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  1. Angus MacDuff

    Bring boarding to a new level

    All good stats and this inaccuracy was often noted. You could argue that marines were more highly trained. In addition, I doubt they were aiming at an individual, just fire into a very crowded deck. Had they been able to pick out individuals, no Captain would have survived a battle. I may be mistaken on this, but I think that the US Marines may have been armed with rifles, vice muskets. Much more accurate. Do you know why US Marine officers have a stylized coiled rope on the top of their dress caps? It's so that the sharp shooters can pick out a chickenshit marine officer from a good Naval officer...(joke taken from W.E.B Griffins excellent series "The Corps")
  2. You'd really be putting game play over RL with that one. Boarding was often the end of the battle for both sides, not just the victor. Wouldn't we all just brace for the 4 turns, then?
  3. There is nothing wrong with stern raking a boarded ship. If its 1 v 3 and the 1 gets boarded, the other two ships should still continue combat. Realistically, they would have joined in the boarding, but I guess we can't have that in game. Don't get outnumbered or don't expect to survive if you are outnumbered. C'est la guerre.
  4. You made a major leap in solving the hugging problem just by nerfing DD. It will be easier for a larger ship to board a smaller ship now. Good Captains already know how to counter the hugging tactic and bad Captains will always find a way to lose their ships, getting hugged is only one of them. I have only played this game a short time and don't have any experience from when you received lots of collision damage, but I saw a suggestion about damage to smaller ships that are rubbing against a larger ship. This would be a great hugging deterrent.
  5. Angus MacDuff

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

    The issue is changing state, not steady state as I mentioned in my earlier post. The real life battles were fought with a lot less maneuvering and speed changes from what we do in-game. A Captain would reef his Courses due to the threat of fire, of course (right EdWatchmaker?). He didn't want to take bodies from the gun crews and there was enough bodies for sail handling in general. If he started changing speed and turning the way we do, a gun would never be fired. so yes, game play Vs reality as always.
  6. Angus MacDuff

    OW Navigation

    There is a kinda cool potential in this idea if it's combined with noon sights. When we are under water (IRL) we do dead reckoning navigation after we take a fix (GPS nowadays). For that we use what is known as a "Pool of Errors". What this means is that we start with a pretty good position on the chart, much like what we have here. Over time, as we track our own course and speed, and plot it on the chart, the circle gets larger, because of the things we cannot observe/measure. These things, such as current, tides and wind changes (obviously not part of our submarine issues) will increase the size of your pool of errors circle. You know you're inside it somewhere, but not exactly where. A new fix the following day will bring you back to the smaller circle, but it gets pretty big over time.
  7. Angus MacDuff

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

  8. Angus MacDuff

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

  9. Lol, don't get me started on large vessels in close proximity who are theoretically stopped. I've seen some hairy episodes. (Submariny stuff. If I told you, I would have to kill you...)
  10. That's kinda the root of the argument. What speed is reasonable for the game. IRL, it's basically zero speed. The Chesapeake/Shannon example you used had the ships making almost no speed when they entangled and stopped. Yes, we fight at higher speeds in the game, but really, 3.5 is really okay for us, even though it's crazy fast for real world. 8 knots is ludicrous and will hurt a lot of the game play.
  11. So your point is that ships need to be stopped before boarding is initiated? I agree completely!
  12. Why would you do that? I addressed that most ships were not taken by boarding actions but surrendered and then were boarded. Yes there were some actual boarding actions that took ships. Yes there were casualties from musket fire (didn't have to be during a boarding action). Don't take a single incident and say its the norm. You're better than that.
  13. Not boarding actions. Surrendered and were boarded
  14. I dunno how skilled I am, but I am already plotting on how to take down big ships and keep my speed above 8. I have long agreed that a 5th rate should not survive in the gun arcs of an SOL, because of that example you quoted from the Nile.