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Found 5 results

  1. My assessment of any game starts with player made videos. I don't watch Developer teasers because they are almost always misleading. Player made videos provide a decent idea of the gameplay, and the creator sometimes offers a few valuable opinions. If the videos look good I seek opinions from friends who own the game. This is really helpful because discussions can reveal details that are missing from videos. I find that reviews can be misleading and are very limited. Someone else may rate features differently that I would, so a low rating may have little influence on me because don't care much about the content that the reviewer perceived as important. Steam reviews are a indication of the general appeal. A recent and overall Rating of "Overwhelmingly Positive" tends to influence me to spend money. When the sum of these reviews are 96%-97% positive it increases my confidence that the game is well made. I seldom read individual steam reviews because the negative ones are usually rants, entertaining, when I'm bored, but not very informative. Price is important and proportional to the amount of time I will spend researching. If the price is low I am more likely to buy it and decide for myself. Games that are very expensive need a demo, so I can try it first.
  2. Jeder "Content Creater" kann hier gerne seine deutschsprachingen Tutorial-Videos posten. Ich mach mal den Anfang mit Entmasten (nicht kommentiert), Ausdauer (kommentiert) und Entern (kommentiert). In der Videobeschreibung sind die Zeiten verlinkt - für den schnellen Zugriff.
  3. Hello Folks Capt Gosnell here the following is a video diary of my adventures in Naval Action I approach the game from the simple point of view which is Have a good fight regardless of the odds,have fun,and dont regret anything. Enjoy Video 37 Two for the price of one,sailing out in my newly aqquired Victory,i chanced upon a fleet battle near KPR,this led to an intense battle,in which i lost my victory,but ultimately captured 2 belonas. Video 36 Whilst engaging the enemy off Kingston,the oPpurtunity presented itself to board a Victory.The subsequent hand to hand combat,can only be described as a butchers shop. Video 35 After offering equal combat with a pirate,we arrange to meet at La Navasse,for a 15 v 15,when battle commenced the Pirates brought in reinforcements making it 15 v 22.Never Trust A Pirate. Video 34 The Pirates decided to sail to Kingston in 6 first rates,the valiant KPR Patrol sailed out to meet them.A great large ship battle,no one left unbloodied,broadsides to broadsides,hulls were smashed,crews masacred.Well Fought on both sides. Video 33 Death Of A Victory Given the imminent Asset wipe in April,iI decided to test drive my new Victory.To be completely honest i had little hope of surviving,this was more a lets see what happens kind of fight. P.S Im aware i cant manually sail,I am also aware that i fight poorly at fighting. Video 32 One of the most enjoyable battles i have had.Engaging a small french fleet of 2 Bucentaurs, a Bellona and a Constitution,east of La Navasse.An absolute bloodbath for both sides.This is what naval action does best,small ship engagements pounding away broadside to broadside. Video 31 With a large pirate fleet ,threatening Englands Capital,a valiant force sailed out to fight.Leading to a large, veryclose quarters battle in and around the Kingston Channel. Video 30 Footage from Liquicity's Monday night small battle competition,with a prize pool of over 50 million.Few notable mentions Hans the Hawk and Jon Snow Must go,the damn buggers just didnt know when to die. Video 29 During a pvp event we rallied a large fleet,sadly picking were slim.Still no losses on the british side. Video 28 Undocking at La Tortue for a late night a.i hunt,I found myself being pursued by a Spanish Endymion,and his 2 escort Endymions.battle comenced near Monte Cristi.For 30 minutes i ran occasionally firing my chasers ,in a hopeless attempt to slow the oncoming ships.Meanwhile my own rigging was repeatedly shot.Slowly the lead spaniard closed upon me.Soon we were broadside to broadside.However it became readily apparent that my foe had a poorly made ship,as each of my shot killed a good portion of his crew.Finallly he broke off.At this point i realised i had no repair kits,however his escorts as the a.i is wont to do kept sailingg in each others way.Finally much battered i decided to risk it all and board the enmy ship.Lady Luck smiled upon me that day. Video 27 As everyone knows im a notoriously bad sailor,thus when i found myself in battle with a pirate frigate outside kpr harbour,i decided that i would make a run for the forts.As realistically there was no way on earth i could out manouver the more agile frigate.However,my first choice of kpr forts was impossible due to the wind ,thus i had to endure 30 minutes of raking as i fled towards Carlisle. Video 26 With an inbound French fleet,England mustered a defence,a large scale fleet combat,sadly let down yet again by people leaving the battle early. Video 25 One of my favorite battles,while sailing my Indefatigable from Port Morant towards Kpr I found myself being headed off by 3 danish,hoewever i had allies already on route from kpr,battle was comenced in the kpr island channel.Where outgunned and with the wind against us for raking,we entered into a cat and mouse game .Trying to tempt the heavier danish ships to come within range of the towns land forts. Video 24 Following on from my first pvp win of the day,i set sail from La Navasse,within seconds a large Danish force undocked.Quickly scapering back to port,i waited until they disapeared into PVP waters.Looking around I spotted Khal Drogo and a small force of Americans.Grouping up with set out in pursuit of the Danish force our numbers boosted by 2 Bucentaurs.Battle was soon comenced. Video 23 Found a small force during a pvp event off La Navasse.A short and fun battle. Video 22 During a late evening hunt,we found ourselves devoid of any enemy players to fight,so we decided to suicide against an A.I dread fleet of 7/6th rates.Those ships are like bee's. Video 21 While hunting near La Navasse ,we happened upon 3 Bellonas and A La Ocean,offering a fight battle soon commenced. Sadly my ship was fitted with caronades which meant i had little option but to get close.... Video 20 Late one night,after losing a round of cards i ended up in a duel with Captain Tuck,a short fun little engagement between 2 surprises.Also i have now started using rolling broadsides thanks for the tips. Video 19 On patrol at KPR Fellow Captain John Keats found himself tagged by a small swedish force of 5th rates,rushing out in my surprise we entered battle just off of Kingstons harbour mouth,sadly I was at a considerable distance.John Keats attempted to pass through the wind and bring his ship safely into the Harbour.However it soon became aparent that the heavier Swedish Frigate would demast him before he reached safety.Watching from afar ,i decided to render a suicidal assistance.Ramming Speed. Video 18 Whilst patrolling near La Navasse we came upon a Belona.All alone,well lets just say we gave him a good reception. Video 17 Leading a small band of fellow minded captains we chanced upon a gorgeous Black Constitution.Following the age old mantra of oppurtunistic englishmen,and women "Lets be avin that mateys"We engaged him,leading to a short pursuit. Video 16 During our recent multi portbattle event ,we found ourselves badly positioned with a large french fleet baring down upon our targets.A disappointing port battle. Video 15 Undocking at La Tortue, for a late night trader hunt, I happened upon a pirate endymion undocking ahead of me.Offering single combat in equal ships.the duel was accepted. We sailed away from the a.i crowded La Tortue channel.Then we engaged broadside to broadside. Video 14 Patrolling north of La Navasse in the aftermath of an admiralty event ,we stumbled upon a Swedish Bellona with a Surprise,the slow moving Bellona was soon tagged and battle commenced. Video 13 Due to the requirements of my real life service,i was sadly unable to provide any battle reports,however here is the legendary constitution v gunboat armada,filmed last october just after the gunboat was added. Video 12 Sailing past Fort Royale,I found myself being chased by 2 french frigates with an escort.Alerting my nation,2 frigates were dispatched from Castries to support me.Deciding to pursue the now fleeing frogs, we engaged them just east of Fort Royale.A Particularly bloody and messy fight,due in large part to poor positioning and poor sailing. Video 11 During our screeening operation at Castries,we came across some pirates eyeing up a lone british victory,sailing to help we engaged them just north of Castries.No quarter was given. Video 10 Whilst Screening our Les Caye's Port Battle 6 Brave British Captains got dragged into battle against 24 french/spanish screening ships. Hopelessly outnumbered ,we fought till we sunk,with one heroic captain sacrificing his ship in order to blow up and inflict maximum damage on the enemy. Video 9 Whilst patrolling an event area,we encountered a small force of Swedish ships.Engaging them north of La Navasse.A pirate jumped in on our side making the battle 5 v 4,however as always our poor co-ordination led to disaster.... Video 8 During a late night hunt at La Tortue,we decided to engage the only thing we saw worth fighting A Victory. However our Bucantaur Captain was slightly drunk. Salute Captain Nordmann for maintaining the fine tradition of the british navy. Video 7 An interesting battle,tagged while attempting to enter La Tortue,i found myself facing an Ingermanland,An Agamemnon,and some smaller 6th rates,For a while the Inger was afk,then just left,leaving the battle to me and a undercrewed Agamemnon.Sadly however i am a poor sailor,and the Aga managed to stay close on my rear,the weight in broadsides finally deciding the matter.However a very enjoyable fight. Video 6 Thanks to great communication,we managed to pincer a small force of Spanish Endymions that were preying on our shipping near Jamaca. Video 5 A cutter managed to pull an entire British Fleet into Battle,so we decided to make some kindling. Video 4 A new CAPTAIN CAPSLOCK has joined great britain,in honour to defend my name,i challenged the young pup to a duel to make it fair SruPL stood for him.The resulting Duel was well fought though a lucky shot from SruPl changed the tide of the battle. Video 1 Indefatigable v Agamemnon,showed up late for a port battle,got chased by 2 age's and a connie,1 age and connie left so i decided to scrap with the remaining agamemnon,was good fun. Video 2 While sailing to Kingstown an enemy constitution gave chase,due to not paying attention i ran onto shallows giving him time to catch up,tagging me just outside of kingstown harbour.sailing upwind i struggled to bring my ship into the safety of the towns land forts.One of the most enjoyable chases i have had.
  4. Hello all ,said i would start a new thread detailing other games I play.Aside from sailing badly in Naval Action i do enjoy me a good roguelike /rpg,and physics based games Kerbal ect. Video 3 Total WarHammer While i hate the campaign mode i do enjoy custom battles ,with gratuitous levels of explosives. Video 2 Game: Street of Rogue Great top down homage to Deus Ex,great fun and openended. Video 1 Game:Unexplored Interesting little game,some godaweful design choices,but similiar to the excellent Dungeons of Dredmor.
  5. The theory behind this topic is that, in the absence of there being any combat videographers at Gettysburg, we post here the best ones we can find of Civil War reenactors either in mock battle, or performing various maneuvers or things relating to the manual of arms. Though there are, of course, many units that do things wrong (we call them "farbs"), most of the units I know have officers who have thoroughly studied Casey's, Hardee's, or the pertinent drill books for cavalry and artillery, and it might help the developers to see a video depiction of what they might like to put on the game's battlefield. Since this was my idea, I will start. I hope others will contribute as well, however. I will start with a video from probably the largest Civil War reenactment ever, the Gettysburg 135th event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av2FHRO9lgs Here's Pickett's Charge from the movie. It wasn't bad. The vast majority of the extras were reenactors, which means they mostly knew what they were doing. The uniforms might be of interest, too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3po17QbHLRQ More uniforms here, as well as some good drill and formations. I would not use the uniforms as models, as they were very early war, and changed a lot in the next several months. It was 108 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course) on the field that day. It was HOT! A nice video: Here is a great video that not only shows what real canister looked like, the developers will want to note the sound of the shot whizzing across the field: Artillery moving and deploying -- note that horses were kept facing forward after the guns were unlimbered, as a frightened horse will never run toward the source of its fear: Last one for now -- I don't want to overwhelm you. Please note that everybody in this video, prepared for the U.S. National Park Service, is doing things exactly the way they are supposed to do them:
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