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  1. The following is battle on tuesday between the RSC and Rubli Clan The RSC comprised of a Buc,Victory,Snow engaged a lone Rubli Victory,leading to a 1 hour slugfest. Sadly better seamanship prevailed.
  2. Hello Folks I have decided to return to making footage of my pvp adventures.Enjoy Jamaca Patrol Sinking Rubli La Ocean RSC V Spaniards,There be Snow Ahead Sailing near La Habana,The RSC Snow fleet,under Capt Gregory Rainsborough ,came upon a battle between 3 Spaniards and 2 Pirates,deciding to help the pirates our brave force entered the fray.....
  3. Combat is very responsive,but very cartoony,highly recomend to any vive owners,
  4. Quite possibly the most chaotic and confusing battle i have taken part in.Early on it looked like i would miss the bulk of the battle.Then at 27:55 it all went pear shaped,with what can only be described as a pile up of ships on the beach,each one frantically boarding his neighbour,and then,there was poor old Lord Jules,who managed to completely drydock his ship,whilst shooting his cannons vertically.
  5. Pirate first rate fleet destoryed at kpr now up
  6. Large battle outside kingston channel now up.
  7. Long chase 3v1 battle,with surprise outcome
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