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  1. Server: Peace Ingame-name: NoShipSails4ever (mine, not of the bug report sender) Report: NAB-103542 Question: his question was mentioned in the report as he said, but for response reasons i will repeat it here with some additions It's regarding a bug report of a mate that didn't create a forum account so far. so i write for him here. it is related to a port raid that will happen after tomorrows maintenance (Tuspan). Back in this announcement it was written that only 2 poor / under-developed ports get raided per day. the port in question has 15 of 40 poin
  2. - is this also the same amount of ships / rank on the peace server? because this statement is set under "War Server" and not as info for both > if yes, how should the PvE playerbase defend against it? i don't think we get enough players together every time to defend against it > if no, what can we expect the fleet to be consisting of? so if I understand you correctly regarding the PvE Server 1. there is NO downside to all other players if whatever clan owns a specific Port (access, building rights etc...except taxes) 2. the only reason to capture it on Peace
  3. Hello fellow sailors, i just encountered another labour reset bug as it seems... It's widely know now, that you get a popup for it, that you labor hours get's a reset when you create a new character on another server. BUT why did it get reset when i just joined another server with an existing character (which just sat idle until now). "Birthday" is 5/6/2016 in my Info on the PvP One EU server a few minutes before that i was on the PvE Server that i was mainly active before and had nearly 1800 labor hours (which i did not spent) I also made a bug report via F11 ingame C
  4. Not only wipe related but also when you change nation...because I am lvl 50 craft...and when i want to change nations (talking about PvE here) because e.g i find some new mates to play with...why should i start from scratch again in terms of Blueprints? i am still a "master" crafter with lvl 50 and know all the stuff...
  5. and that would be another reason for me to stick to the PvE server... that way i don't have to look out for stupid gank fleets (because those guys can't handle fighting 1:1 mostly), and if i want to PvP i just join a small / large battle and get a mostly fair battle...which is what i want to do in PvP fights anyway EDIT: crew doesn't really become a strategic factor then... people will prolly just stick to 2nd and 3rds until they have only 1 dura left, sell the ship and start from before...no loss of crew that way
  6. Well if that's the case that if i e.g. lose a santi and my crew is gone...and when it should be such a hassle to regain crew over time... i just build like 5 ships...like a snow, surprise, essex, bellona and vic / santi...(different crew levels depending on how much i have at that time) and just fit them for boarding and get all the crew i need by boarding NPC ships as players will just try to evade being boarded anyway... [sarcasm] hooray...another grind aspect and / or time sink[/sarcasm]
  7. Which Server are you playing on? there are 3x PvP and 1x PvE
  8. +1 btw it is possible atm, but only in the after battle screen
  9. Well if they wanted to sell it via the Store i guess you could figure it out yourself...except you so far prolly noone would buy it. And no clue why people didn't build you one IF you asked in chat for it. I prolly would have, as Fir and LiveOak are the only frames i use (liveoak for warships and fir for trader hunters and traders). But on the other hand...i only play one the PvE server. If i would want to PvP i'd just join a small battle
  10. Who cares if he is from your nation? For that reason i'd just build my shipyard in a free town. to meet up and trade there with other nations / pirates
  11. Well maybe because you may offer 2x the price but 3 of the 5 things you want is up to random chance where noone can say "hey i guarantee that the ship will be xxx" when you build a ship you can set: quality: 1-4 craft notes (in rare cases other than the used amount of notes) wood type: fir / teak / oak / live oak 1st upgrade: build strength / planking / crew space / rigging quality but: 2nd Upgrade is random either: Speed OR Stiffness for gold ship perm. Upgrade Slots either: 2 OR 3 for gold ship normal Upgrade Slots either : 4 OR 5 that is why i wrote before, I give the option to
  12. Well I don't pay for them. it's just always horrid to see when i'm back to capital and see such schizophrenic prices in note to ship relations. And i'm craft lvl 44 btw...the stuff i make for myself i also craft myself. and ships for others i only build on demand, mostly with the option at hand that they bring me their crafted stuff (so that i only have to build the ship) or charge fitting prices when i have to do everything by myself.
  13. +1 on this and everything else you said so far in this topic actually
  14. You already have that with the Rank system dude... i mean sure you can get the santissima of your friend and sail it in OW with you rank 1 40 crew...but try to do so in battle...LOADS of fun, rly [sarcasm] but hey, what did you have to do again get a rank up? RIGHT, go out and fight! And on the other hand being forced to play PvP or kill like 10 times the amount of NPCs just to sail a ship is pure nonsense anyway... Edit: the conecpt of the actual system works fine as it is now. It may only need some fine tuning but that comes over time, it's still an alpha anyway.
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