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  1. If I may, this is not a good way to handle things like this. You're actively advertising for a negative review, while you could have just replied to the review in steam and let it be. This made it even worse. I would add steam is not a dictatorship, you can't force people to give positive review. There are a lot of people with different minds and goals, some feel frustrated and just give bad reviews for whatever reason. Not a big deal seriously, if you make a good game then overall your ratings are going to be good enough for sales. Who cares about a single review ? Of course people care if
  2. What's the point of adding another money sink for production buildings and ships ? Things could be much more original and better if this was done more realistically, and not necessarly demanding in terms of micromanagement. I thought the goal of food was to increase bigger ships operating costs, and not just crafting value. We don't really need more ressources - there are enough as it is. But something that can contribute to the gameplay. - Which quality of food ? Basic food doesn't cost a lot, but doesn't provide benefits either. - Which quantity ? Filling more means they can last l
  3. I am quite disappointed. No in fact I am totally disappointed. I don't see the point why crafters should provide food. This makes no sense and adds nothing to the gameplay. Better simple system : - When buying or crafting a ship you have provisions for 3 months of travel. It is automatically bought and refilled everytime you get into port, unless you check "no resupply". Then the next time it won't resupply. If no provision for at least 15 days, you can't leave port. If ran out of provisions, all your crew actions (sailing, reloading, boarding preparation) are slowed down by 25%. Basic
  4. I don't think it'll be a good idea. Labor hours are here to put a limit on how much a player can craft everday, farming does not make sense.
  5. I would also like that normal port battles should be 3rd rates, as constitutions/ingermanland fights are... weird really. These kind of ships are a bit odd and should be a rare sight, as opposed to 3rd rates being the bread & butter of any navy.
  6. I think the problem of teleporting comes from fleets of 4th rates and higher teleporting everywhere for factional warfare. Maybe you can make 4th rates and higher impossible to teleport, but allow it for 5th rates and lower ? For example make a delivery system for 5th rates and lower, where you have to pay and it takes time for it to appear in your port. BUT This can't be done for 4th rates and higher, so fleets still have to sail to take ports. What does it do ? Small groups of players can still have fun and play, players with limited time can plan ahead and use frigates and stu
  7. Maybe Niagara could be a glass cannon ship to make it balanced ?
  8. Thanks devs for listening to the players votes in this topic. I think this is a good compromise between those that wanted to be able to teleport more - and those who think cargo should not be teleported back to capital. However I still find that to be able to jump between outposts with santissimas ready for action close to the enemy might be a bit too cheesy - but let's see.
  9. Stop incoming fleets with disposable and suicidal 3rd rates. Surely we can imagine a better role for them
  10. A commander wouldn't have 1/2 crew marines on a SoL.... but maybe a commander of a navybrig that wants to board a bigger ship would do that ? Or a pirate frigate ? Or heck even a frigate squadron with the goal of capturing a running pirate ? The game gives you choices, that's all.
  11. I think that doing graphics improvements only for the player ship could be great, and I suppose not too much demanding. And enable options to disable them for low-end PC. Let other ships stay that way, but improve our own, subjective vision of ours : more crew, guns rolling, and animations. That would definitely improve immersion. One of the biggest thing new players say is : "why my crew consists of a few clones that are doing the same thing over and over ?" We don't care about enemy ships, but we do about ours.
  12. Thing is : it shoud not be that expensive to craft 1st rates (why should it be ?), but expensive to man them. Thus this crew system is a step in a good direction. However it would be essential that players in frigates and less DON'T lose the ability to fight because some clans decided to engage 25 santi in a PB and lost them completely, and then decided to resplenish their crew by visiting all the nations ports. (+ politics ): Clans who possess ports could also exclude all other nations players for entering them, as a manner to secure crew for themselves. So how can be not make this h
  13. That's a point. However I reckon that maintaining a server with 100-200 pop is expensive for what it is and devs will want sooner or later to optimize costs.
  14. Can we make an exception to this rule during flag wars ? If there is a big battle near flag holder, I wish that a faction can bring as many ships it can into the battle without 1,5xbr restriction. This is not about gank, but simply having more troops and better ships than the enemy. Too bad if one nation don't have that many but that's open factional warfare, not "just" PVP. So to sum up, that any ships near x meters of an allied or enemy flag holder don't have 1,5x BR restriction when it comes to entering battles.
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