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  1. guest ck9ubl3t

    Suggested PVP Farming

    I know he didn´t admit that he is doing it but please give this man a warning. He is suggesting other people to break the game...
  2. guest ck9ubl3t

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    We´d like to claim Bounty for turning these guys into Köttbullar. Sir Henry Durnin and Captain Cid tagged us North of Port Antonio.
  3. guest ck9ubl3t

    Chain shot feedback

    Since that Bellony was me I´d like to give my 2 cents of opinion.No matter what happens to the chain system (others have put more thoughts into it overall) I´d like to see a certain change happen. Therefore I´ll tell you a little story. Let´s have a look at two different sailors, let´s call them Siggy Sailman and Carl Cannonman: Carl Cannonman´s job is to aim the gun and load the gun. He is protected all around by other fleshy Humans and thick wooden boards. When the enemy cannons hit his deck there´s some bloodshed and broken wood but it´s as expected and the sand below his feet keep him standing and he continues to do his job. If things get too wild (reload shock) he might have some scary moments but will return to the fight immediately afterwards. Siggy Sailman´s job is to work in the rigging he is climbing 50 feet above the deck and all that keep him there are some ropes and blocks. When the enemy cannons hit the rigging around him with chain its pure chaos. Many of his mateys fell into the water because some ropes got cut down and now he has to spot and replace the missing ropes so the ship can turn its yards again properly. (pretty much always a rigging shock) What I am trying to say is. Rigging Shock should happen much more frequently but maybe sail damage should be reduced to whatever Havelock or Hachi suggested earlier. This way chain still retains its usefullness (along with a new tactical option, timing your chain broadside to make someone get stuck in a maneuver). PS: Maybe add some minor crew damage when shooting at sails.
  4. guest ck9ubl3t

    Repairs and Survivability Discussion

    Yes disposing cannons should be an Option !!
  5. guest ck9ubl3t

    Repairs and Survivability Discussion

    I actually think the repair systen is relatively ok even though i haven`t been around when it was drastically different as described above. Making repairs heavier sounds reasonable to me as Long as i have the choice to take as many or few repairs as I like i am good. The Thing I despise in the repair System is the instant Module repair. It makes no sense to me. I think modules should be harder to hit (it feels like they get hit very randomly at times) but if they do get hit it should be to a devastating effect. Maybe this is unbalanced but i feel like clicking a button and instantly repairing is very weird.
  6. guest ck9ubl3t

    PvP Leaderboard

    As it is with every game, there always needs to be a constant influx of content by the Dev´s. PVP Leaderboard rewards would be ok´ish although I also prefer more PVP Mark reward choices. But these need to be enhanced every now and then, new color schemes new blueprints notes idc but "life needs things to live".
  7. guest ck9ubl3t

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    I´d like to claim Bounty for turning these guys into Köttbullar. 2 Members of DMENT Clan tagged me south of Port Morant.