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  1. Okay now it works . How ? I follow the instruction s of Ink to unplug Pedals and joystick and clear the Games Lab Naval Action Folder . Also using the small automatic clearing help . Back in the Game, I use the standard key s of the game and than it works .! it works ! But what I try is to re install now my joystick . And with the Joystick it also works . Now I added the pedals and that is wasn t working . The combination of Pedal and Joystick dos not work . So , at the end of my problems I say a big thank you for your help and Ink fix the problems and
  2. Tom Farseer > thank you very much , a Tick Box , I don t saw this Tick Box , yes and now I have the damage symbol . Oh dear , thankyou
  3. a Tube of the try to use the contract Menu
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198374188234/screenshot/940590336273394272re pic of battle map without damage pic left corner of the ship selection
  5. ...I also try a 2nd mouse and I also install the game on another Hard drive . All the same result . No , I cant change the 1 ingame selection with the Pull down Menu in a selection of my choice . I can t make any selection with this pull down Menu . Before the new UI all run well , very well . BTW I also don t see the damage of other ships in the battle map .
  6. to Ink > Thankyou for your wishes . happy New Year to you ... Thankyou for the issue tip , yes i use pedals and joysticks . I unplug this hardware and reset the hotkey s to standard and resart game . But no it doesn't t work . BTW . All other funktion s with mouse selection is working but only the Pulldown Menu of the ITEM and TYPE at Place Contract doesn t work . It is not possible to make a change and confirm the change of TYPE or ITEM . It jump back to ingame selection, Resources and indepent with habour 1 ITEM . But for example , I use the ingam
  7. Okay , I delete the Folder NAVAL ACTION and restart game . But no , it doesn't work , I can t place any contract
  8. Thank you for your prompt reply. I try 4 other screen solution . I restart game with the new solution, but no , it dosen t work ....... there is this small Pull down menu for the ITEM or TYPE selection .... it is like I close it with my selection try and not to select a TYPE or ITEM ....?
  9. Gunnerson

    contract bug

    I need help , after the last Patch , with the new UI , I have 2 problem with the gameplay. 1. I can t set any contract 2 . I can t see the status damage at the battlemap 1.> I can t set/place any contract in the shop to sell or buy . I select " place contract" , than I select TYPE to change "Resources" into, for example , "Books" and hit LM ( LeftMouse ) to confirm my selection , it jump back to Resources . The same with the ITEM . I want to change "Bermuda Cedar" into , for example "Oak Log" and selecte it with LM , it jump back
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