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  1. I will give this mod a try in the weekend, so I will "cheat" on NAR. lets see how it is.
  2. The problem is not " moving" after firing, it's the vibration/shaking. A difference of only 1 degree at 20 kms is missing the targhet by 350 meters.
  3. yeap, it does the 1st one, that is demented. @Nick Thomadis can we for the love of god change this?
  4. I'm more intrigued by the " Very soon we will announce something that should excite most of you that currently enjoy Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts." Completely new game or massive patch with something big coming? @Nick Thomadis can you tell us something?
  5. He is not Playing with NAR, as you can see his armour is Krupp 2, but i have seen this a lot, a lot of people install your mod wrong, here are on Reddit. But i think that the gist of what he is saying is right: We unlocked 100k tons ships in 1929, when there is no chance in hell that a 100k ton ship was going to get built before 1941-42 IRL, Treaties or not. Also we unlock 7500 tons DDs in 1936, here again, no chance in hell that would happen before 1944 at the earliest. There are a lot of tech nodes that should get shifted 5-10 years forward IMHO
  6. please fix the bug of late-game technologies not getting researched. in my usa campaigns lately I didn't have: radar 3. gas turbines 24 inc torps oxigen torps sonar 3 oil 3
  7. its a pity, i would have loved to build my own transports. Like, maybe starting with ships that went 8 knots, no weapon and 2000 tons of cargo, and slowly evolving them to ships that goes 20-22 knots, 4-5 " guns and 10k tons of cargo, where you would need to balance weaponry, speed and cargo capacity.
  8. I'm a masochist. Do I need to restart the campaign? Noice Thank you, let's see how it rolls Please do, IMHO they don't add anything to the game right now, unless you make them into a force field that you can't enter unless you have ships with anti-mine stuff, like it was 6 months ago in vanilla. Especially because they should damage less ships but do way more damage, but it's totally an rng game that the player can't interact with
  9. i think that "partial pen" is more when the shells are between 2 layers of armour ( like the 1st than 2nd belt in the citadel)? but I don't know what I'm talking about
  10. Well, you can add the "in between" ap shell fuze, also, you can make all the fuzes more linear: only shifting the fuses, and keeping the 6 values: SAP: -45% pen Semi ballistic: -30% in between (call it how you like) -15% standard: 0 capped: +15% capped ballistic +30% pen Yea, ofc I don't want overpen to do more damage than pen, I actually want overpen to do less damage, but having less of them overall. I know what I want ( and probably you know it too) but I don't know how to reach it, that's why I'm asking
  11. Since you explained to me a couple of months back how penetration/overpenetration worked, I always avoided using capped shells ( I use them only on dds/cl/ca if I want them to punch above their weight). On 16" guns I actually always use standard or even semi-ballistic, with superheavy shells ( the shells that everyone was aiming for in the 1930s-40s), and as propellant RPC 12/38 and usually Dunnite as explosive because it gives me penetration without getting more flash fire chance. In 1930, with 16/50 guns, with 110% armour scaling ( basically everything at the best possible) my guns overpen 6 inch of armour (more than 12 " of pen): with mark 3 guns, standard ap: 25 kms mark 3 with semi-ballistic ap: 10 km ( ok-ish) mark 5, standard ap: 30kms mark 5, semi-ballistic: 15km https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iMS371lN-LxQmQjWlKfWxRbcIp95gb5i?usp=drive_link (drive with the data and pictures) And the semi ballistic ones makes penetrating even a paltry 12 " of armour of a modern bb complicated ( they are the values given above). How would i change it? 1)give better overpen potential, like i said in my previous comment, 2)and give us more granularity in stepping down the Penetration values of AP: RIgh now we have only 2 "steps down" for ap: SAP and Semi-ballistic, and they are quite brutal in their ap pen reduction (-30 % for semi ballistic and -45% for sap), meanwhile we have 3 steps up in penetration, and the latter 2 are very close and redundant (capped +25%, capped-ballistic 1 +31%, capped ballistic 2 +36%), I would add an in-between shell fuse between standard and semi-ballistic, with -15% pen, and you can reach this goal either by adding one slot or by shifting one block and deleting one of the capped-ballistic ( capped ballistic 1 i would say) I agree, you made them quite fragile, maybe if you rework over pen mechanics, you might make overpen have even less damage than they do now: so you have less of them, but they also gives you less damage, so this will probably make dds more survivable. I agree that in late game accuracy it's still too high, at 20 km range accuracy should never go above 10-12% on a moving target, as that was the accuracy of Iowa class BBs in Korea (1952-55)
  12. Also, and I know we talked about it before, I would try to change the overpen mechanic a bit, because right now it's world of overpens, sometimes even with HE. I know that the armour threshold is 2, so that if my shells penetrate more than double the armour they encounter, the overpen. But I would say this is quite limiting, especially because you might have 16 inch shells that overpen 6" of armour ,(WW2 CA belt armour) and you can't do anything about it. It's even more egregious with HE, were if you don't have an he with 0,1" of pen TBs or dds become quite resistenti to overpen. Same for light cruiser. I would try to increase this parameter to 3 for AP and 4/5 for HE and test how it goes. Basically, I would love to have a game where my hit are way more impactful and less 80-90% overpen and 10% pen that we have right now. I would also get then reducing a bit more the accuracy so that battles don't end in a slugfest in 30 in game minutes.
  13. Because the tentation is strong 🤣🤣🤣 Well, I would say that you are playing at the max difficulty with one of the worst nation, nation that even IRL in the timeline the games cover (1890-1965) was basically "afk to the world stage to control his own shit'. Like you choose something with a high failure rate.
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