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  1. Some of my friends started to play the game, and unfortunately the update makes it quite unplayable for them. Very few kill missions corresponding to very low level (6th rate) can be found or repeated at the capital. If new players can not farm low-level NPC then they will simply never level up in any decent amount of time. Expecting newbies to go travel near hostile islands or do PVP in order to get EXP in a basic cutter is a no-no. Even having to travel to allied ports just to see what missions are available makes them want to quit. Make the low-level experience better, not more rough. Make like 2-3 low level missions (6th rank) always available at any port. Keep in mind our nation does not have any shallow water port available nearby, and telling newbie to spend 5 hours travelling to the other side of the map to a free town in shallow water is once again a no-no.
  2. If I may, this is not a good way to handle things like this. You're actively advertising for a negative review, while you could have just replied to the review in steam and let it be. This made it even worse. I would add steam is not a dictatorship, you can't force people to give positive review. There are a lot of people with different minds and goals, some feel frustrated and just give bad reviews for whatever reason. Not a big deal seriously, if you make a good game then overall your ratings are going to be good enough for sales. Who cares about a single review ? Of course people care if this single review attract a lot of attention, particularly if devs pick it up.... You should really hire a native english speaker with experience in community management, that kind of mistake is going to cost you far more than a bad review. You're a developer. It's not your job to handle the talking with users. Don't trashtalk, don't point specific user on public forums. Always stay calm and polite, even when users are not. People expect a studio to act like professionnals, not amateurs. If you have trouble with this, hire someone who can. Do you know how to deal with trade unions ? It's a bit the same thing than with customers. They might be insulting you each time you meet them, but you can't insult them back. This would be completely against your position as managers and you'd get fired. It's the same here. You're not a common guy paying for a game and voicing his opinion, whatever good or bad it is. You're developers of a game studio. You can't reply back like this. It is not fitting of your position. If a customer say "f** you", you can't say "f*** you". You say : "I am sorry we have not given you satisfaction, I will now ask you to leave our shop sir". Welcome to the corporate world, Game Labs lads. This is not fair, but it is how it works.
  3. What's the point of adding another money sink for production buildings and ships ? Things could be much more original and better if this was done more realistically, and not necessarly demanding in terms of micromanagement. I thought the goal of food was to increase bigger ships operating costs, and not just crafting value. We don't really need more ressources - there are enough as it is. But something that can contribute to the gameplay. - Which quality of food ? Basic food doesn't cost a lot, but doesn't provide benefits either. - Which quantity ? Filling more means they can last longer, but it takes up space in hold. - For port battles, maybe transporting food would be necessary in order to simulate the fact you need to feed a lot of soldiers. - Faction specific food ? - Ports that produce different kind of food, which can be combined to make special meals for the crew ? - Officer that have different cooking skills ? Eh we could think of a lot of things. Ultimately we could also just make "buy provisions for x days at sea, the higher number of crew the more you need. Autorefill at port unless option is not checked."
  4. I am quite disappointed. No in fact I am totally disappointed. I don't see the point why crafters should provide food. This makes no sense and adds nothing to the gameplay. Better simple system : - When buying or crafting a ship you have provisions for 3 months of travel. It is automatically bought and refilled everytime you get into port, unless you check "no resupply". Then the next time it won't resupply. If no provision for at least 15 days, you can't leave port. If ran out of provisions, all your crew actions (sailing, reloading, boarding preparation) are slowed down by 25%. Basic cutter have free food. VoilĂ , running costs that gets expensive for bigger ships + no micromanagement.
  5. I don't think it'll be a good idea. Labor hours are here to put a limit on how much a player can craft everday, farming does not make sense.
  6. I would also like that normal port battles should be 3rd rates, as constitutions/ingermanland fights are... weird really. These kind of ships are a bit odd and should be a rare sight, as opposed to 3rd rates being the bread & butter of any navy.
  7. Hegemony - We can't really prevent steamrolling. Players will rally to the strongest and crush the weak. That's what happened IRL, that's what happens IG. Is it desirable ? Yes and no. Yes because that's what the goal of the conquest game is ; if it's not to have hegemony, why bother ? No because we still want all players to have fun. So a compromise has to be taken. Possible solutions : - Make steamrolling impossible. But in a sand-box game that's really not good for gameplay. Players should be able to do what they want, and if it means steamrolling people that should be possible. - Make steamrolling difficult. Better, but in the long term steamrolling would still happen. - Make steamrolling useless. Capturing the last ports of a nation cost a lot and should bring no benefits whatsoever. Problem ? Players don't care about rewards, crushing your enemy is a reward in itself. -> Make steamrolling a goal - but reversible or not so destructive. Nations should steamroll each other because that's what the game is about, but when a nation is destroyed it shouldn't make the game unplayable for those players. Maybe make port-reset possible after a nation has won the war, maybe put a protected zones of some ports so players can still craft ships (however at a very high cost), make defeated nation players able to switch nation...
  8. I think the problem of teleporting comes from fleets of 4th rates and higher teleporting everywhere for factional warfare. Maybe you can make 4th rates and higher impossible to teleport, but allow it for 5th rates and lower ? For example make a delivery system for 5th rates and lower, where you have to pay and it takes time for it to appear in your port. BUT This can't be done for 4th rates and higher, so fleets still have to sail to take ports. What does it do ? Small groups of players can still have fun and play, players with limited time can plan ahead and use frigates and stuff where they want. However for factional warfare in big ships you have to spend time, be careful to not get spotted etc, while small frigates fleets could be deployed everywhere as long as people have outposts. That would greatly encourage the use of 5th rates in the world and stop the competition to have full santi for PVP. Maybe you want to take a port but you don't have many 4th rates nearby, so you have to do it with some 5th rates anyway. I would also put some crew adjustements : - At the end of a battle, a % of lost crew is healed. This depends of the upgrades and officers onboard. It is needed because otherwise it'd make returns to ports too frequent, especially for PVE. - The ability to give crew to other allied ships in the OW. Your ally has a lot of dead ? Give him some so he can keep up fighting. Definitely needed for both PVE and PVP.
  9. Artois de Vernes - PVP 1 Fleet Perks 1. Gentlemen Manners (while controlling a ship of the line) - Should not engage frigates and 6th rates unless attacked first (If rules are not respected, all crew actions slowed down by 25% for the rest of the battle) ; Bonus : Slightly faster crew actions (5%?)(reload, switching to new positions, boarding preparation) and morale bonus during boarding. "Officers are expected to act as gentlemen even at sea and in combat." 2. Fleet Admiral "Ahh, those admirals... too many of 'em I tell ya" - Allows creation of raids of 25 players. If 25 players in raid, he has a special flag on OW seen by everyone, specific flags hoisted during combat and special color on chat. 3. Squadron Commander "Not as useless as admirals, but close enough." - Allows creation of raids of 12 players. If 12 players in raid, he has a special flag on OW seen by everyone, specific flags hoisted during combat and special color on chat. Officers 4. Drunk (or Undecided) Marine Captain "Attack ! Charge ! Fire ! ... What did I just said ?": Allows to change a selected boarding action to a random action once per round (only actions where preparation is sufficient will be possible choices). -10% efficiency in all boarding actions. 5. Tyrannical Boastwain "The crew fears him more than enemy fire" : Crew actions sligthly more efficient (reloading, switching positions, boarding preparation). Increase risk of mutiny and losing sailors on OW. Low chance the Tyrannical Boatswain will be killed during travel on OW. 6. Permissive Boatswain "Life onboard is already hard enough don't you think cap'tain ?" : Crew actions sligthly less efficient (reloading, switching positions, boarding preparation). Reduce risk of mutiny on OW 7. High Nobility Junior Officer "His actions won't go unnoticed..." : Increased rewards from combat and admirality missions while on board ; Can be killed during combat (random chance while losing crew); if it does crew goes into crew shock. 8. Blind Master-gunner "But he never told anyone !" : - Dramatically reduce precision. Increase reload speed. 9. Sharpshooter Master-gunner "He always wait for the perfect shot...the crew died of old age before he ordered to fire" : Strong increase in cannon precision, reduce reload speed 10. Risky Master-gunner "Fire with everything you have !" : Broadsides are fired much faster ; very low chance of losing cannons when firing. 10. Over-zealous carpenter "Always putting more planks than needed" : Increase armor repairs ; Slower leaks fixing. 11. Pragmatic carpenter "Just enough planks to hold a breach, but not another cannonball" : Faster leaks fixing, reduce armor repairs amount. 12. Terrifying Surgeon "Although he is efficient, people say he butchers sailors more than he helps them... not good for morale" : Increase crew resistance to enemy fire (grapes, cannonballs); Lower boarding preparation speed, crew moves slower into boarding mode. 13. Prudent Boatswain "He really takes care of its men... but sometimes don't you think people have to die to get things done ?" : Increase crew resistance to enemy fire (grapes, cannonballs); + Defense and Brace efficiency during boarding. ; Crew moves slower into other stances ; - Attack % during boarding. 14. Master Chef "Despite the food being insipid aboard ships, this cook knows how to make them delicious" : Increase morale, reduce risk of mutiny on OW. Can only choose one gunnery training perk. 15. Underdog Gunnery Training "Like the frenchs we were outnumbered, so our only option was to cripple the enemy." : Increase precision ; increase damage to sails and masts. 16. Decisive Battle Gunnery Training "Sinking ships in battle is the best way to win" : Increase reload speed. 17. Tactical Gunnery Training "Victory is achieved by superior tactical spirit." : Increase rake penetration and damage to hull, crew and cannons. Joke X. Jon Snow : doesn't know anything. You don't have access to the map. You don't have stats on ships armor, crew and cannons. You don't know the wind direction. However if sunk, your ship is immediately repairedv, once.
  10. New model needs to be tweaked, but is otherwise good. Reduce HP, rise damage & penetration etc...
  11. After doing more battles against 5th rates, I definitely think this is too much time consuming even at this scale. Getting into battle is time consuming. Chasing enemies is time consuming. Battles are now even more time consuming. Keep armor rating etc, it's OK. However I am in favor of increasing damage & penetration, lower cannons loss and leaks, and make ships sink faster overall. There seem to be bugs about shots going through ships without damaging them too, and they need to be fixed to decrease battle time. The armor rating system is nice and more realistic, but keep in mind we can't spend 4 hours in one session. It's quite sad because the older damage model had perfect battle time.
  12. I see two main issues right now : 1- Problem with stern raking is that you can't sink ships doing this. So only option left is then boarding to finish an opponent. That would be good if the boarding system was fun and exciting, but that's not the case for me. Besides the one who get gold marines has the advantage, and unfortunately you can only loot it by sheer luck. Another option excluding sinking is to introduce a morale system where ships actually surrender. So a choice to make : either remake boarding to be fun, either make ships surrender after sufficient crew and cannons loss, or make ships sinkable. 2- Another problem is that cannonballs seem to bounce where it shouldn't. I'm not sure 32 pdrs or 24pdrs should ricochet at 50m from enemy ship at perfect angle. It's quite frustrating to see your broadside having no effect whatsoever while the positioning is good. I don't really care about the actual damage done, but the modelisation of combat. 3rd rates have 24 pdrs remember. This should be enough to pen enemy SoL at close range - or why is it even a SoL ?
  13. It makes long fights longer because armor and penetration values are off ; with proper guns balancing it can stay equal. It takes away the ability to kill bigger ships, true. But then values can be adjusted to make it fairer. Long cannons could be used to penetrate superior armor at the cost of seriously reducing DPS for example.
  14. The system is good, but the values are off. I think the armor etc make things much more realistic and fun, however cannonballs have to penetrate more than they currently do.
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