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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all ,said i would start a new thread detailing other games I play.Aside from sailing badly in Naval Action i do enjoy me a good roguelike /rpg,and physics based games Kerbal ect. Video 3 Total WarHammer While i hate the campaign mode i do enjoy custom battles ,with gratuitous levels of explosives. Video 2 Game: Street of Rogue Great top down homage to Deus Ex,great fun and openended. Video 1 Game:Unexplored Interesting little game,some godaweful design choices,but similiar to the excellent Dungeons of Dredmor.
  2. My Fellow Sailors: A few ideas i have thought about, and talked about on global, have finally been written down. A few of these have been brewing for awhile, and a few came up while writing. Im sure most of these have been talked about, and may be in the forums. No, i didn't search the forum for these topics. No, i don't really care if there are other threads covering these. These are my thought, basically as they came to me, either through reading notes or remembering conversations. Lets help the devs bring out the potential of Naval Action. ------------------------ Fire Barrels ------------------------------------------------------- Ships with horrible turning can be destroyed by smaller ships. A surprise can stern camp a santi and take it down without too much trouble(Just tons of time). Trading ships also have a habit of being ganked, chained, and capped. To offset these annoyances, i propose fire/exploding barrels. The intention would be to deter or slow down a following ship. It would be a barrel dropped off the stern of the ship, with a timer set by the player(slider?), and it explodes and causes a large flame. The barrel wouldn't be meant to destroy the ship, just cause minor damage. It could potentially catch sails on fire, and cause some sort of crew or rigging shock. If the barrel exploded towards the rear of the ship, it could cause rudder damage. The timer would have a time to detonation range of 3-30 seconds, so it has the ability to damage pursuers that are further away, as well as close up. The timer would need to have a variable on the actual set time (due to a fuse having to be measured and cut in battle) between a flat 15-25% time variation. The other option would be 10% on the "too short" side and 25% on the "too long" side. This allows for the chance it can prematurely explode and damage the ship of the person dropping the barrel. Each ship shouldn't have more than 3-5 barrels, scaled to the rate of the ship. 4th-5th rates have 1 or 2 barrels, 3rd rates 3, 2nd rates 4, 1st rates 5. If a ship is carrying barrels, no less than 2 should be carried in case one doesn't explode. Rates lower than 5th shouldn't need them due to shallow hulls/lack of player use. The barrels could be an upgrade option (non permanent since its only barrels) with each "tier" allowing more barrels than the last (Basic -> Exceptional). Also, a prep time should be included, with the option to drop the barrel early. Dropping the barrel early would increase the "error" range of the fuse, up to 15% greater than a fully prepped barrel. This also opens up the option for a skill, such as decreasing fuse error or lowering the prep time. The purpose of the barrels wouldn't be to act as a main weapon, but as a last resort for defense. ------------------------ Officer Skills ------------------------------------------------------- Officer skills allow us to make our sailing styles a little more unique. Sadly, the skills don't vary enough to keep anyone guessing how an enemy ship will handle in battle. I propose keeping the officer skills, but also adding Captain Skills. Your officer gets 1 "skill" point per rank, with a max of 10 points. The diversity of skill choices to ship choices isn't that great. Captain skills could be implemented to switch that up a bit, make people guess a little more. Captain skills would be attached to the players avatar, not their officer, and would gain a few points at certain rank milestones. The captains skills could include things like cannon trials(reload speed, dispersion,etc...), rigging specialist (Sail rising and yard turn speed, lower damage to sails), shipwright (adds extra bonuses to ships beyond what the regular player makes, use less LH or supplies), boarding training (similar to marines, but for the crew), wind master (adds slight speed bonus to ship), entrepreneur ( better prices in port shops, lower costs for contracts), hull tech (better/faster repairs while at sea or in battle,High enough level allows 2 repairs in battle), shipboard defense (better defense against boarders, defensive only), leadership (adds more overall crew to the crew pool, not to the ship itself). The milestones could be set points between each rank. Each rank could have 2 milestones( current level -> milestone I -> milestone II -> next level), with each milestone giving a certain amount of skill points. Rank 1(Thief) starts with 3 points, milestone I gives 2 points, milestone II gives 1 point, rank 2 (Rascal) gives 3 point, milestone I gives 2 points, milestone II gives 1 point, etc . . . up to rank 10 (Curse) which will give 3 points, but no milestones since it is the highest rank. Having a system like this will make grinding feel more rewarding, while making each player more unique. The skills could be categorized by sailing, crafting, and trading. Having the option to choose a captain skill, without the risk of losing them, would make players feel more connected to the game community. It would also allow specialization of each player, such as a player being a dedicated ship builder, but not having the same sea prowess as a dedicated fighter. This wouldnt negate the "perks" (no longer skills) one would get from their officer. The officer perks would allow everyone to have a baseline set of attributes so they could still do a little of everything. ------------------------ Port Shop ------------------------------------------------------- The port shop needs a little streamlining. If i sell something at the bottom of a list (i.e resources), it sends me back to the top of the list. While it is only a minor inconvenience, that little bit of time adds up to a lot of frustration when trying to sell quickly. The slider when buying/selling is also a pain to use. Using a +1,+5,+10 next to the slider would be helpful. When buying cannons the shop only allows 1 purchase at a time. I think the maximum should be raised to at least 5 when buying. If i want to use the same cannon for bow/stern chasers and broadside, i would like to be able to buy them all at once. With the lag in the system, that can also become frustrating. ------------------------ Warehouse ------------------------------------------------------- The warehouse can become extremely cluttered, and difficult to find something. I know there is an option to show certain types of items, but being able to create my own tabs would be beneficial. Tabs such as "ship build", "future upgrades", or "trade-able goods" would make playing a little less cumbersome. An option to "Show items in shop" would also be appreciated, so i can choose to not see the items in the shop and accidentally sell them. ------------------------ Ship Docks ------------------------------------------------------- Currently we can only have 5 ships docked at a port. I think the maximum should be raised (8-12) through gold purchases. To keep it a little less cluttered, a building (private dockyard) could be built, and each upgrade increase the maximum ships allowed in the port. ------------------------ Clans ------------------------------------------------------- Clan ranks are a big miss when it comes to forming a community . The current system of owner/officer/member seems a bit shallow for a group of people playing together. The ability to have more "ranks" in a clan would give people a view-able goal to strive for, and to show their value to that clan. It can also be set up to allow clan members to be easily recognized of their role (crafter, trader, raider OR Leader,1st mate, 2nd mate, senior crewman, junior crewman, recruit). Having the ability to transport goods from ANY city to the clan warehouse would be nice, or showing on the clan page where the warehouse is located. I appreciate everyone who took the time to read through, and all comments will be appreciated, and discussion is encouraged. Great games are not made. Great games are shaped. Shaped by the ideas of players, and the following discussions. Naval Action has a ton of potential, and i would like to see it become one of the greats. Fair winds and following seas --- Wonderbread O7 Please excuse my lack of observation, I did my best to make sure there are as few grammatical errors as possible.
  3. Originating off my post in the patch notes thread: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15638-development-plans-for-conquest-mechanics-rvr/?p=293895 Note: These are just rough ideas. The rewards, map design, ship types, fleet designs, etc.. Minor details can be worked out or discussed. Myself and a few of the players in the community have begun to feel that the current mission system is getting a bit stale. Things became a bit more fun and exciting when fleet missions were introduced but the base mechanics remained the same in that your objective scenario is always the same. "Go here, shoot this." Well to a certain regard that is what the game is but there are other ways... more creative ways of going about combat rather than the current sail to point X spawn in head to head and sink what's in front of you mission types that we have now. To break up the menatoney Here are perhaps a variety of new mission ideas: Exploration - Discover 5 new ports (player has to dock in 5 new ports that they have previously never been to before.) - Limited once per rank Exotic Trade - Mission will spawn an exotic good in the port where you start the mission and task you to deliver that item to another port of the same or ally nation Escort - Battle instance will load with a landmass with a harbor on each side. Your goal is to escort a trader to a circle near the opposite end of the map as 1 or more npc's want to kill you and your trader. Intercept - You and 1 NPC spawn in vs a trader and 1 NPC and your job is to kill or capture both ships. (Opposite of Escort) Fleet Intercept - A well guarded group of trader ships are being escorted and you and your group must kill and capture them all. Fire Watch - (Group Mission) You spawn in next to a large NPC fleet of line-ships of your nation. Your nation's NPC.s sail in a straight line and in 3 waves npc's equipped with the fireship module will spawn that will be trying to target your ships of the line. You and your group must sink all 3 waves of fireships. Coastal Assault - You spawn in next to an abandoned mortar brig and you have to sail over to it and take command of it and start killing structures/towers. As you do this you have a npc fleet of ships "carrying troops" that will be sailing into the port. Your mission is to destroy all land targets before they can kill your assault fleet of NPC's. To Arms! - Daily mission - Win one small battle or one large battle (Through joining in the port user interface) Mission is active until a win is achieved. On Guard! - Daily mission - Player assumes coastal patrol duties and is flagged as "Coast Watch" or "Coast Guard" for one hour. Player receives x3 experience for travel and x2 experience and gold for combat fought in friendly territory sphere of influence. In Plain Sight - This will be covert ops mission. The mission spawns you at a mouth of an enemy harbor at night (very dark and foggy). In this harbor there will be multiple ships of the line at anchor (and remain at anchor). You leave your current ship outside and nearby you take control of a cutter (or a gunboat maybe?) and your mission is to sneak around to the center rear of the enemy harbor and interact with their flagship and plant a powder charge then sneak back out again. As you sail away a slowmatch fuse will burn and then the powderkeg will ignite setting off a large explosion on that ship. On the shore in say 2 or 3 places there are combat towers but with very poor range (due to it being night and foggy). Also in the harbor are enemy patrol boats (cutters, gunboats, pickles, or something..) just sailing around but they will have a radius drawn around them (just like we see the radius if we tag someone in open world.) If you come within that radius then we essentially are "detected" and that ship will start shooting at you. If you sink you fail.
  4. Hello! This is my first post on here, but I would like to see something that I don't see or maybe I just dont notice much in similar era games. Maybe you could include realistic ship plans such as real ship builders used "back in the day." It would be a cool feature to see, included with a list of materials required to complete the ship depicticted in said plans. As you gather, harvest, purchase or however it's going to work the materials, you could have highlights on the plan or something or maybe just a simple " **% Completed" at the top. For people who have never seen or learned to read a ships plans, maybe you could do a little research on the subject and include a very optional tutorial or learning class on the matter. It would be a great thing for people who are curious like myself ^-^! Something kind of simple like these plans of the HMS Surprise. Or maybe, just a maybe something as cool as the plans in this link : http://www.google.com/imgres?safe=off&hl=en&biw=1920&bih=977&tbm=isch&tbnid=8naud5lHsrZ28M:&imgrefurl=http://www.photographers1.com/Sailing/NauticalTerms%26Nomenclature.html&docid=KtLIRxKNqFNZSM&itg=1&imgurl=http://www.photographers1.com/Sailing/WarshipNomenclatureSmall.jpg&w=800&h=745&ei=ElbTUZL3Fs640AHMzIGwAw&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:9,s:0,i:108&iact=rc&page=1&tbnh=185&tbnw=199&start=0&ndsp=38&tx=124&ty=106 Google ftw! Anyway, that was just a brainchild of mine. Developers, if you would look at this, you could add on to this by replying or emailing me. Haha, please no rush and do all of us proud! I'll be gladfully awaiting hearing the news that the game has been released for a beta or out for everyone.
  5. While we are waiting for a final decision on how best to implement diplomacy may I propose a suggestion for the Devs that may work in the simplest form: *(Numbers are placeholder only, these are to be adjust to suite based on Devs opinion) The levels of diplomatic relations are set at specific 'diplomacy point' levels: Allied (+2000) Friendly (+1000) Neutral (0) Hostile (-1000) At war (-2000) The entire concept is run on increasing and decreasing 'Tension' through naval conflict and time that has past. Pirates would be exempt from this system and be permanently at war with every other nation (hello letters of marque and privateering!) To 'increase tension' one only has to initiate combat with a specific nation (e.g. British vessels attack Spanish vessels and lower diplomatic relations) To 'decrease tension' one must either: Attack a nation that is viewed as Hostile or At war of the nation they wish to improve relations with (e.g. British vessels attack Spain's enemy France which improves relations with Spain) or Tension will ease over time so to keep nations hostile or at war would require consistent aggression on behalf of either or both beligerants (e.g. Britain refrains from attacking Spain to ease tension) Diplomacy points are applied per vessel attacked as follows: Attack a neutral/hostile/at war nation's vessel is -2* diplomacy (+1* diplomacy to all nations who are hostile or at war with the nation of the vessel that is attacked) Attacking a friendly nation's vessel results in -2* diplomacy with ALL nations Attacking Pirate vessels is +2* diplomacy to ALL nations When you 'Attack' a ship(s) on the OW, it creates the instance and the vessel/fleet that you have initiated the instance with is initially placed into a stance that reflects your diplomacy attitude. Once a certain small % of damage has been done to a neutral or friendly vessel it changes it's stance and becomes hostile to you and anyone on your side and the diplomacy impact is then applied. This will also resolve the 'accidental' player nation attacks resulting in unintentional pirates. Pros/Cons of each diplomatic relation with a nation: (You refers to anyone in your nation) Allied You may group with allied nation Captains You may join battles to support Allies (Only against nations neutral or below to you) Allied nation NPC vessels will enter combat to support you (Only against nations neutral or below to them) Allied Captains may join any battle to support you (Only against nations neutral or below to them) Initiating combat against an Ally is considered an act of Piracy Friendly You may group with friendly nation Captains You may join battles to support friendly nations (Only against nations neutral or below to you) Friendly Captains may join your battle (Only against nations neutral or below to them) Initiating combat against a friendly nation will apply -2* diplomacy to ALL nations You cannot initiate port conquests Neutral You may group with Neutral captains You may join battles in support of neutral nations against nations with neutral or lower diplomacy You may attack Neutral nation vessels or below You cannot attack neutral nation captains you are grouped with You cannot initiate port conquests Hostile You cannot group together You cannot join battles in support of hostile nation You may initiate port conquest (-1000* points) You may be attacked by hostile nation NPC ships At War You will be attacked by hostile nation NPC ships You may initiate port conquest (-500* points) At war NPC vessels will join combat against you You will be attacked by At war NPC vessels Anything else I've missed? Any suggestions to improve/change this? REMEMBER: This is as a proposal just to introduce diplomacy so we have working relationships with other nations. This is purely so that it can be built on from here to whatever the Developers decide on with help from the community. Cheers JJ EDIT: Formatting EDIT: Added idea on resolving unintentionally turning pirate
  6. Hi, First i want to tell to the devs i really love this game and i'm really looking forward to the future. Here are some ideas that will make this game a better and more fun game to play: - Delete ship durability: You can sink 5 times with a ships, i really dislike this feature, but what i'd like to see in place is a insurance system. You can pay for a insurance and if your ship sinks, you can get it back. But if you don't have one, your won't get your ship back. Currently this game is to easy and everyone can battle someone else without to many risks. This feature will make the open world experience a bit more realistic. - Ally feature: Currently it's every nation for itself, which is not bad but not great either, it makes you want to stay the territory of your own nation. I'd like to see a ally system, based on the overall statistics of all the players. If example: Every nation starts with an ally nation, you can get more allies by not attacking that nations ships, if an x amount of players destroy that amount of ships, the nation will become unfriendly with each other. Allied nations can join a war against another allied nation. If example spain is an ally with united states, trading will also be possible between them. If you destroy an ally ships, you will not become i pirate, but you will be marked unfriendly to the allied nation, if to much players become unfriendly with their allied nation, it will be war between them. And you can add much more features to this. - A bigger economic system: People say, the simplier a game, the better it is, for this game it's the opposite, The complexer the game is, the better it is. Far more upgrades, far more ships, far more recourses and many more. Trading should be something very important in this game, not only with npc, but more with another players. - Capital cities: I dont know if there are any capital cities in this world, but i'd like to see some for every nation. And now you probably ask yourslf, what can you do more in a capital city than in another city? Well why don't we add an auction into every capital city, where people can auction items directly with other players. - more mission objectives: well yeah says enough, we need more objectives. Like delivery mission, capture missions, and many more you can think of. - Harvest recourses: This one is very important for me. I really like to build ships, but i spend more on building the ship, and you'll sell it for less than the bought recourses. This has to change, i want to harvest my recourses myself. - A better open world environment: Everything is the same, island, harbors, the sea. I'd like to see something else, always palm trees, always the same ports. combine this with the ability to harvest recourses. You can maybe make some islands with volcanos, which can errupt. Parts of the sea are frozen, the only way you can get through t is having a upgrade to let you go through it, and yes, you'll sail slower than normal. And about storms, there was nothing more dangerous than a storm in that time, if you can see a storm, you can maybe take another route to your destination, being into a storm, can damage your ships. And so you can add far more details to the environment. This would be awesome. - A better interface, hud and many more: We can all agree the huds, menus, and other interfaces looks cheap and not completed, i know it's still alpha. But the first time i joined this game, it was so hard for me to find out what everything was, so i asked others for info. There are so much thing you can add in this kind of an open world game.the development of this game goes pretty slow, i even doubt the game would be go out of the alpha fase, but i hope it will. Sorry for my bad english. Let me know what kind of ideas you guys have. Thx.
  7. Hello, Well this is sort of a follow on of my clan mission assist bonus idea but instead of me throwing my ideas at you I want your ideas. I didn't really see anything about this so I'm going to start it myself. I will update this post with the titles of all the ideas people made along with the names of owe posted it. And when we have enough we can have a poll to see what would be best first. So the premise is clan based suggestions that would not only encourage players to play as group but also make the game a more enjoyable experience for all of us, so what ideas have you got? Ideas Clan Mission assist [John_Run] ? ^ ^
  8. Уважаемые разработчики! Являюсь большим фанатом данной эпохи парусных кораблей и бла бла бла. Не буду много разглагольствовать, приступлю сразу к делу. Идей и фичей накидали на форум уже достаточно много, много хороших, понятно, что реализовано будет не всё и не сразу. Я имею опыт игры в проектах Wargaming, а также множества других симуляторов и (бла бла бла). Вот лично мне, а я пишу мнение сугубо своё и не отвечаю за остальных, всегда не хватало в таких играх "конструктора" собственных боевых единиц. Почувствовать себя в роли инженера, проявить смекалку и (бла бла бла...). Ведь это было бы вполне уместно в данных условиях, в те времена существовало достаточное количество "частных" кораблестроителей, чьи интерпретации вариантов сочетания габаритов, такелажа, рангоута, центра тяжести, конфигурации парусов и (бла бла бла) были уникальными, у некоторых лучше, у некоторых хуже. Как человеку творческому, мне всегда не хватало вот такой составляющей в играх, чтобы можно было не только что то спроектировать, но и опробовать боем. О каких конкретно возможностях я говорю? О создании своего варианта рангоута, парусов, формы корпуса, чтобы всё это как то и чем то высчитывалось и выдавало в совокупности некий уникальный результат. Возможность изменения размещения крюйт-камеры, количества орудий по бортам\баку\корме, их типа... ну я думаю идея ясна. В качестве баланса можно присвоить каждому значению какой то балансный вес, который в сумме для определённого уровня не должен превышать некоего значения, хотя, кому я зубы заговариваю, это и так очевидно. В общем с такой фичей лично я бы залипал в этом конструкторе и забил бы на реал насовсем, битый месяц проектируя что-то стоящее. Если Вы прочитали это, то большое спасибо, что не оставили моё мнение без внимания. Очень в Вас верю, что Вы запилите нечто стоящее, надоело разочаровываться, когда я запускаю только что скаченный свежевышедший симулятор кораблей\самолётов\трактора\бомжа и т.п. С уважением, Кирилл. PS прошу прощения за "бла бла бла", времени было мало, завтра рано вставать, смотрится конечно не очень изящно, зато получилось кратко. PPS Доступ к игре ещё не приобрёл, приношу извинения, пока ограничиваюсь просмотром видео с геймплеем, да и цены кусаются
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