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  1. Why not keep it simple-- make the requin a fifth rate- 5ths commonly had 215-300 crew so it fits right in there. Fix the bowsprit does nothing bug- because it's definitely there to help support the masts. Don't allow any pirate rig on xebecs- we block other permanent mods, so why not this? Nothing too drastic - it would help balance them.
  2. Sparkydog

    US Political Situation

    By neutral, you mean anything goes?
  3. Sparkydog

    New System for Balancing Upgrades

    I appreciate this part of you suggestion the most. It gives all players in the game a chance at the elite mods regardless of their play style. If it encourages them to sail around more and play the game more frequently- that would be a big win for the game. I've said it many times before that there are many different ways to enjoy the game and we should encourage them all.
  4. Sparkydog

    More Clan Control - Reducing Alt Problems

    There is no difference in having an alt and two players colluding from different nations. Devs have already stated that alts can never be banned, it's a steam issue and- what if both of my kids wanted to play this game? They would have to share the same character? That would never work. Why does a single clan need a monopoly on an elite mod? They already own the port and make easy money off the tax and selling said mod. How does a monopoly make the game more fun for the other 95% of the players. If you want to limit the access to other players in your nation of your port- then the rare resource should also be available in a Freeport. Sorry ED, this is not a good suggestion. We must be getting bored if we are willing to have the same arguments over and over. Sigh.
  5. Well it's been stated many times before by Devs, that join circle on land is not an exploit. I do agree however that the current zone does benefit the Swedish owners of Nassau because of the forts. For that reason, I agree that the patrol zone should be moved to not include any ports.
  6. The rigging set up on the Xebec should be much more susceptible to both chain and ball. A couple well placed shots should disable a lanteen rig as it is not nearly as stout as a square rigger with all its reinforcing stays etc. As it is right now the Le Requin's sails and rigging seem to hold up even better than most other ships in game. If I shoot a whole broadside of chain from a bellona onto a le req-- it should blow the rigging right off the xebec. IMO this is where the Le Requin needs to be nerfed.
  7. Sparkydog

    Enable Full Pay to Win

    I agree that having ships that regenerate everyday will lead to an increase of PVP. I am much more willing to risk my ship on an iffy battle situation if I know it won't take me 3 days and many hours to replace. I think if you make the DLC ships with comparable and relatively equal stats as a player crafted ship- many players would still buy the DLC to save on the crafting effort. This would also be helpful to people without a large amount of time to spend online each day or players that prefer to fight alone without the help of a clan. If you could offer the DLC's with a different paintjob- that would just be icing on the cake. Right now the DLC ships are too OP and its hurting the players who don't want to purchase and creating more hard feelings towards the Devs and the Game. It also is limiting the variety of ships we see in battle- today's Nassau patrol was a good example-- all hercs and reqs.
  8. INK- could you post a link somewhere or tell us the best way to check our computers to see if these ports are being blocked? Thanks in advance
  9. Sparkydog

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    My ship will dead stop in the open world. I can use chat and switch to map view- the waves in the ocean are still moving. My ship will freeze like this and I will get disconnected within 30 seconds or rarely will it start to move again and it will be fine. Any ideas?
  10. Sparkydog

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Why Do DLC premium ships have to come as redeemables? Why not sell the BP's and still leave the other limits in place but make people actually have to craft them like normal ships. Or maybe make it a combo- like the DLC is 10 redeemable ships and the BP to craft them after the first 10 sink. Might add some intrinsic value to the premium ships instead of people sailing them around all willhe nillhe style. It would also contribute to the game economy if mats still have to be crafted or purchased. Just my 2 cents.
  11. We have gone round and round this topic a 100 times. If you want to keep noobs in the game give them a safe place to run missions and hit ai fleets. If you want to keep old guys around that just love wooden ships give them the same safe space. Do not make them join a clan- do not make them pass a mandatory test. They will want to leave the safe zone eventually because they will want the challenge of fighting a human instead of AI. They will leave the safe zone when it's the only way to unlock the last slot or get an upgrade they want. They will leave th safe zone if there is an opportunity to trade and make lots of cash. If they only want to play one hour a week in the safe zone- Let Them! We don't need to feed the Vets- they can fight each other. Players will leave a safe zone when they are ready- let them play the way they want and more players will stay for longer. Please don't kill my game.
  12. How about in reinforcement zone- the home nation can join indefinitely and the other side only stays open for 3 minutes or so. Let the noobs hit ai fleets for fun and practice. Then modify random drops so they are better outside of the green zones.
  13. Sparkydog

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    Ok here is my opinion from someone who can only play for an hour or so at a time during the work week. I might get on before bed, late at night west coast time because that's the only time I can play. The pop is low at this time and it's not possible to have a US coastguard to help you outside CT, there is only a few of us on at this time. I might want to hit NPCs or run a quick mission and be done. I don't want to get sucked into a 90'minute battle- so I would rarely leave green zone at this time. If I would get jumped the reinforcement fleet would be the only help I would expect. This is the way it is for some of us- why not even make the reinforcement ship one rate higher than attacker? Then it would be slower than attacker and he could either escape to jump someone else or if he had skills he could stay and battle it out. on the other hand- if I play on a day off or have more time- I will leave the green zone and look for longer more elaborate PVP battles out in the OW or at other nations territories. This seems to make sense to me - and I wonder how many others play in a similar fashion. Just one sea dogs opinion.
  14. Sparkydog

    Boarding + 'Determined Defender' suggestion

    I like DD and don't think it needs to be changed- I am not a fan of the boarding mini game. Keep it as a perk.
  15. I think you have all the tools in place already to vary repair speeds etc. just by increasing the weights of repairs like you mentioned earlier will change the amounts carried and provide options as to how captains continue to load their ships. You could also vary the amount of crew that gets diverted to repair the ship- this continues to affect the other functions of the ship as it does now. I think repairs don't need to be reworked but other wieights, and crew allocation numbers could be tested to see the effects. Testing is what we are here for. Keep up the good work.