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  1. RSC V RUBLI First Rate Fight

    The following is battle on tuesday between the RSC and Rubli Clan The RSC comprised of a Buc,Victory,Snow engaged a lone Rubli Victory,leading to a 1 hour slugfest. Sadly better seamanship prevailed.
  2. Major Gosnell PVP Video Log

    Hello Folks I have decided to return to making footage of my pvp adventures.Enjoy Jamaca Patrol Sinking Rubli La Ocean RSC V Spaniards,There be Snow Ahead Sailing near La Habana,The RSC Snow fleet,under Capt Gregory Rainsborough ,came upon a battle between 3 Spaniards and 2 Pirates,deciding to help the pirates our brave force entered the fray.....
  3. Virtual Reality Gorn Gladiator Game

    Combat is very responsive,but very cartoony,highly recomend to any vive owners,
  4. Cheaters or Bad Game Mechanics?

    I wont reupload just incase,but ill challenge this
  5. Cheaters or Bad Game Mechanics?

    I have appealed.As to cursing of course im Irish,but all taht would do is make my video unmonetisable,wouldnt result in a strike.
  6. Cheaters or Bad Game Mechanics?

    Looks Like it dosent tell me who reported itLooks Like
  7. Cheaters or Bad Game Mechanics?

    yes on youtube,aparently it got tagged for spam,of all things wtf
  8. Cheaters or Bad Game Mechanics?

    wasnt a copyright strike,it was breaching comunity guidelines strike.
  9. Cheaters or Bad Game Mechanics?

    Wtf i just got a youtube strike for this video
  10. Cheaters or Bad Game Mechanics?

    thats the thing though no one was ahead of me before the battle started
  11. Whilst sailing off morant i found myself chased by a force of about 7 pirates,fleeing rapidly back toward KPR,they engaged battle just before the sandbank.I spawned facing toward the coast,about 1 mile ou,they spawned right behind me,with one slightly ahead.Sailing rapidly for the channel which runs from kpr through the sandbank towards morant,as i get closer all of a sudden 3 enemy pirates glide out of the channel,right in front of me.Now either they are hacking or the spawn system is broken.Ships should never spawn ahead of the direction the ship was fleeing in openworld.Were they cheating?
  12. Hello Captains I would like to extend an invite to any Ark Players who would like a friendly pve server,its small only 16 slots,but brand new so lots of building space. Server Name: MERCS ISLAND MAP ,UNMODDED 3XTame No Password Preferably english speakers.
  13. Naval Action Patch Thoughts Video Major Gosnell

    @ airborne guy says who?
  14. Naval Action Patch Thoughts Video Major Gosnell

    4-5 hours,if your running in a guild,or can spend alot of time at your desk,some of us have jobs/real life
  15. Naval Action Patch Thoughts Video Major Gosnell

    it really baffles me what the devs are doing