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  1. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    My experience so far is realy good, I usualy don't have FPS problems in battles (always round 60), but I do believe performance was up and some others commented this too. I would like to test it in a big engagement (25vs25) to see what FPS we can keep in those battles as these usualy give spectacular lags when lots of smoke is involved. Only issue I have had so far, only on the Hermoine, is that when switching to broadside view (like switching from left broadside view to the right) my camera all of a sudden jumps to top view viewing directly down on my ship. It happened in the heat of battle, so I had to switch realy fast, but I never had this happen before. I had it three times in one battle. I didn't F11 it sadly as my battle was interupted with a client crash. The crash report was sent automaticaly on rebooting. At which point my ship was allready dead. One last proposal I would like to make that is not Unity related: Make the use of the Surgeon a one time option. Or at least decrease its effects drasticaly after the first go. I think after someone is severely wounded for the second time in a battle, they won't be getting up anymore or be capable to effectively contribute to the battle. I believe now its 30% or so, maybe second time 10% cause some of the guys might only be wounded for the first time. But no third time. I just hate raking someone and then having to start all over, and then even have to do it a second or third time.
  2. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Oh, you said it ingame, indeed I would not be moving with those sails. They looked perfectly fine on my end obviously.
  3. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    I once had the same happen to me when we were testing the previous patch (before the wipe). It only happened one time, and it went exactly the same. Enter missions, very long loading screen, a pop up and you go back to OW and get XP and gold. Never had it on the live servers. I did a report on that. So this might be not related specificaly to Unity 5.
  4. Server Health is a Game Design Issue

    So...if we would have a 100 player servers we could have no battle instances, but the OW would be one giant battle instance? That just sounds so epic to me, it would fix so many problems.
  5. Would it be an idea, to make the Legends and OW version share XP? Or rather your OW XP is transfered to your Legends Account? This way people can have both games and don't need to grind both games, preventing them from sticking to one game all the time cause they are allready well progressed in one game and not in the other. (I know they won't use the same progress or even use XP, but in some ways make it translate to the other game). If they would know that what they do in OW gives them some progress in legends, or when they maxed out legends that it will give them some head start in OW version. They might easily by the OW version.
  6. Thats going to feed the "PvP Elite" endless amounts of gold, goods, notes etc. and we'll be back to everybody owning millions and tons of first rates. The problem we have is, we either make it easy for the new players but it will give the PvP Elite a very easy time getting everything they want (as before the wipe), or we make it hard for the elite to get everything they want but at the same time the lower level players are having a very hard time acquiring gold, ships etc. We just need a good tutorial so you can get the new players skilled allot faster, especialy with the option to cap AI ships it should be ALLOT easier for newer players to maintain a steady gold reserve as they don't need to spend a 100k on a ship and guns everytime they lose a ship.
  7. To Devs: PvE server has potential

    I think the PvE server is definitely nice, and I get why people want a more relaxed NA experience. Some people are very competitive and put in tons of hours to get the best gear etc, and other players just like the age of sail, like relaxed trading, crafting, a fight now and then. It has none of the salt that the PvP servers have. You know the "Hey, Captain X thanks for your indiaman full of loot man, the Royal Navy greets you lol". I get why people don't want none of that. PvE is ideal for them. You could implement a "OW Duel" Possibility, where you can click a player in OW invite him for a Duel (other player can deny), but if he accepts a tag starts running and an OW duel is started. Like with the old Duel you can't lose anything. Devs can say, well arcade stuff is for "Legends", but I don't see any negatives involved in this. PvE might be the middleground between hardcore PvP and NA Legends.
  8. Grinding some ports is beyond stupid

    I know it was 60 minutes, but you only knew it was fake after 60 minutes, now you would know after 30 minutes. You could have a "flagnews" channel passing info on the flag location every now and then "Tiburon Flag is sighted near Port Morant" or something. So you would know its moving and not sitting in some port of sorts. I would even agree to having the flag position register on the map every 5 minutes. Like I said we can TP now, you can TP to the port that is attacked once you know for sure that the flag is real.
  9. Grinding some ports is beyond stupid

    I have been sitting outside "guarding" ports allot of hours, I know what it was like. But back then we had to protect EVERY port, now its just the nation capitals. Also we couldn't TP between our own outposts freely. If you put up an outpost in the most likely regions, you can just do whatever you want and TP to the area when a flag is pulled. To prevent fake flags, you can implement a feature where if the flag doesn't reach the region it attacks within a set amount of time the flag expires (30 minutes). Scheduled PB's sounded nice, I would like to give the flag system another go just to be able to compare it better to the conquest system we have now. Alternatively, you could also say a flag can only be pulled when a region has reached maximum hostility and you need to pool attack points to be able to pull a flag.
  10. Grinding some ports is beyond stupid

    The flag system is a better system because it is more dynamic, any minute something might go down. Its worth loggin in, because you know stuff will happen. And you can make stuff happen yourself. With minor tweaking you can bring back the flag system, and make the game more entertaining again. It'll feel like an always ongoing battle all the time, now it just feels like its evey now and then some RvR and some PvP (if you're lucky) to fill the gaps. Flags can only be pulled by top ranked players, 3 other top ranked players must agree to the flag being pulled (with some sort of invite mechanic, where you need to type "conquest" to accept) this to prevent alts or trolls from pulling fake flags. So you basicaly Buy a flag and you invite other memebers out of your group to accept the flag. The one who bought the flag owns the flag. Flag sticks to his name and not to a ship so he can't trade the flag. On the EU server you allready have port timers, so I imagine any flag pulled between these hours is fair. One could say, the flag needs to be carried by a 6-7th rate for Shallow PB's, 4-5th rate for 4th rate PB, and 1-2-3rd rate for 1St rate PB. This avoids using lynxes for uncapturable upwind sailing. Ship with the flag takes up 1 spot for the attackers, so if its not a PB worthy ship its not going to do well, and if it doesn't enter its one less ship the attacker has to fight with.
  11. Maybe the map is just way to big in this game, i get that they want to make it hardcorde but with 400 players online you're going to have a hard time getting any nice fights.
  12. Captains Log

    Instead of having potential players read trough the often badly written reviews with nothing but pointless negativism, they should read something like this. To me it perfectly captures the excitement this game offers if Age of Sail is your thing. Very well written Sir.
  13. Flag should be non transferable and stuck to the player (not the ship). Always found it to be more dynamic, it is in favour of the people who are "always" online, and not just those who log in only to do a PB. PB's will be less well prepared, more varied fleet, more chaos, less screening, more fun. I think we should give it another go.
  14. Droprate

    Well its a bit like we saw with gold upgrades pre wipe, I had some good ones but most of them were craftables but didn't stop me from doing PvP. Like with the upgrades, you have some players that are dead set on getting all those top notch upgrades, and they'll either grind PvE or they'll buy them for top dollar. Either way, they did the effort for it, so I grant them that. I haven't been doing tons of grinding, but I still got a couple nice upgrades anyways, and at some point I'll probably have the majority of them, and so will everybody probably. On the other hand, upgrades don't matter if you don't know what you are doing, as in the oponent can have all the upgrades he wants but if he shows his stern he'll lose cannons and crew non the less. But I get your point.
  15. Droprate

    I think we don't always need these items for top notch PvP, but the fact we can only get them trough Sealed Bottles, PvE drops and dead mans chests (dunno?) is a bit weird. Chests and sealed bottles are luck for the most part, you can't force it. But PvE missions are like the lottery, its like gambling, i'll do just one more I'm feeling lucky. Its just a dead certainty you get gold (much needed), combat marks (for fancy stuff), XP (for ya ship), XP for your rank and the occasional repairs/cannons and upgrades, you don't realy risk anything and the rewards are plentyfull, its also always accesable. I must have done like 20 missions in my frigate this week, which would be roughly 30-35 ships (mostly 2 x 6th rate, sometimes 1 x 5th rate), and I got one Beltinck pump, one reinforced masts (6-7) and one time the "Distribution of cargo", which was a realy lucky find. Out of maybe the 20-25 ships I actualy looted. So I would say droprate is not too bad. Should just get more rewards doing PvP to be honest.