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  1. What about the Naval ACTION perk?
  2. Yeah it could be fun if it wasnt sad. A good game ruined by bad desicions.
  3. Not sure. I have played this game a lot. In february-march 2016 this was a favorite game of mine. It was fun, addictive, easy to play and forgiving, yet hard to master. Now its all the opposite. Its boring, unforgiving and grindy. The game has developed from 8-9 out of 10 to 3-4 out of ten. I agree on the above reviews. Its a poor game now.
  4. All levels should be cheaper. We need this game to be living. All kind of players should have access to the game. Not only the hard core guys. Before any player could advance and build his own lineships. Now this is almost impossible. It shouldnt be like that.
  5. The most frustrating part is that this game had everything you could dream off in february - march 2016. Since then every single patch has been a step in the wrong direction. We had a large, living community and A LOT of fighting. Some you lost and some you won. But there where a lot of PvP on the PvP server. What happened was that a group of players wasnt satisfied with the game rules. They wanted more realism like fewer lineships (not realistic btw), shorter joining timers in battles, hard road to Port Battles (where this game shines), exclusivenes for major clans a hard economy and a lot of grinding. They wanted you to be like them. But most players arent like them. They are like us. We like to use some hours on fun stuff at night and have another real life as well. Hence we like the fun part but not all the grinding part. NA gave us that until march 2016. We had 2000 online - x-tra servers was needed and fighting all over the place. Only thing that has improved is parts of the combat model but thats about it. The rest has been a party-killer.
  6. Good PvP is easy access to large battles with a lot of warships in it. I remember when there was a game called Naval Action that provided this thing. Its long time ago now, so PvP is something I find in other wargames like shooters or tactical games like CoH2, Steel Division or similar. PvP is best when odds are even but not always. Sometimes a good fight is ok if its even and you loose. Bad PvP is when you loose something that takes too much time to recover. I lost my trading ship after the new patch and the road in NA ended for me. Sometimes I log in but the road to a large fleet battle in a lineship is simply too long and frustrating, so my ship usually never really goes to open waters. I have the game NA on the pc still but never really plays it anymore. Too boring.
  7. If port battles where easy to join and line ships a bit cheaper, Port Battles could be for everyone... How about that?
  8. You forget to mention this cool feature is only for the few guys in big clans and players that has invested loooong time in preparation. Others can forget about it.
  9. Forget it. I stopped playing when I lost my trading ship and had to grind pve ships. I simply didnt have the time to be bored in my sparetime. I don't have the patience to collect 2-300.000 gold in a cutter in order to equip a frigate class ship with guns. Sry m8. Other games give me more fun. Besides this games reviews are so bad that it's an offensive to have it on steam sales. These kind of unfinished and boring games shouldnt be on steam at all imho.
  10. +1
  11. Yes. I can't risk a single pvp now. Very funny. Great game (not).
  12. PvP server has turned into pve farming trading server. How come?
  13. Depends on how the zones are placed and how the wind is. If you place your ships but don't know where the wind is blowing from, this would add to replayability.