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  1. he put fair in quotation marks because by flipping port via war supplies and then logging out 1st rates in the harbor of the port to be flipped completely and totally destroys any notion of fair pvp because doing that avoids much of the pvp you were supposed to have to go through to begin with that is supposed to be there to help the defender actually defend. as it stands you might as well remove the whole hostility system and just have the server randomly pick a time that a region goes hostile and randomly pick the opponent and just allow anyone in the opposing alliances join the battle from whatever port they are in making the idea of holding territory and fighting for territory meaningless and pointless which is what war supply bombing is already starting to do.
  2. good point...then simplify it down to two categories of points that have to add up to 10k points. pve - this is for war supplies and the killing of OW AI fleets (since to my understanding, defenders can not join into the battle to help the AI unless its specifically a trade fleet). limit this one to 4k points if the 10k to flip a region is kept. pvp - this is for actually sinking of defending nations player ships or from the hostility missions that to my understanding the defenders have the ability to join and disrupt. this one can represent the entire 10k points. as for the log out mechanics that everyone seems to hate, that one can be potentially fixed a few ways. one is that if you log out in open world, it gives you a 5 minute timer on log in that prevents you from starting or joining any battle including port battles during that 5 minutes. You can still be forced into a battle by an enemy player after the normal 1 minute. To curb the battle results camping, the same timer could be applied there. after you exit battle results you have 5 minutes where you can not join a battle or start a battle. you can still be pulled into battle by an enemy and maybe make it such that if anyone you are fleeted up with gets a pop-up that asks if they they will join you in any battle forced on you.
  3. Not sure how hard it would be to do but why not make a system that relies on 3 number to determine total hostility of a port. assuming that the current number of 10,000 hostility points needed to flip a point the numbers could look like this: war supply count - war supplies still provide hostility like they do now, but limit this number to 3,000 of the 10k points. any more is than that is ignored. It stops at 3k and stays there until the daily decay time. pve count - points from killing OW AI and hostility mission AI. Limit this number to 3,000 of the 10k just like the war supplies. pvp count - points from kill target nation player ships in the area. if going after a British port then only players belonging to the British count. Should probably also limit it to 4th or 5th rate and lower (5, 4, 3, 2, and 1) that way you can not flip an area by only killing new players or cheap ships to limit the use of alts. There one can go to the full 10k value. full hostility is when the sum of those three adds up to 10k points. so you can flip a port using pvp alone, but you can not flip a port without using pvp. for the daily decay, the usual 12% of 10k is removed split evenly between the three types. if the amount to be removed from any one set of points is more than the total point that type has, the remainder should be applied to the other categories.
  4. FOTM = Flavor of the Month tends to be the name given to things that end up like that because the devs invariably end up nerfing that one thing because they want people to be able to use a variety of ships. Thus a new must have combination is found creating the next "Flavor of the month" that lasts until it catches the devs attention and yet another nerf is needed. It ends up creating a never ending cycle of nerfs because players will always gravitate to something that feels overpowered because it provides an "edge" even if that edge is only perceived by the players and does not actually exist.
  5. no, it causes FOTM set-ups where if your not in ship X with Upgrade a, b, c and officer perks 1, 2, and 3 then you can't compete and or no one wants you around for whatever type of battle that people are doing.
  6. 1 - the way people abuse the battle entry and exit mechanics and log out feature to set themselves up to get to Port battles without having to deal with defenders screening the port or so that they can gang up on and Gank people and get away scott free because no one can catch them afterwards even if they are waiting at the battle location in open world map. 2 - to much dependance on RNG in craft to try and make certain ships rare. If you want people to use ships other than exceptional, you need to give them a reason to do so. Reducing or eliminating the differences in upgrade slots while putting some change to the other stats would help greatly. 3 - The stacking of upgrade and perk bonuses that can lead to ships becoming unbalanced. Maybe put a limit on how much of a bonus any stat can recieve via perks and upgrades or add some sort of dimishing returns or stacking penalty to avoid certain ships becoming overpowered due to perk and upgrade bonuses.
  7. looked at ship building and its missing the Fine logs for the higher ship grades. Everything from Common to Exceptional needs some number of Fine Logs (type that is the same as the wood used for the ships) that varies based on grades to go along witht eh crafting notes. I don't know the exact numbers for all of them unfortunately just know that it is needed.
  8. can you finish it off with the labor hours for the ship and crafting experience gained?
  9. whats the exp gain from building an essex? I assume it uses the mid grade notes for higher quality as well
  10. I did a gold mine and this is what i can tell you i have experienced. No mater how many units I make from the building at one time, It costs 79 gold per unit. storage is always enough for 3 days at current level. Level 1 is 20 gold a day, level 2 is 30 gold a day (i have not upgraded past level 2) Level 2 gives 5% labor efficiency. It consumes 1 labor hour per resource made at lvl 1. At level 2 it uses 0.95 labor hours per unit produced but the game rounds up to nearest hour so 19 units uses 19 labor hours but at lvl 2 20 units will also use only 19 hours. If the increase is 5% efficiency per level then I would assume that 10 units made will use 9 labor hours at lvl 3 (10% more efficient) and lvl 5 (20% more efficent) will make 5 units for 4 labor hours. Multiples work as well so at level 2 its every 20 units uses 19 labor hours as the last batch i pulled from the building was 40 units and it used 38 labor hours.
  11. Another idea along with the redistributing of resources. Why not give each nation a home block. By this I mean block of 4 cities that always belongs to the nation and are right near each other with about an hour sailing time from one end to the other. This 4 cities would have a mix of resources that covers all the items needed for ship building. This block of ports means that a nation would always be able to build ships and have a small area that is safer because the ports will never change hands. For the safety of the port never changing hands, make all production buildings less effective there. If a building makes 100 fir logs a day, then in those ports maybe it only makes 60 fir logs a day. Make it a flat % of normal output rounded down. The reduced production will make people want to spread out but at the same time it does leave them a safe fall back area in case things go horribly wrong for them.
  12. I agree with others that neverdie and heyhey are alts and that they are not the start of this chain. Neverdie had to get the gold or items to sell to make the gold from somewhere. That needs to be investigated if at all possible. Also the heyhey account appears to be an account that was created just to carry out that exploit. I think at the very least that the alt account needs to be banned from the server (or game if you can not ban it from a specific server) for some time. Personally I learn further towards permanent for the alt at least. For the future, I think that it should be stated that all accounts found to be involved will be banned from the game. I also agree that a rank restriction needs to be put in place before flags can be purchased. For deep water ports i think the fifth rank is a good minimum. As for the shallow ports, maybe make it rank 3 before you can buy flags to contest those ports.
  13. I thought it was a 58 gun ship (only counting 29 the first time too) but there is a single notch on the forecastle which gives it the proper 30.
  14. I think something like this is a good idea, I think the values may need to be tweaked some. I don't know the best way to tweak it but I do think it should cap out somewhere so that we dont get people on purpose looking to be ganked so they level up faster. Also The game tracks which side is the attackers and which side is the defenders in a battle so maybe only make this happen when the Attacker side is larger than the defenders side. To avoid potential exploits to act as a deterrent for those people that would try and game the system but getting the exp boost when making an attack against a larger or more powerful target. They should still gain normal exp because lore wise the admiralty would not reward captains for fighting outnumbered in a hopeless situation that was started by that captain attacking.
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