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  1. Hello fellow sailors, i just encountered another labour reset bug as it seems... It's widely know now, that you get a popup for it, that you labor hours get's a reset when you create a new character on another server. BUT why did it get reset when i just joined another server with an existing character (which just sat idle until now). "Birthday" is 5/6/2016 in my Info on the PvP One EU server a few minutes before that i was on the PvE Server that i was mainly active before and had nearly 1800 labor hours (which i did not spent) I also made a bug report via F11 ingame Cheers
  2. Not only wipe related but also when you change nation...because I am lvl 50 craft...and when i want to change nations (talking about PvE here) because e.g i find some new mates to play with...why should i start from scratch again in terms of Blueprints? i am still a "master" crafter with lvl 50 and know all the stuff...
  3. and that would be another reason for me to stick to the PvE server... that way i don't have to look out for stupid gank fleets (because those guys can't handle fighting 1:1 mostly), and if i want to PvP i just join a small / large battle and get a mostly fair battle...which is what i want to do in PvP fights anyway EDIT: crew doesn't really become a strategic factor then... people will prolly just stick to 2nd and 3rds until they have only 1 dura left, sell the ship and start from before...no loss of crew that way
  4. Well if that's the case that if i e.g. lose a santi and my crew is gone...and when it should be such a hassle to regain crew over time... i just build like 5 ships...like a snow, surprise, essex, bellona and vic / santi...(different crew levels depending on how much i have at that time) and just fit them for boarding and get all the crew i need by boarding NPC ships as players will just try to evade being boarded anyway... [sarcasm] hooray...another grind aspect and / or time sink[/sarcasm]
  5. Which Server are you playing on? there are 3x PvP and 1x PvE
  6. @Admin: is it possible to actually activate the mechanic in PvE too then as Codie wrote, so that all players in the circle (or maybe only your group) will automatically get into the fight like in PvP? That way i think more people would actually engage the current OW fleets...the way it is now, even when we are 12 players in the group, we prefer to go for fleet orders, because it's less annoying with positioning in battle, as you already start close to eachother (not like in OW where everyone except the initial attacker has to get out of the circle first and starts miles away). EDIT: i'd prefer the "lock battle immediately after start" choice btw, but with everyone who was tagged in the original circle on PvP AND PvE
  7. I can understand both sides actually...the ones who just want to have fun, and those who want stronger opponents... Wouldn't it be an easier way if you e.g. 1.accept rank 5 (fleet) order 2. get a question of how difficult you want the AI to be? e.g. normal (pre-patch) and hard (AI now) 2.1 where normal would give like 50% XP and credits and hard gives the normal XP you get now (mission XP / gold could stay the same, as most of the XP and gold comes from sinking the ships anyway) 2.2 that way the "elitists" get rewarded for higher risk and the ones who just want to enjoy the game still get a chance to Like this
  8. I get your general point, but as i already wrote and you mentioned...he as NO leaks, and when he as not a single leak BELOW the waterline, where shall the flooding come from? If he has like 2XX holes between the weather deck and gun deck, it would not be of interest because the water has no point where it would actually enter the ship. he would have a lot of wind going through though^^ that's kinda logically the opposite effect of a bath tube (where as long as the water level doesn't rise too much, it won't flood your bathroom)
  9. +1 btw it is possible atm, but only in the after battle screen
  10. Feedback regarding the Leak system Is it still intended with the new Leak system, that ships sink when one broadside is down? In the screenshot below i made a test against an LGV. Just shot my broadsides at his masts and in his broadside, but above the water level. In a realistic way he should not sink, as no water would enter the ship, but he sill did. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that the game does not go full real, i just want to know if it is (still) intended to be that way, or because of some of the changes were turned back to pre-patch status. And if it is important for someone, I was in my Pavel and had 1x 6 and 2x9 pdrs on it
  11. That explains something really important... I was always wondering why a 3rd Rate, when i could cap them back then, which has always no upgrades installed, can reload faster than I in my 3rd rate with mastercrafted impr. mag. access, rum rations and powder monkeys... Edit: with medium cannons. AI was shooting mostly deck by deck, but still with faster reload than myself
  12. I kinda like most of the stuff so far but: @ 3: what exactly do you want to change with NPC boarding? if you as a player get too slow and are closeby, the NPC pulls and captures you. @4: i think it wouldn't be bad to just deactivate capture just for 1st and 2nd rates or if all stay deactivated, give an option when ships go to admiralty, to get crafting materials instead of money for the ship. A lot of crafters, including myself, were mostly capping e.g. 3rds before, just to break them for free materials...especially stuff like carriages take a lot of time to craft and are a nice thing to collect this way
  13. +1 for the part with the larger fleets and most of the rest of the patchnotes but how does the compensation you get for captured warships look like? Gold? Materials? +1 Dura on my actual ship? can i choose? because I for myself mostly capped stuff like 3rds mostly to save me some time crafting as i broke them up to get more materials like large carriages...
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