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  1. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It's like the majority of the community is full of players that try their hardest to avoid any fair fights and party like there is no tomorrow when they get a victory in some ez battle... it's so cute and so sad at the same time.
  2. Sounds good in theory. So how important is actual thickness value now? Is Liveoak complete garbage again? Just be careful to not buff fir unintenionally... a fir boat shouldn't bounce anything.
  3. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Ask FRAN about it, I think he found his destiny in life within it...
  4. Fragen zum Spiel

    2022 Wenn du zu viel Zeit hast, jetzt sofort. Habe noch nie so einfach meine Zeit vergeudet wie in NA. Bitte.
  5. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Solo players definitely - If you prefer to play solo, are a noob and have no alt accounts you're pretty much F'ed. Not sure if this is a good thing ( driving players into clans / communities ) or a bad thing ( killing a playstyle ).
  6. Thickness meta is back

    It's 3.5 from navy structure vs 5 from cartagena and if you stack them on a L/WO L'Ocean, you actually lose 1.5 of the 3.5 giving you only +2 from NSR, because +30% is the hardcap. So stacking carta and NSR is maybe "very common" amongst people who can't do / don't know the math? Sure it is +2 but you give up a slot and more than 43% of the bonus from the NSR for it.
  7. Cheat suspected

  8. Cheat suspected

    You asked whether 100% damage reduction means half crew damage and I told you it doesn't, it means complete damage reduction. I have no idea if it is possible to achieve 100% but there are a couple upgrades for it and combined with the grape bug it probably did the magic...
  9. Bank

    You have a Buc and can't get 1kk gold? Wtf are you doing with it? Fishing?
  10. Bank

    If your time is so limited that 1kk gold is a unreachable goal for you, then you really don't want to be playing NA or any video game for that matter.
  11. Fragen zum Spiel

    Ink hat ihm anscheinend den korrekten Betrag gegeben...
  12. Fragen zum Spiel

    Ja, ist er tatsächlich... der kleine Spacken war auch noch stolz drauf ... sein ingame ist FRAN und sein Gold wurde nichtmal gewiped... ohne Worte.
  13. Thickness meta is back

    Yeah, you do.
  14. Pretty much all that needs to be said... all the clowns arguing about how this arena mode doesn't belong into NA and takes away from the OW "hunting" PvP really seem to play in their own parallel universe where NA has 2k players online around the clock and OW hunting / searching for good fights isn't just a waste of time. And people claiming that PvP zone is more about ganking than OW is just a steaming pile of BS, if I ever saw one... the reality is that the patrol zone just shows how people play in the OW but on a grander scale, so that really every idiot can clearly see it.
  15. Well to be fair... even if people tried NAL and liked it ( like me ), they probably just didn't feel like grinding out the xp for frigates and higher + upgrades for it all to be wiped anyways. NAL was nice but "fair fights" wasn't always the case with the horrid matchmaking. People just want the OW... a age of sail game without open sea / world just gets boring really fast and also ship loss doesn't matter in NAL and it takes quite a bit of excitement and sense of accomplishment out of the game - having 1 dura ships and being able to cap or sink high value ships is one of the best things in NA and it is completely lost in NAL, where when you lose your ship you only pay repairs and get it back. People don't want "no upgrade influence", they want upgrades to be balanced and while valuable to be available to everyone. Giving upgrades through sealed bottles was a really nice change that rewards OW sailing (and less useless garbage in sealed bottles )and gives more people access to good upgrades. So good job on that.
  16. Thickness meta is back

    I like this. Using angled armor to deflect shots should be promoted.
  17. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    They could add elements from their UG strategy game for port battles... all they would have to do is change the maps and units.
  18. Cheat suspected

    Nah, reducing crewdamage by 100% would mean negating damage completely.
  19. Thickness meta is back

    Yeah, would be good... but it will remain just a dream...
  20. I actually thought he made a poor attempt at trying to be funny there...
  21. Death of Shallow area patrol missions?

    It will always be needed since it is possible for a player to reach 0 gold ( or little enough to not be able to buy a ship ) and you only get the tutorial reward once as far as I understood, so what should the player do in this situation?
  22. Make Naval Action more realistic

    Pretty much all that needs to be said here... alot of mechanics in NA are already pretty much a waste of time but currently I would say it is acceptable. The more time consuming / grindy / tedious you make the game the less players you'll get because the average joe has a life outside of NA.
  23. Well people hating on the Patrol missions and claiming they take away from the OW PvP are full of ****. OW PvP is all about ganking and chasing fir/fir cowards for hours.... I like the concept of OW PvP but in reality with the low player numbers we have it's just a waste of time and the Patrol event finally does away with the hour long chases and speed boats - what's not to love if you aren't a coward in a overmodded gankboat? Is there ganking in patrol mission? Yeah, of course - just like in OW. Are there many cowards that only join the winning side with higher BR? Yeah this aswell - just like in OW. But at least there is no running. People go to the patrol zone for fighting. and you can bring ships that are actually built for combat, while those that bring fully modded expensive ships actually are at a risk.
  24. Pretty much what I assumed he was... glad someone could confirm.