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  1. In a game without SOLs and rules that favour the lonely pirate hunter, I really can't follow this weird discussion. The game you play now will die out after wipe... Many players are giving up on this project as it causes a lot of frustration. Ask yourself if this kind of gaming are worth the effort instead. Next wipe, next patch....
  2. No. Trade is. Once you find a lucrative market, you earn very easy money. Like 2 mio in half an hour...
  3. And what about the fact that an equal amount of SOLs and frigates existed during Napoleonic age?
  4. I can See you added Denmark-Norway to your empire. A bit misleading don't you think?
  5. Ill tempered not insane. I will never purchase an unfinished game again. I have seen a fun game developed itself into a boring closed RvR club for a few hardcores.
  6. I think many of us have posted countless of suggestions to change the game in a positive and fun direction. Much have been stopped by hardcores. Combat is somewhat ok. The rest is boring unless you are controlling RvR on TS. PC games have to be entertaining. This is a hobby more than a game where the club consists of players with A LOT of sparetime. More and more stuff in game is for hard cores that love restrictions. No first rates. No open battles. No action. No duras. No no no. Yet I hear complaints on a dying player base. Guess we like to hear yes instead of no... It's 2017 not USSR in 1935.
  7. Maybe not. But good and entertaining gameplay is still needed.... It's an unfinished product and has been so for more than a year. Many changes have been for the worse. Furthermore it's an Alpha version and that apparently means that developers can tread their customers like crap. Uninstalling could save the majority for a great deal of frustration...
  8. No wonder players are reluctant to join an unfinished game that nullify your efforts all the time. Next time it would be better to make a closed Alpha with a small hardcore group instead of this crowdfunding project that leads to.... nowhere?
  9. So you think this confusing dev team will ever move it to anything near Beta?
  10. Madness. This game is going down the drain. I want refund!
  11. Why not redraw the game? I want a refund. This is not the product you was advertising for!
  12. I have finally reached a state where I theoretically can use my 1 st rates again. I have used many, many hours to build ships and rearm myself after servers losses versus pirates. I have used many, many hours in boring trading and have finally purchased a Lorient. And now you are saying that all this was in vain? Also this weird zig-sagging between opinions. Don't you devs have any yourself? Last week we should have 3 duras on 1st rates. This week all ships will be lost and only one dura. Count minus one player. Bye, bye.
  13. I think the game should be real time with real economics. Have fun!