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  1. Could also be they want to prevent people from using heavy undercrewed ships in their fleets, to prevent tags, or to be able to tag. And possibly so the alts can't crew a cerb and enter and insta leave a PB at ensign level. As they usualy delete their character after they got "busted".
  2. To be fair, I think its a good thing. I have seen too many way undercrewed ships the last couple of weeks. Month ago or so I was in battle and we engaged some pirates idk, and I hadn't noticed a guy on our side sailed a vic as master and commander or so. So we started engaging a buc, and the buc was nearly down when he just boarded the guy in his undercrewed vic in one round. So we were one vic down, and the other guy just had a fresh vic to start over again. I don't blame the guy, I'm sure he didn't want to lose his vic, but in a battle you can't have people showing up undercrewing a ship at 1/3 of the needed crew or so , that just a worthless ship. Do wonder if you manage to escape a battle where you got severely stern raked, and you TP to friendly port, and you got no rum nor money to up the crew to above the requirement, what are you supposed to do then? Sell the ship and buy a cutter?
  3. I would have imagined that crafted ships would carry the wood type & trim in yellow, which gave a bigger boost then grey specs. But that would still not be enough of a difference to make crafted ships worth buying at multiple times the NPC price. Give crafted ship a RNG figurehead
  4. What exactly is the current situation on the testbed that higher quality NPC ships should be required?
  5. I think as an individual player, you should just make sure you use your starting cash for a steady source of income. Oak, hemp, iron and coal give you a flexible starting resource. With cannons, hull repairs, carriages, and possible other stuff you can sell at profit. You can sell your extra LH's. The individuals can team up to do some mission grinding for extra cash. And if you have a succesfull PvP battle, I usualy find that it pays nicely. Individuals will have the time to progress at their own pace, buy an exta outpost whenever it suits them. They can pick their battles. Long Cargo haulls are just going to be the easiest way to make allot of cash, its not going to be the requirement to make money. Clans will be the ones that are going to be struggeling, cause they'll be the ones racing to get the biggest ships out. They'll be the ones who have to show up to screen a PB and possibly lose a couple of ships. They'll be putting every piece of gold in their progress untill they are fully equiped. I'm kinda excited to see what it will bring. I predict a couple of days after the wipe someone will have found an easy way (or the easiest way) to make cash. Wouldn't be to worried. Those running alts are going to be best off again.
  6. These people writing "reviews" in one sentence, jeez. Doesn't even know what the actual meaning of a scam is. To be fair, the steam review system is just plain bad, it should have a score system. With a big list of say 10 features and you score them from 1 to 10. Gameplay, Sound, graphics, community, development, amount of bugs, performance, etc. not just "Postive" and "Negative". Thats like saying the game is either Realy good or Realy bad. When you go out to eat food, and its not realy what you imagined it to be but its still prety acceptable, you will be more likely to not recommend it to friends.
  7. Well, the thing is if you are rear admiral and you go out in say a surprise, you can "top up" your crew with the "reserve" you have. So you max out your crew with medkits in port, and outside of battle you could refill the crew. And you use rum only in the battle instance. Because with rum I imagine you can only top of the crew on your ship, till you reach the max crew for your ship. So you can't refill crew to 1100 unless you sail a l'ocean. You can do it by buying crew at 500 a piece, but thats not a good idea. Unless the devs want to intentionaly make it hard for players to maintain a long hunting trip in enemy waters. I think medkits would be very valuable. But its the same mechanic for everybody, so its fair.
  8. So small, medium and large medkits are no longer in the game then?
  9. Isn't rum to use in the battle instance, and then medkits small, medium, large, to replenish crew? I think i tried to use medkits in port (patch 2),and I didn't seem to be able to?
  10. Lol, the best one from valve is "...any minute now" ... actual release ... "5 days later" :-D briliant. Who kept track of that.
  11. Unless the amount of rum I get is enough for me to be KO, I would still be shouting when they saw my leg off.
  12. They don't realy revive dead crew, they just bring back "wounded" crew. They basicaly got knocked out or had a big wound, and the drink some rum, bandage the wound and they have the courage to continue. Possibly the rum might have enough alcohol to disinfect wounds, i don't know.
  13. Or like a ship log, I wonder if thats easy to code. Like you cap a ship and you can look at the battle history, and how old it is etc. Crafted by X on X at X, participated in X battles, got capped 2 x times by France, 1 time by Pirates. Sank X AI and X players. Was Owned by:.... After all captains kept a log book of their journeys, so would be realstic.
  14. If you're out and about in group, you can have someone tag along in a fast LGV with some repairs etc. Would kinda promote teamplay allot.
  15. Wouldn't it be cool to have a feature to swap cargo with your mates in battle isntance after your battle ends? Bit like you do now ingame with the capped ships, but then more like the in port trading (so you can't steal from your mate). Sail up next to eachother and trade goods?