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  1. Angus MacDuff

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    It wont put more traders at sea...Just more cutters
  2. Angus MacDuff

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I don't disagree with what you are saying. Just don't make the cost prohibitive. Doubloons are far too much. It should really not be any more than hiring some crew.
  3. Angus MacDuff

    Constitution Classic

    USS President or HMS President.....Same ship, different owners.
  4. Angus MacDuff

    Constitution Classic

    Yeah, do that!
  5. Angus MacDuff

    Clarification needed on Tribunal vs Ingame Chat Report

    Insults are good. There is even a list somewhere of suggested insults, though I prefer to make my own. Race and religion should be left alone....but even your mom says you're ugly.
  6. Angus MacDuff

    Clarification needed on Tribunal vs Ingame Chat Report

    I would hate to see chat closed. I've had plenty of friendly banter with enemies on Global and it adds to my enjoyment of the game. Yes, there will always be toxicity and it should be reported and those people banned. The problem is that if you block a certain player, you can still see others responding to him....and then the curiosity gets you.
  7. Angus MacDuff

    Suggested priorities for further development

    Lots of good points for the look of the game. I've spent a lot of time in (and under) the Caribbean and agree with the water colour point. I would add a really nice looking town view when we are in port.
  8. Angus MacDuff

    Repair Balancing

    This is the way to go. Repairing a ship during a battle is ridiculous from a RL perspective but certainly necessary to some extent from a game-play point of view. As death says, though, they should be very limited. I hate the fact that I work hard and make some kind of brilliant manoeuvre (it happens!!) which puts a serious dent in my opponent, only to see his hull structure magically reappear again. The idea of bringing along reps in your hold which can't be used in the current battle solves the problem of returning to port after every fight. A nice, neat gameplay solution. If it was my decision, I would say minor repair to hull, crew & sail (10%?) during battle and fully rep in OW. Unless you die of course...
  9. Angus MacDuff

    Game-Labs should take responsibility for voice

    TS, Discord, or even Facetime (and others). There are many ways for players to communicate without the devs getting involved. Lets stay away from this....but a DLC....
  10. Angus MacDuff

    BATTLE Instance total size?

    Who cares? As long as we don't fall off of the edge of the earth....This would matter greatly if we come out of the instance at the same OW location as we were in the instance.
  11. Angus MacDuff

    My port, my monopoly.

    The test bed was giving us chests for mission completion, very similar to sealed bottles, so hopefully we will have that. The issue that I see from my "little guy" perspective is that all of this thread is dedicated to giving the big clans who take ports a degree of power that more casual players will not enjoy. Monopolies mean that some percentage lose out. Is this really good for the game? We should be finding ways for more players to get the good stuff with a variety of means to that end. Not tying up a valuable resource for the sole use of the few. There are plenty of ways (that have already been suggested) to make taking a port, worthwhile and having it make money. The point of this game (I believe) is to have as many players as possible out in the OW doing...something. We should also have a relatively even playing field so that super modded ships are not the prize of a few elite players. These proposals mean that one clan could corner the market on a particular resource. I don't mind fighting an elite player and losing, but it makes me sad if I lose because of mods that are unachievable to me.
  12. Angus MacDuff


    Much easier to manage for the Devs
  13. Angus MacDuff


    The idea in the OP to send it to the Devs would allow some oversight into appropriate historical context. I can just imagine some of the attempted abuse in this regard. (the flag of the Kiss My A?? clan would be.....)
  14. Angus MacDuff

    Boarding as Secondary Option

    Marines had many duties. Guarding the hatches to the gundecks (to stop cowards running below), manning the fighting tops and lining the guardrails to supply musket fire against a close enemy. They were definitely one of the main boarding/anti-boarding forces. Many of the British ships used their marines on the great guns. I read an article called ' That Matchless Victory" in "The Trafalgar Chronicles" (sorry, couldn't link it you'll have to google) which has a fantastic description of Marines' duties on RN ships.
  15. Angus MacDuff

    [PvP] Post battle XP rewards

    I like the idea of the loser getting some PVP Marks (Doubloons) if they fight a hard fight and do a lot of damage. Nothing like what the winner gets, though. Maybe if you do 50% damage you get 1 mark? What if you are in a 3v1 and score well on all three enemies? Even if you die, you would deserve a decent reward in that case.