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  1. Where to find a working download link? and/or a online version of it
  2. +1 And Log windows should be linking the patchnote and devnews with dailyupdate... Much people do not use forums some even do not know that is existing
  3. Hello Boyz!!! What people do think about Niagara to be put back into shallow harbor battle? He deserves it and it would not screw the balance of shallowpb as both Niagara, Snow, Mercury, Navybrig are valuable and can be use to full extent. While he has no place into deep water harbor at all...
  4. WTF!!! This is a biaised poll... I want to vote for no change about level requirement and the next questions oblige me to choose between lower levels!!! Thats mindfuck for your interest!
  5. RAW WEBSITE : raw.shivtr.com Ahoy boys! We are in trouble! Considering server 2 is low population and considering major pirate clans of the server are nothing but shadows from their past... Ruins and Phantom had never been our ally! For this reason I call upon every pirates to join RAW for a fresh start! Don't hesitate because of any dark reasons! Just join and enjoy a bunch of mates and a willing staff!
  6. Agreed about that need of skill no matter what feature it is. especially on this kind of sniper action! People have to be good or sink!
  7. PVP1EU - National News PVP3EU - National News PVE1US - National News etc... by the way, you should merge all these servers! do not split population!
  8. I think that even with a good amount of motivation action in louisiana will be soft as we have not much common playing time. Nevertheless this is worth!
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