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  1. guest ck9ubl3t

    DLC ships and Crafted ships

    If you don´t take back mods make all ships "OP" I fear I must make another Post about you spreading fake news on the forums. There are a bunch of ships that just do not have a chance (because only some ships profit big time from the "good mods" -looking at you elite spanish-) against equal-ish BR ships with equal skill captains with both having best mods and knowledges. If you prove me wrong with EVIDENCE then I am happy to see interesting stuff. If not please stop generalizing thank you
  2. guest ck9ubl3t

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Why would you change the ship. It brings money to admins and destroys the Game perfect no? You squeeze money out of the game before it dies. Having the game just die is very time effective. I call this big bizness
  3. guest ck9ubl3t

    Caribbean Invasion News

  4. guest ck9ubl3t

    Hercules Masts Balance

    Broadside vs small Ships masts are ineffective if you don´t have perfect angle. I think your example is not representative.
  5. guest ck9ubl3t

    Naval Action FACT CHECK

    So after I saw Hethwill constantly replying to topics concerning the Requin on the Forum I took his advice and opinions into consideration. Yes Hethwill, let´s make a case with evidence Let us start with the initial statement: Aha! So you´re telling me a ganking Squadron of 3/5 Shop Ships can Archieve the same result as a Ganking Squad of Requins. Interesting statement but could you clarify what exactly a Shop Ship is? Ah very nice thank you for clarifying that. And could you define again what a Ganking Squad can do and how big it needs to be ? Ok so it takes 5 Guys in Shop Ships to gank ANY single player in ANY ship. Very interesting statement. But can you provide any proof? Oh Yes Youtube Proof I love it. (I still regret watching those videos) So I sat down and watched the videos of Hethwill. There are 107 Naval Action related Videos of them 94 of which are pre-Wipe and thus i didn´t bother with them the Game has changed too much since then. That leaves me with 13 Videos (all 5 months old). Unfortunately you are only in 5 videos on a potential "Shop Ship" (I am not able to prove if it is one or not). Each Video is a single battle. Lets take a look at the overall ships of each battle and the results. (Top Listing of ships are Hethwill and crew) None of these battles were fought by shop ships only. There isn´t even proof that Hethwill himself is using a Shop Ship. It could be a 5/5 because we never get to see it in the videos. Conclusion: Hethwills statement concerning Shop Ship Ganking Squads can not be supported. PS: Please stop talking about things you cannot actually support with evidence and thus making knowingly false claims. Sources In case you want to watch them for yourself. ( I am not promoting to watch his videos) 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdGcw7OKuP0 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJe-9gcGemw 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zmzqzecj3vY 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yW9pEr7cNec 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72sJQktC5Z8
  6. guest ck9ubl3t

    DLC ships

    Yes and it is unbelievable he is the loudest person on this whole forum although he has no clue what he is talking about. I am fine with different opinions. But if we are discussing the future of this game you should provide evidence and not make empty statements especially as a moderator. Just my 2cents.
  7. guest ck9ubl3t

    DLC ships

    PROVE IT It´s not the way you arew telling everyone it is. You are spreading FAKE NEWS across this Forum like none other. I cannot understand how you are a moderator for this game. EDIT: I want to see evidence for your statements as you post hundreds of them without ever proving anything.
  8. guest ck9ubl3t

    DLC ships

    I think you might be a little delusional. Either you haven´t tried to do it or you have no clue about PVP I always see you talking in here like a real know it all. Prove it with a Screenshot or gather guys to fight me 1v5 once in Hercs+Req´s and once in Shop Ships! DO IT or stop lying about things.
  9. guest ck9ubl3t

    La Requin - how to fix a broken ship

    I think rather than bringing in a Version with Square Sails like Sverne suggested the Requin should just be able to switch between jib and square sails by pushing a button. This would finally make it viable against those pesky trader brigs.
  10. guest ck9ubl3t

    Hercules ship feedback

    It´s my opinion as a PVP player you can have yours it´s fine. As of right now requin and herc are unbalanced. If they don´t nerf them I will consider this game to be Pay2Win. If that status stays for the long time I wont buy any more content and leave the game. If thats what the devs want ok i can play other games
  11. guest ck9ubl3t

    Hercules ship feedback

    Yes, because it is free to redeem once a day
  12. guest ck9ubl3t

    La Requin nerf needed

    No ingame it´s a free ship, if you had to pay 1 mil ingame everytime you redeemed it i´d be fine with it too. But the literal SPAM of these dastardly overpowered ships is just ridiculous.
  13. guest ck9ubl3t

    Hercules ship feedback

    Reduce the crew of the Hercules to 160, reduce base speed by 2kn then it is a balanced ship. Premium ships have the advantage to be free and unique they should never be better than actual ships. Otherwise people will spam Herc´s and requins and new Players will consider this game to be Pay2Win
  14. guest ck9ubl3t

    La Requin nerf needed

    Make it not be eligible for a Pirate rig refit. Put down base speed by 1 knot. Reduce the carronades it can take to class 7. Reduce Crew to 120 base. Then people can redeem it daily and its balanced towards being a free ship.
  15. guest ck9ubl3t

    Marked with the Black Spot - Caribbean

    I want to put a Bounty on " [WTF]Headgerald " sink his 5th rate or higher and collect 10 PVP marks from me. Up to 5 times. Also you have to tell him in chat: "Don´t waste other peoples time" Также вы должны сказать ему в чате: «Не трать время другим людям»