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  1. And what about single players that likes to sail in SOLs? Clans should be a social thing only and not a demand to play. iMHO.
  2. Last time I joined a port battle I got half the community on my neck. I used a second rate and took someone else's place, they said. It's such a toxic environment. That aside many players complain over little action, much sailing around and long grinding times.
  3. I do realise that clans like to have some things for themselves. I do not accept that what the clans have is only for clans. Good gameplay must be for all. Thats about it.
  4. Thats why we need some good stuff for those who like the game but doesnt fit into the RvR-world. We are many more than you think. I would never play a game where I cant use all the content.
  5. So I left a battle a year ago. Hmmm. Well maybe something happened in real life? Maybe we needed to leave battle in order to help someone else? No idea. But again. Imagine a game where I don't have to act in a special social way in order to have what I pay for. Like in ANY other game than this. Here some content (which I paid for) isn't for all. It makes no sence. If I knew I had to please a small community and act in certain ways, I would have thought twice before bying the game. It didn't say that 3rd party software and social codes was needed when I paid this mediocre game on Steam.
  6. Hmmm. Thats plain nuts. I'm talking about mechanisms that the RvR community doesn't like. You tried to control other players and made alliances on your own. Those who attacked you friends got rogue status. So after making a clan who chosed to actually fight on the enemies of own choosing, you tried to put me in a bad light. Just becourse we attacked your TS friends from other nations as the French. I have never really left anyone to die in a battle. The opposite has pretty much been the case though. I remember loosing a Victory as I tried to help DANVE clan. They just left and accused me of being a spy. Very mature behaviour. But again. Obviously a game that base itself on RvR is not working as rumors can isolate players. The whole idea that TS is needed to fight organized is not necessarily the case by the way. Maybe the battles I'm looking for more chaotic in your eyes but why on earth should I be part of your role-playing mombo-jumbo just to actually see big battles. That I don't get. Please make some good stuff for us casuals that does not meet the elites demands for how and when to play. Place the RvR where it belongs and not as core mechanism for large battle. Read what Analytics just wrote. As a customer I have to come to me knees and beg for mercy to the ruling guys. In other games I simply just press point and enter a battle. We need a good game independent on the leading clans. It is that simple. Oh. And the rumor stuff.... Have you at any point been in a battle where I fled the field? Do you have any witnesses on such a thing? Any YouTube cuts? Reports? No. Such material does not exist. Maybe you should stay on topic m8.
  7. When they cut joining timers, players dropped from 2000 online to 3-500. It's a fact. Why? The OW got dull and empty. Instead if having a fight (naval action, right?), this line came up: "Battle is closed" Uhmm. This means that someone is having a lot fun, but you can't participate. This seems to be pretty much the setup with a game which gameplay rely solely on TS RvR. It's a horrible setup. TS should be candy on top of the cake not a core mechanism to have some naval battles as one should expect in a game like this. The problem is that the players in here are usually veterans and think it's ok with a lot of restrictions that put their RvR in front of common players that simply don't understand anything at all. (Not in the elite club). 90% never makes it pass Ceberus level. This must be a matter of concern, no?
  8. Been there done that. The nation chat is dead. I can muster max 2-3 players at La Navasse. And only by waaaaiting for a loooong time. No one goes pvp unless PBs these days. Face it. For casuals this is a dead fish.
  9. We still need more easy access to the action in OW. Maybe some kind of a Trafalgar place... PB is too long waiting and too heavy and only for elite-players. I'm not talking about dropping PB just that the rest of us can experience the fun in large battles as well.
  10. If tagging is dependent on BR then there shouldn't be any time-limits on reinforcing battles. We need open battles!
  11. This could be the case IF the game in other ways tried to ensure some pvp in easy ways. I'm not talking Vernon Merril hunting a trader that can't be reinforced but real battles. Action. Fun. It's not the case. Instead they are tumbling around with patches that means little or nothing to gameplay. My personal experience is that this game lost much if it's fun once you couldn't enter battles anymore. We had cheap, expendable ships that sometimes where lost. But at least we saw plenty of action and pvp. Now we have expensive gold ships and too much caution. It's dull. PBs are only for the small amount of players, the elite, while the rest can go sail their own waters. Please tell me how I can get into a large battle within reasonable time with my 1st rate that I finally can manufacture after a year of gameplay? Please tell me how to reinforce my friends in battles? It's things like this that pisses customers off. And the only answer is that I play the wrong game or that we have too many SOLs or that we need one dura ships or that this isn't a MOBA. You are on a very wrong path that will lead to an empty OW and a dead game soon. Man. We are already talking NA2. With good reason.
  12. Weird thing is that you dont really listen to the community. In my clan players are saying that they left the game when timers got cut for ROE. Please bring them back up. The game is boring now. You make it too nerdy. We need battles. This can not be stated enough. The largest sum of players are not into PBs with TS. They are casuals. But you dont care about them. You make things more and more restricted and tough. All you talk is some very narrow changes but you forgot the broad aim. All you do is to change som smaller stuff like perks or slots. WE NEED SOME FUN! Waiting for things are not fun. This is a game with no idea nor progress. What is your aim? Just asking...
  13. If a line ship can fire from distance chance is that its getting raked by frigate is small
  14. You sounds like I am something terrible. I just have a different opinion on the game. Sandbox is not to make a lot of restrictions on others like you want. If you don't like a SOL, don't sail one. It's kind of simple, isn't it. But why am I prohibited from doing this. Maybe we should make a limit on pirates to 4-7 captains like in real life. It's so annoying with all these pirates.
  15. Longer ROE joining timers also. We need more battles and more action. Cons to your idea is that frugates gets huge advantage versus line ships and that boarding is going to even worse than now. Ships in line please.