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  2. Some people apparently would find this situation “interesting” WTF!!
  3. I can't recall where Admin said it - but the aggressive AI they envisioned would be AI that join battles around the Capital. but then again, we only know of the original aggressive AI and they were extremely irritating.
  4. Just a wild idea popped in my mind while smoking. Make seabattles in a second game (like done before). Allow free account to fight in there up to rank 6 ships, they can try out the type of game. New people will have no idea how to sail and might think the game is too hard. For this i was thinking of something else. Players with an account: Can make a private game where they can teach people how to sail (manual sailing), windturning, basic stuff, teamfighting, ... The lobby host can fully control the game, adding bots or an enemy, change teams... If a new player [(free to play account younger than 14 days) or bought account younger than 14 days] is learning he/she can leave a star rating to that player, so others know if this teacher is worth joining or not. Is exploitable so... Only make it open after fighting some battles to reduce interest of exploiting. Ofcourse none is gonna teach for free. Give the teacher after 30-60 mins some PVP point (or other reward) on his account, for each players he is teaching (less points for more people). Numbers might not make sense: 1 player = 50 points, 2 players = 75, 3 players = 90, ... If people like the game and buy it then the players they have given a rating to, will get an extra reward. There is not that much open world PvP. So this might help players that don't have hours of playtime to gather some pvp points. If you think of doing something like this then i would suggest to give a discount on steam during this period. (like 2 weeks) I am not an expert in balancing and my idea might be a complete flop. The community will sure have some more ideas, if there is potential in this suggestion.
  5. i actually like that. it adds the extra plus of being able to eradicate all trace of their presence and restore the environment
  6. I miss the days of the small battle/trafalgar rooms good fun with good people, except when hachi trolled the frigate events with 1st rates lol.
  7. They are going Pirate. Lot of chuckling when Sweden heard that.
  8. Hombre @Jorge, si lo vemos así , lo mismo "ta hasta igualaico" . Ahora, no me explico como huyendo como un conejo, todavia pierdes la IA 🙂
  9. This looks like fun! Rusty or not, I'm in
  10. Me cuentan que cierto personaje, de hecho tengo una bonita foto de la conversación, ha dicho en el chat de la faccion española que "habian hundido toda la flota ultra". Bueno, ciertamente el resultado final fue que de 7 capitanes solo volvio a puerto 1. Tambien es cierto que el personaje en cuestion solo aparecio cuando ya no habia tiros que pegar, como hace habitualmente. Para cualquier persona normal, las fotos que he puesto antes deberian de bastar. enhorabuena a los que de verdad lucharon como mejor pudieron aunque perdieran su barco. Fueron casi dos horas de emocion y diversion, por lo menos para mi. PD. Borrego, Hidalgo 568 medallas pvp y yo 447..... a ti, borrego, nunca te hemos visto en el "cuadro de honor pvp", ni nunca te veremos....
  11. Ahora a esperar a que aparezca bobogris y que se le llene la boca diciendo que han hundido a 8 VLTRAS (REDS), y los demás pintamonas que también se les llena la boca jajaja. Por desgracia a muchos en vez de aceptar una buena batalla, luego van por ahí y se despichorran en el nacional luciendo medallas inventadas, y esos bocas al final saldrán caros. Buena batalla para el resto de gente decente amigos y enemigos.
  12. Well we have 3/4 of the server's eco alts from other nations here, they deserve a round of applause for their hard work and dedication as well.
  13. We used to do arranged tafalgar fight in ow and later in the battle rooms and they where a lot of fun. But since the port battles where introduced and the small battle room was removed that kind of fun seems to be dead in this game...
  14. Wyy

    Weekly Frigate

    they're not top of the 4th rate, they are 4th rate frigates in the middle therm i would say and should be slightly able to fight a 64 gunner lineship just as indefatigable is a really light 4th rate or heavy 5th rate since its a stripped down Agamemnon.
  15. Captains! Lets arrange frigate battles in open world! Why? Everyone needs training. Everyone likes big battles. Lineships are expensive, frigates not Why arrange? Because gank- and patrol battles are mostly uneven. In arranged frigate battles we can agree on equal numbers. How does it work? As a clan, write as an answer, how many you want bring from your friends and what time in the week is best for you. After a while we will see a list of willing competitors. Who arranges? Either people see and arrange battles with each other or i write them all the instructions, where to meet, what to bring and so on. You want to discuss? please do it here and not in this thread
  16. Look at Vera Cruz day to day tax rate. Its insane. The russians are super rich and very populated.
  17. I do remember the time we tested it the first time it they where just annoying and a waste of time. Typically a ship you didn't really want to fight to (big or small) tagged you when you where trying to get somewhere (and got good wind for a change) and where then easy to run from or sink. But normally they stole 5 min of your gaming for nothing.
  18. PVP is often not fun for everyone: - Ganks are mostly uneven and patrol zone is full of russians. - Portbattles are somehow balanced but Rate ships are expensive and only dedicated clans can participate. So why not arrange frigate battles, where both sides agree on numbers and location? Why not participate in this:
  19. Voici (posté par Martinoux sur le discord)
  20. I did not say that Dk-Ng didn’t have RvR players. Just not many players that are RvR players. Dk is lucky with the RvR players that are in the nation. They are skilled and thats why they can compensate for filling the last couple of spots with random players. I have not made any statement abouth DNP, I said I dont care.. Where you get your knowledge abouth DNP, I can’t know, but the picture you try to paint, is somewhst different from what I see. My day Yesterday in NA. - Woke early, so traded som ressources, sailed my Wasa to Ponse. Logged of. - Went to work. - logged in to see if they needed a player for the Pb.(If I remember right it was 24vs 25, BR 17 k vs 20 k) after Pb sailed my Wasa to San Juan. Met a Russian Trinc, trying to kill a danish traderbrig. Killed the Russian . Sailed to habor and logged of. - Spend time on other things and got dinner. -logged in took a couple of Ai’s. Saw 3 Swedes, a Trinc, a Pandora and a Ratt. Engaged them and had a short fight before they killed my. Logged of. Thats a typical day. Not much gank there. But yes I take part in ganks. Just so few of my battles. Other days I spend in PZ. Mostly days with Nassau and Deadman. Normally get 6-10 fights to farm CM. If I am lucky 2 of this fighte will not be a 1-2 vs 6-10. But you are right all DNP players do is ganking.
  21. "Honey I'm logging off don't worry" "Fml gimme a minute some random hello kittying AI just tagged me" Yeah, sounds fab.
  22. so, they want to bring back the suicide pickle attacks? ;D sure that would be exactly what the game was missing...
  23. Today
  24. Last time qw posted numbers russia had ~15%, same as brits, pirates and dutch. So how come russia is boogeyman?
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