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  1. Do you plan on hiring translators? I am pretty sure there would be enough people here on the forum who would do it for free.
  2. You forget the 150k + resources for the workshop.
  3. No, not at all. Have you ever thought about the fact that the loading times for different players vary much more than 5s? 5 seconds is barely enough time to raise sails. I have sometimes problems wih my Ipv6-Connection, where sometimes loading takes up to 2 minutes and very rarely i have to log-in again. A friend of mine does not have an SSD and has very long loading times for the OW.
  4. That is actually quite easy, you have to implement diminishing returns. Green Ships should be a lot better than grey ships, but not that more expensive to craft, while gold ships should not be a lot better than purple ships, but a lot harder to produce.
  5. Protipp: Man muss nicht mit goldenen Live Oak-Schiffen segeln. Wer unbedingt das allerbeste vom allerseltensten haben will muss sich halt ein bisschen anstrengen.
  6. Man bekommt die Mats für eine Fregatte immer noch in ~1 Stunde. Ist dann halt keine Exceptional Live Oak Fregatte
  7. You can still build grey oak ships with ease. Exceptional Live Oak-Ships just become very, very exceptional.
  8. Oak, Fir, Coal, Iron, Hemp, Pine. Wow. I am not complaining, i just found it funny that a Nation with 2 good, rare wood types think they have an unfair disadvantage.
  9. I suppose with the new hostility system Flatts/Saint George is rather difficult to conquer. Btw, we have no Port that produces Mahagony, Live Oak & Bermuda Cedar.
  10. How is this nonsense? A single group should not raise hostility with a single PvE-Fight more than ~1% IMO. Hostility should be generated by more than a few groups for some days.
  11. Yeah, and Morphine is also an addictive opiate, but still used today.
  12. No, 2 of those downgraded ships are 2/5, while other 2/5 ships are still exceptional.
  13. Some of my exceptional Ships are now only mastercraft. Why? A rattlesnake, a Consti, my LGV and my Indiamann are downgraded.
  14. No, not at all. If you craft the notes yourself you can make still around 100k (?) if you sell a exc. frigate for 200k. No one is forcing the ship crafter to buy the overpriced notes. Notes don't give xp, take a rather long time to make and don't drop a BP, that is the reason they are sold so expensive, not because a single note is actually 500k worth.
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