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  1. Can't log in to Legends

    Ooooh... yes indeed. Omg. Cheers!
  2. I have been away from the game for a couple of weeks bot NA and NAL. I boot the game, it shows a screen but when I press connect (can't remember what's there at work atm), it tries to connects but it gives something about wrong Client Version. Is NAL not open for all at the moment, did the beta close? Or am i doing something wrong? I verified cache and reinstalled NA but no result.
  3. Protecting players up to a certain rank would be a good idea.
  4. Would even take less, it should be a marginal gain, if its too much it'll be used every time without exception in any PB that matters.
  5. I think they could easily up the 2nd rates a bit, a buc is only slightly worse than a Vic, still the BR difference is 150. While a bellona and a buc are only 50 apart. They could ad 50 to each of the 1st rates. Make like Vic 650, ocean 675, santi 700, and than we have a buc at 550 and pavel at 500. Bellona stays 400. Which looks like a better spread looking at the stats. Would also raise the Wasa to 325 for obvious reasons.
  6. I agree that BR should be like that, but there is a difference in 1 ship vs 2 lower BR ship, and 10 ships vs 20 lower BR ships. The flaws of 1st rates is less played out when they are in group.
  7. First I thought it would be better to only limit by BR, but I have a strong feeling that it'll just end up being the max amount of 1st rates vs the max amount of 1st rates for that BR. If the BR allows you to field 15 first rates, its going to be hard to beat by any composed fleet that is not 15 first rates. Also historicaly I believe 3rd rates were the bulk of a lineship fleet, and there were only few 1st and 2nd rates. Maybe we should just say that the total BR of 1st and 2nd rates combined, can not be bigger than the BR rating of 3rd rates and below combined? For 10.000 BR this could be: 6 x 1st rate (santi) (3900br) 2 x 2nd rate (900br) 10 x 3rd rate (bellona) (4000br) 4 x 4th rate (1000br) 200 br left to spend on 5th rate and MB. This could be for lineship battles, when it comes to 4th rate battles the BR difference between a cerb and a wasa is only 150br, which is the same BR difference as between a buc and a vic. But a buc vs a vic stands a good chance, but a cerb vs a wasa stands as good as non in a port battle. Would remove the 4th rate and lineship battles and only do shallow and deep water battles. When it comes to BR however, we'll need to do some fine tuning on the BR rating of some ships. Like the Wasa, and the BR rating of the 2nd rates in relation to the 1st rates, specialy the Buc.
  8. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    I know when we still had a good amount of players around, we would usualy not attack the lower ranked players. I think if PvP is lacking players will kill any player they come across. If new players have a problem they have all the tools right there to ask in nation what they should do, or where they can go to safely mission and rank up. The new nations might not be organised right now, but give it a couple of days and they will all have a HQ and a spot to mission "safely". It would still be recommended for them to go to a nation with a protection zone, but its not at all impossible. It is just a bit hard at this very moment.
  9. Well, my opinion is that with the current conquest stuff its not that bad to have it done instantly. We are having a ton of PB's each day, and you basicaly need to log in to know what is going down the day after. So you can sorta "organise" your ships and stuff optimaly the day before, and you know when to log in cause you need to sail from A to B which will take you this many minutes, etc. Now if you haven't logged in the day before, and you don't know whats going down, you can log in only to find your clan is doing something on the other side of the map so to speak, and you can't join in cause you don't have a ship there. Now when you log in you get on TS, they'll say, hey we're at Port X about to do a PB, get up here and help us out. You TP a ship up and you're right in the action. Lets just try it, there will be instances where it'll be very frustrating, but I think you'll have just as much moments where its a great comfort.
  10. I think all in all, if the towing keeps me from doing stuff I don't like doing like AFK sailing, thats a better experience all round. It'll take as much PvP as it will give imho. I've never heard anybody complain about the towing. It makes the map feel "smaller", so you're always closer to PvP.
  11. Foreign clan alliances

    At the very least it would be a good idea to visualy mark the clans/people your clan is allied with in OW, maybe even make it possible to easily visualise what ports are owned by friendly clans on the map. I haven't played EVE so don't know how stuff worked there.
  12. Foreign clan alliances

    Why not make the option to create an "Alliance Group", like one would create a clan. Say I create "The Black Alliance" as a pirate, and I invite other clans into this alliance. Every clan in that alliance is now allied to eachother. When you sail in OW, you could click a player and it could say "allied by The Black Alliance". Officers from the connected clans could vote for the removal of a clan in case of distrust. Downside is that a clan can not officialy befriend a clan outside of the Alliance group. If you use this you could create an "Alliance Chat" tab, which can be usefull. It would also remove the possibility of a clan being befriend with two clans that are at war. Treason is always good fun, but I think it'll be causing more troubles than anything else.
  13. Foreign clan alliances

    True. Although i'm prety sure this will be brought up again at some point, just mark my words I like the possibility for some back stabbing, and some last minute surprises. I can allready imagine clans spying eachother. But like you said, can for example swedes fight swedes? Looks kinda hard to me if you can't tag em in OW, but they can fight you in the PB? After the battle that clan will be untouchable by you and can just do its thing as it has always done. So I'm assuming that won't be possible.
  14. Foreign clan alliances

    I like it, lets test it! One note: If a clan is allied to two clans fighting over a port that clan can put people on both sides of the PB. Meaning they can intentionaly take up slots from the side who they want to "lose" the PB, and just sit there and do nothing. Thats going to be a problem we better solve now.
  15. Thinkg they should have kept it in realy, just to mess with people.