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  1. ... könnte ich (ingame Name ist derselbe bei mir) allerdings müsstest du dann etwas (180) live oak log mitbringen Muss aber ganz ehrlich sagen, bei einer Fregatte würd ich lieber teak/white vorziehen. Und die Indef hält eh schon eine Menge aus, auch in teak/white. Für solo Flottenmissionen reicht es auf alle Fälle. Und damit wäre sie dann auch relativ schnell. Dafür wäre dann das Holz auch schon vorhanden ist aber natürlich deine Entscheidung, wenn du das live oak mitbringst baue ich sie dir auch daraus.

    The disskusion has been around more than once. Why is this being rolled up again? It only leads to uncertainty for the players of the PVE server and thus to further loss of players. I play on the PVE server and would only do it there. And in global chat, you read the same from others when it comes to the topic .

    I always find it funny how some of the PVP community (and only from there) are involved to the closedown of the PVE server. ... I do not believe that. And if so, they could suggest it here themselves.
  4. New "Special" Trims

    no, it is not ... but a game should be that (my previous post was not addressed to Sepp Stuarts post. Sorry, if you could get it that way. It was about where random can lead to)
  5. New "Special" Trims

    Yes, that's how it works. fairness at its best ... ... thanks for rng-crafting ...
  6. See it from the other side: There will also be random guys which never get a bonus. Especially if they only work for themselves and thus do not produce the quantity of ships. Where the personal effort they have to crafting a ship is usually even higher.
  7. Sorry, but you are wrong here. It is in no other missions the case that you encounter higher rated opponents, only in 3rd rate missions. From that i conclude, that it is not intended. And if it is not enough for you as a confirmation, with a bit of bad luck even in a 3rd rate single mission you can have a pavel as opponent.
  8. Exciting OR RNG crafting is back, and I have a problem with it.

    One thing we should not forget. There will again be luckers who will craft optimal ships without much effort and others who struggle and will not get any bonus or completely useless for their cases. For example, the long-awaited bonus then on a merchant ship. Statistics are one, individual cases are something else. Random is always unfair and will simply cause frustration for many players. For me, a clear step back in this game. In the search for Skillbooks I can live with it, because this can be done without much effort. But here has it another dimension, because the effort is much bigger and, in first of all, irrational. To produce so many ships just to break up them again. ... also, you never know with which ship you should now be satisfied and provide it with expensive upgrades.
  9. Loot

    ... nobody make fleet battles here? My main problem is that, when i go to loot I can not avoid the enemy's shots. Because there is only one way to maneuver to the sinking ship and that also very slowly. If I lose cannons and tons of crew, it's mostly in looting actions. I survive it, ok. But it is very annoying, because it is an action which has nothing to do with the battle itself.
  10. Loot

    Because to loot has nothing to do with the battle itself. It is just an artificially introduced mechanic. You can make a battle harder, but not on such a way.
  11. Loot

    some of the disadvantages would still remain because: you must return to a ship to loot, or wait until it sinks while you are unnecessarily exposed to the fire from the opposing ships you seek only to sink ships if also is possible to loot them afterwards, so you can also pass possibilities to sink some ships
  12. Loot

    accidental post, please ignore or remove
  13. Loot

    No, never you are you the only one who is annoyed about it , I get upset about that in almost every fleet battle. Aggreed, that could an advantage over a loot distribution system after the battle. But in battles against AI i have not even need for the freshly collected repairs, then i just take enough on the ship before i go in battle. btw: a display in the harbor how many will be need for a performed repair would also be useful here edit: Sorry, i have not read carefully enough, you wrote abuot pick up repairs from sunken friends. Ok, that´s with another system not possible anymore. But I still think that the disadvantages outnumber that, when you forced to manually loot.
  14. Loot

    In Fleetbattles you take a not inconsiderable part of the damage while looting, because you drive maneuvers which you would normally not drive, or just wait beside the sinking ship. Especially in distances to enemies which you normally avoid. On the one hand from leftover opponents and on the other by the ship you want to loot, before it go down (and will be lootable) after you shot down the HP. In addition, there is still the risk of being boarded, when you stand next to the ship and wait for it begins to sink. It is now increased by the fact that ships with downed HP stop immediately and then sink after some time only. On top of that, you do not use many opportunities to fire on another ship, because you know that you can not loot it anymore if that also begins to sink in certain situations. In my opinion, all completely unnecessary and certainly not histiorical aspects in a naval battle. Why is not the loot distributed after the battle based on the sunken ships along with the combat marks, the gold and the XP, in the same way? ... It was also possible before the wipe last year. And it not must a static screen, it can be the same pop-up report like we have now for XP and marks after the battle.
  15. Poll: Grinding ship slots and rare books?

    Correct .... ... but what does it mean: And sorry, but what you qouted was an answer for the question the post above that, how a possible option in this poll could be named. My bad, i forgot to quote the question.