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  1. I play on PvE and also a shipwright, I'm not here to complain about ship prices. I saw I can trade marks for ships, Wasa and Bellona ext. I came up with the idea of players giving me marks as payment for ships, anything trade lynx to first rates, as an "alternative" way instead of buying them off the shop, which may be the ship you want but with wrong wood/trims or just simply out of your price range. For example charging 500 combat marks for a first rate, why 500? The current Admiralty charges 30PvP marks, which is 150 combat marks. To breaks it down 400 for the ship, 100 for the permit. While this may seem high to some, you can also capture line ships on PvE allowing to to farm this amount of marks in a very short time frame. Smaller ships will have to be a lot less and may work at a loss, I enjoy the shipwright side of the game. I've asked about in chat if anyone has been interested with mixed results, a friend now claims this is the ONLY way he'll buy ships from me now XD, if this does take off or start to gain a lot positive feedback, I might do up a little post as an advertisement
  2. I was, on PvE you dont get pulled into battle, you need to manually join
  3. ThrottleFox

    sinking via leaks not crediting kill

    It sank before I could turn around to get a 2nd shot off, I sailed past it and fired at the water line, I turned to fire again and before I finished the turn it sank
  4. So I shot an NPC today and gave it enough leaks to sink in a single broadside, I was rather surprised I wasn't given credit for the kill. Screenies http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=665783418 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=665783461
  5. Friend jumped a NPC LGV trader, I tried to jump in and help, nope.
  6. ThrottleFox

    Sail depictions on AI Target ships - PvE

    I had something like this, TSnow doing almost 5 knots then does a U-turn and books it the other way
  7. ThrottleFox

    Changing the "Capture" and "Surrender" Mechanics.

    Then why have surrender at all if you plan to sink em anyway?
  8. ThrottleFox

    Remove Random Fire.

    Leave it in, but change the button! V swaps rolling front back only and have some key to change it between rolling or random
  9. ThrottleFox

    Friend List - adding players of other nations

    Great idea, needed in game
  10. ThrottleFox

    Contacting Support

    I understand, and thanks for the reply, though I have edited my post since I have been able to get on server and well, you know the rest
  11. ThrottleFox

    Contacting Support

    How does one go about contacting support? I would like to know if its possible to to contact support about an issue I had that probably cost me the dura on my victory, and unable to get back in as it was so close to maintenance. THanks EDIT EDIT: Ok, I was extremely 'not happy', unforeseen things happened, was unable to log back in due to it being to close to maintenance, so for an hour I was arngy, upset and really annoyed and unsure. I KNEW I would of won the boarding I was in when it all happened. I logged back into this, http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=649697805 THANK you to who ever had the idea or auto resoving a battle/boarding or what ever method is in place.
  12. ThrottleFox

    AI and boarding

    The marines if yellow would give a 3rd rate 325 marines not 130ish. but this still avoids the point, they do not get the negative effects from these mods as we do,
  13. ThrottleFox

    AI and boarding

    Right, how come an AI 3rd rate can have 130ish marines, muskets and pistols, deck gun and fire grande and at least barricades upgrade on his ship, and it STILL out perform my combat fit ship in battle, I know he had these as I de-crewed it to 450ish men, i had 630 left and he still beat me. I try this in my connie with 225 marines(yellow) and my yellow boarding parties plus other mastercraft and fine mods and it gets its but kicked, due to him having a few more guys who know how to swab the decks and use some sails. I'm lost on how boarding works now, its not rock paper scissors any more, you need to greatly out never them to even have a chance now it seems
  14. ThrottleFox

    PvE and Pirates and Neutral Ports

    I think it would be a good Idea to let pirates dock at neutral ports so they have access to more resources/ports, as everyone knows, and doesn't matter on the PvP server as you have conquest. On PvE you do not. Before you start going on about PvE and pirates, I don't care what side i play, but my friends want to be pirate, so it makes sense to play with them, I wish to also craft ships, but that is hard with only having about 12 pirate port plus the few free ports.
  15. ThrottleFox

    Trincomalee needs a Nerf

    Guess there was a nerf, my trinc seems to take WAY more damage then it did yesterday against the same opponents and is only 'good' against things below its tier. Thanks for suggesting