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  1. Schengen will be implemented soon... Oh and facial recognition.
  2. Give me any names of RL countries, who killed theire own spies... Not double spies though.
  3. Even in Real Life so to say... Spy is a way to get info on a large scale from other socie-ities. And if a double account is not allowed to be bought and created form the ""oh so needed pecunia for the further development of this simulator..."" I want the stones trown at the user of this way to obtain knowledge on large scale movements of ships in this very overdevelopped game dissolved.. afterall is all about pixels.. Excuse my baaad english because my native langualistic is Dutch.
  4. I dont want a smaller or player count restrickted map! btw : current player count? Everybody is bussy with family, shopping and hollidays preppings, and traveling to other family members.
  5. I use my thumb, little pink finger and my vest pocket watch.
  6. I have a hollow tooth and wallet maybe fill the empty spaces on the shelves of the servers with some good updates.
  7. Option is fine. I like what i see in 3D, so for me it doesnt need it. I can imagin though that some want to see that option< Implemented.
  8. no i did not send a report. I noticed the loss of it when i first logged in after re-instal. Im sorry for the trouble, i just wish to find out if its some bug. I havent spend that Dublouns no where. Regards. Ouwe Knar. PS: For your info, I bought all the DLC overtime, Im not making up stories here, mistakes can happen but im just wondering if it was on my side... Wich i cant confirm because i did not do anything with the rest of my lost amount of Dublouns. and apologies for the trouble*
  9. Lost 1500 Dublouns due too reinstall game overnite. Good afternoon, I have a issue and wish to know if this can be fixed by any chance? Thanks in advance* I had to reinstall the game last morning and found out i lost 1500 of my total of 2000 Dublouns I still only have some 451 Dublouns left, Is it normal after a re-install? or a bug? Kind Regards * From Ouwe Knar*
  10. Yes, more turn-rate for Ocean, and nerf the dlc and get rid of the Requin... and and and.... just get the oceans and forget about the new players and let this game be all for a few veterans who wine all day and dont want to see theire pressuses paint damaged.
  11. Spoken like a true keyboard warrior* So if your that much financially independent, why not sail a real ship instead of being here..?
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