it is going the way the developers intended it to do by n
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