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  1. Hi, I just sent in a bug report. My Connie is stuck in back of Ruatan. Battle dropped me in the shallows and I cant move. Can you please put me in Bonacca. Game handle is James Cooke (PVP1). I cant TP because my hold is full of stuff from the mission and a wreck. Thanks.
  2. Guys, I'm not going to beat about the bush. Your weather algorithm sucks. Storms that stay for days are just not realistic for the region. This morning we had a storm that continued for over 4 game days and didn't move. I know because I had to heave to as I had literally zero viz. Trying to find white crosses was impossible. after two hours or so I logged and went to mow my yard. Came back after about an hour and a half, login in, sail east for about 10 minutes or so and bam, another storm, zero viz. We would all like to see heavy seas etc but storms move you know? They rarely sit still for days on end. Please get it sorted out, it is ruining the game for many. Thanks.
  3. Quite a wait (over 20 mins so far) but it gives one a chance to look through the forums
  4. Could all be fixed by having a PVP "flag". If it's "on", you're fair game, if it's "off", you can't be attacked. That should fix the moaning minnies.
  5. Not much incentive for RAs to play then. Just log in every couple of days to craft. Hence the suggestion just for RAs to get hrs in lieu of XP. Probably should mention I am talking about PVE.
  6. Since XP is no use for RA's, I think it would be a good idea if they got Labor Hours in lieu of XP. Thoughts?
  7. Actually, you can also build production buildings in neutral ports, assuming you have access to them.
  8. Just create the warehouse already, stop trying to over think it. It can be tweaked as required later.
  9. Thanks for the info. Maybe time for a new provider
  10. Yes, been down for a while now. Must be a crash because account is locked by that shard and you cant logon to a different server either, even they show ping times.
  11. And so they should be. However, I don't think the spotting mechanics are that sophisticated yet. In theory, taller ships should see farther because their lookouts are higher, but I don't think that's true in game.
  12. No, this is not about the merits of one over the other, but rather about game development with the differences in mind. I am not sure why PVP and PVE are being kept separate (probably because of capturing ports) but it appears that game content and development is being based on the desires of PVP right now. PVE players need some love too ya know. If the intent is to forever keep the two separate, and not go the PVP flag on/off route, then IMO game development should also be split. Doesn't mean the same things can't be placed on both PVP and PVE servers but it shouldn't be mandatory for a change made to a PVP port to affect the PVE world also. Just my $0.02
  13. I know of no other online game that limits you in this way. Trading with yourself? I guess you could, if you had two machines but that could be controlled by limiting logins from the same account, simple stuff (Steam does this automatically by the way). Having multiple Steam accounts guarantees same person trading. It's just an elitist tactic by the early testers to protect their lead. Come on NA, get with the program, all the successful online games have multiple characters, stop pandering to the elitist early adopters. Spies? What a load of crap, that's part of the game anyway.
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