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  1. I also got exited about food suplies, but after reading the post I'm not. I don't see any good in this idea. Add it as a refillable to keep in you hold that is used when you travel and be lootable if someone captures you.
  2. You don't have to capture every ship in the other side of the map...
  3. Sounds very good, can't wait to test it! Do you have any estimated time when this happens?
  4. 1. Frigate battles are awesome right now, much more fun than before. Do not make them sink any easier, this ain't part of CoD-series. Anyone who says its hard to sink just wants to shoot miles away.
  5. +1 to that. No for winning conditions and hell no for warzones.
  6. Good ideas here, I'd like to see lower-rank ships in some use at PB as well.
  7. Absolutly NO to waiting times and hard caps, that would ruin the game. If something must be done, do some sort of xp/gold-boost for underdog-nations, like Heroes & General uses in War-gamemode.
  8. I would love longer entry-timer. I liked 5 min timer much and think 2 min is too little. Personally I would take open entry for as long as battle is going. Lots of excitement of battles comes from not knowing what happens. I love to jump in and try to ruin enemys battle, and (maybe I'm masochist) I love the possibility of someone jumping in and ruining my battle. I mean, it is PvP! You always have the possibility to try escape, if the battle changes. Lets not make PvP servers too PvE-like.
  9. I like the idea, but there should be multiple ships to craft each rate. So there would at at least as many ships to craft as now.
  10. Name: The Flying Gang Nation: USA Language: Finnish, English Contact: Jomppeli in the forums & in-game Server: PVP EU1 http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/10977-the-flying-gang-fly-usafinnish/ Suomalainen kaveriporukka, suomenkielisiä voidaan harkita jäseniksi. Höpistään usein teamspeakissa. Finnish group, we might consider taking new finnish-speaking members.
  11. The Flying Gang [FLY], USA, is a small clan for me and my finnish-speaking friends. We might consider to take new finnish-speaking members. Currently there are only few members in the clan. We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate. The Flying Gang [FLY], USA, on vasta perustettu, pieni klaani minua ja kavereitani varten. Voimme harkita uusien, suomea puhuvien/kirjoittavien jäsenten ottamista mukaan. Juuri nyt meitä on vain muutama ja käytämme Teamspeak 3 höpisemiseen. Näin alkuun opettelemme pelailua ja tutustumme maailmaan, tulemme tekemään kauppalaivasto-reissuja ja sotimaan vihollisvaltoja vasta
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