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  1. Server status announcements

    Server is UP, have fun.
  2. Server status announcements

    Server will be down for planned maintenance in 10 minutes.
  3. After exit fort royal, i'm stuck in ocean

    If you have enabled "System Restore" option you can try restore your system to previous state. This article can help you http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/faq/id-2866655/restore-windows-earlier-restore-point.html or Google search.
  4. After exit fort royal, i'm stuck in ocean

    Because you something changed in PC preferences, installed Windows Updates or new program. Sorry, but we can't help you with your software problem. I was check your morning player dump(9:00 UTC) - all is OK. Player not corrupted.
  5. After exit fort royal, i'm stuck in ocean

    1. disable firewall 2. use wired connection 3. Try connect with mobile internet. 4. Run game from another PC. 5. Reboot your router I think, you understand that it is problem with your PC or network. If you can, try run game from another PC in your current network. If it help, that mean your network is fine, and you has not any problem with game, reason of the problem is current PC preferences.
  6. After exit fort royal, i'm stuck in ocean

    Hello, Please read post and try Connection Test system and write number of created connection test report. In some cases helps using only wired network connection with internet.
  7. В данном случае ХР начисляется непосредственно игроку который скрафтил корабль (плюсуется к его ХР). Через Redeemable ХР начисляется только в том случае если игрок который скрафтил корабль находится оффлайн на момент начисления опыта.
  8. PVP 2 USA is down

    Thank you for information. Yes, we have technical problems with server PvP Two USA. We are investigating the issue. Sorry for inconvenience.
  9. Servers are ON. Please update your game client to rev.26307
  10. Servers stopped. More information http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F8353-important-release-information-and-next-steps%2F
  11. PvE One shard is now ON. We are sorry for inconvenience.
  12. Owing to hardware provider issues at the moment PvE One shard is not accessible, we are investigating problem and will keep you posted. Users that were logged-in to PvE One shard at the moment are locked in order to preserve progress, and will be updated asap. We are sorry for inconvenience.