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Found 7 results

  1. Unlike in UG:CW the, somewhat hidden, range stat for firearms does not do a thing ingame for land units. Rifled weapons such as the Baker have the same range as smoothbores. But also within the smoothbores there should be differences, a fusil, with its lower windage, should have more range than a musket etc. In result, weapons such as the Baker, with a long range that does not work, high accuracy and long reload (as well as worse melee than other firearms) do not have a spot in the game, they are always a worse choice than high ROF and good melee weapons... The skirmishers are affected most negatively by this since, while they may have an accuracy bonus, theycannot gain a range advantage any more. Also, skirmisher behaviour as it is now (one fire and then disengamgement to the rear) needs to be chooseable, i.e. we need to be able to choose skirmishers to "hold the line" or "skirmish".
  2. The larger transport ship, the class that can be armed and has 4 land unit slots, has far too low capacity, even less than the medium transport with 3 land unit slots and no armament option. The unmodified (by hammocks etc.) capacity is 1000 tons, this should be at least 1600, more likely 2000. It also has only one upgrade slot, unlike the aforementioned medium transport, which has three. Her it also needs at least two upgrade slots, more likely 4.
  3. EDIT: Some of my points have been debunked. What still stands is that a single permanent upgrade (Elite Pirate Rig Refit) can on some ships have about the same effect as a combination of Navy Hull Refit, Bovenwinds Refit and Trim - Speed. The same probably goes for the Spanish variant (have no hard data on that though). My hope is that when upgrade stacking will be adressed (which in this specific case would make the Elite Rig Refit excessively powerfull), this balancing issue will be adressed as well. After getting lucky and crafting a Teak/White Oak, Very Fast, 5/5 Prince I did a little test. Just some food for thought on how strongly Elite Pirate Rig Refit still affects balancing the Requin every Ship with spankers/gaff sails on all masts. Ships Tested: Prince de Neufchatel: Max Speed in port UI: 15.35 knots Teak frame, White Oak planking, "Very Fast" special trim Upgrades that affect speed: Copper Plating, Navy Hull Refit, Bovenwinds Refit Installed Books that affect speed: Art of Shiphandling, Trim - Speed, Optimised Ballast. Repairs: 100 Rum, 20 Rig, 20 Hull Le Requin: Max Speed in port UI: 14.20 knots Teak frame, Bermuda Cedar planking, no special trim Upgrades that affect speed: Copper Plating, Elite Pirate Rig Refit Installed Books that affect speed: Art of Shiphandling, Repairs: 160 Rum, 45 Rig, 60 Hull Le Requin setup picture hidden by request of ship owner. Test Result (Speed tested in battle instance, hence 0.5 knots rounding error as the dial only shows one decimal): In case the prince has to run, it is doomed unless the tag was relatively far away, so that it ycould escape at relatively low speed going at a broad reach of 160+° to the wind. Hypothetically, if the Requin was craftable that one would all in all be worth around 4 million I'd guess. That (dead) Prince on the other hand is so damn rare in that combination I'd give it a starting price of 5 million plus 4 million in upgrades (at very low price per upgrade, that is). I don't think the Requin in general is the problem here, apart from the fact that (Elite) Pirate Rig Refits have no negative effect on it because it has no square sails). Maybe the Elite Rig Refits in general need another slight nerf, don't you think? Critical factual feedback welcome! Edit: Also, please try to keep things civil and on topic
  4. The fact that this ship is free and posesses some unique characteristics makes it a perfect troll ship. It's very fast up wind and down wind, can have approx. 400 crew as a 6th rate and has fairly good guns. It's sails can be easily hidden from chains. As a result it starts to appear in every battle as a chasing ship which is hard to get rid of. It's also a ship used to hunt players in protected zones, because whatever - you'll loose a ship and get another one. Zones loose their meaning. It's like in poker - playing without money destroys the game. Here however it's an even stronger problem - only some players play with money, some don't. Overall this ship is a problem, so is a free Herc. I think they need a few changes: it's sailing characteristics should be modified. Currently on 60% sails it's faster in teak/wo configuration than eg. teak/fir Endymion with 100% sails (both going against the wind with pirate rig) it's crew should be adjusted to some reasonable level premium ships should be a bit harder to replace, to give their owners a reason to not to sink one anytime they feel like it. Eg one of the above: use longer redeem cooldown (eg. 2 weeks?) still require a player to pay some small amount of PvP marks (eg. 3) for redeeming it allow for other players to get the ship in-game, however at a significant cost (eg. after an epic event) @admin
  5. May it be that the endy speed was nerfed within this week or last? If so, why?
  6. The last couple of patches introduced serveral production increases for a couple of materials. Balancing a dynamic economy is always a lot of work, especially if the players shall have impact in definining the prices. Instead of having to adjust the amount of production of several goods in the world manually every time people cry about a resource shortage, I would suggest, to implement a self regulating system to do so. If there is a shortage of a certain resource (either global or local), the economy would adjust on a smaller timescale by changing the prices (this is already implemented) and on a larger timescale by increasing the production facilities. The only thing that needs to be done is, to check for a certain harbour, if in the last couple of days the goods of a certain type have been sold out always. Then it would increase the production capacity slightly (maybe start with 10% per day). Also, if one good is not sold out, the production capacity should stagnate or decrease. This solution would scale slightly with the demand, also scales with the numbers of players but still lets opportunities open for traders to make profit from margins and resource shortages. Note: This is just a temporary fix for the resource complaints, I think a much more elaborated simulation model for the economy would greatly increase the whole game, but that needs some more thoughts. It should be created with the goal, that it is stable (self balancing), adaptive (regarding to player numbers) and fun.
  7. Hallo werte Seeleute, Ich spiele jetzt seit gut zwei tagen Naval Action und war bisjetzt begeistert, doch seitdem ich auf einen höhere Schiffsklasse gewechselt bin, schwindet bei mir der Spielspaß. Daher möchte ich euch gerne ein paar Fragen stellen und hoffe das ihr mir weiterhelfen könnt. 1. Balancing Derzeit fahre ich eine Mercury und finde sie eigentlich ziemlich gut, da sie sowohl schnell und wendig ist, aber auch die Feuerkraft nicht zu kurz kommt. Wenn ich nun aber gegen die KI antrete, sei es eine Snow oder einen Cutter, bin ich immer ziemlich unterlegen. Bei der Snow kann ich mir dieses Unbalacing ja noch so halbwegs erklären, da sie mehr Feuerkraft hat, aber bei kleineren Schiffen weiß ich aber auch nicht was da los ist. Mir kommt es immer so vor als wären die KI Feinde von ihren Script Routinen einfach schneller & präziser als der Mensch. Ist ja auch logisch, aber extrem nervig. So trifft die KI meistens auch beim schlimmsten Wellengang oder auf extrem große Entfernungen. So verlieren ich zwar nicht die Gefechte bin aber meistens so stark geschwächt, das mich die Reperatur fast genau soviel kommt, wie der Gewinn des kampfes.Meine Frage dazu ist: Leidet ihr auch so unter der KI? Sprich teilt ihr meine Erfahrung oder seht ihr darin kein Problem? 2. KI & Spielweise Um meine Spielweise noch zu verbessern und nicht ständig am Meckern zu sein über die KI, würde ich gerne Wissen wie man am besten gegen die KI spielt. Ich habe schon einige Forenbeiträge zu diesen Thema gelesen, aber dort wurde auch mehr der Bezug zum Thema PVP statt PVE gebracht. Nahkampf oder Fernkampf gegen die KI? Wie Enter ich die Feinde am besten? Meistens Manovriert mich die KI einfach aus Kämpfen gegen kleine Schiffe, wie geht man am besten vor? KI Ausmanövrieren, Wie ? Sollte ich mir eine kleine Flotte zulegen? 3. Schiffe Wie oben schon geschrieben fahr ich eine Mercury und finde diese echt gut, nur stellt sich mir die Frage, welcher Kanonentyp ist am besten im Kampf? Ich weiß das ein großes Kaliber immer gut ist, aber vllt habt ihr ja noch ein paar besondere Tipps. 4. Mitspieler Ich Spiele auf dem EU 03 Server als England und wollte fragen ob sich da noch ein Mitspieler finden lässt. Ich suche keinen Clan, da mir das zu Zeitaufwändig ist. MfG WTCGamer
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