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  1. will get back to you with details
  2. upon hitting sail in port when the screen goes to load its all blue and white lines? i can go into options and press apply and it clears straight away? i am playing via the in board graphic card as it won't play with the nvideo card? it did not do this untill monday gone for some reason? and entering battles it also does this? and its anoying
  3. I beta tested EVE from round 3 and at the end of each round we where wiped and started a gain. when eve went full time we got wiped everyone then started a gain however there was to be no wipe there after. eve's beta was by invitation only so we all new when release came is was start from 0. that is how most ggames do it i beta tested a few more after eve but played in eve for 8 yrs.
  4. this a small suggestion put in the top right hand corner [ in open world only] the coordinates counter. but not in battle screens of course.
  5. hurrah my sentiments exactly same as EVE and other games PVP is king
  6. the pve ocean[ open world] has always been busy in my experience.
  7. log onto steam "no connection" so i cannot connect to NA
  8. thnx. found out problem yes steam, reloaded steam then had to down load naval action again? now I get "not responding"
  9. on my old computer I can acess steam no problems? but on my gaming one after going down during my 4th fight [ lost other 3] as I am about to board crashed! I have tried 9 times to change password but it keeps saying "wrong password or user name" HELP! '
  10. had problems on pve same and picture going this a brand new machine?
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