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  1. Numer siedem: English Version: Swedish Fleet conquered Bermuda After High Council meeting a division of swedish warships was send towards Bermuda. The goal of mission was to conquer and secure region and resources there. Plus rewards as Conquest marks being collected. The task was acomplished succesfully. In meantime second flotilla of warships was send to defend Grande Terre region. In defence were participated 12 privateers of Polska Flota Kaperska and operation finished successfully as well. Reports of Sweden - Denmark fights There a numerous report of Sweden - Denmark clashes. Groups of warships both nations are spotted in Gustavia and Cristiansted waters. Only two days ago a group of swedish captains board and taka as a prize danish second rate lineship Bucentaure and with escort of frigates take prize to Gustavia. Rumors from tavern and world news Group of 5 pirates called Pirates of Dark Water was spotted recently near Kingstown - Port Royal. News spread that they trying to disrupt british trade lines in area and few british captains were sunked already. Spani delcares war agains Dutch. Regional conflic near Catragena de Indias region became open war and spanish navy dispatched lineships in area.
  2. That what bring me this idea...switch off in options would be great and all will be happy.
  3. Here
  4. Because it bring nothing for my shooting rutine. Just have to double click every time when switching from front to back. Its useless in terms of accuracy and dispersion.
  5. Hi there What is the the point keep random fire mode when nobody using it. Just remove it please.
  6. Flota PFK w drodze na wody francuskie i port bitwe:
  7. You guys have some obsession about all want hurt you but i dont care tbh, enjoy the game.
  8. I dont want hurt sorry - they hurt themselves enough tbh. And we sailing in OW in pretty decent numbers dear Otto so stop your false accusations towards us and enjoy sailing with "most hated" clan:
  9. Biggest reason is bunch of snobs who think they know better than rest just eliminate them and game will be fine. Otherwise its a good game quite overpriced as well.
  10. Dunczycy z RUS postanowili polowac na naszych ludzi robiacych misje wiec zebralismy grupe randomowa i scigalismy ich az po La Desirade w koncu udalo sie ich zlapac. Niestety tylko jednego zatopilismy bo mieli powsadzane gazelle figurhead i zwiali zostawiajac dream makera na smierc. Zdobylismy fajnego suprise: Pozniej zwiali gdzies na poludnie
  11. Nie wchodze dwa razy do tej samej rzeki
  12. I know this but right now its simple too easy - a few broadsides from stern or front and few sniper shoots is enough to break thick masts by skilled captain. There were different usefull tactics before wipe as well like: stern rake and side lock but now only one right is demast.
  13. IMO its way too easy atm. Never seen pvp fight without - pre demasting after wipe.
  14. Double post pls delete.