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  1. He is just REALY REALY good at his job, give that man an extra ration of rum! Good idea on this, but should be easy to use in battle.
  2. I think one dura ships would be the fine woods 2.0. Like fine woods it sounds good on paper but when put in place it just turns out to be sucking the fun out of the game. If all ships are one dura, that means that capping has become even more profitable as you don't end up with a throw away ship, there will be less actual battles and more boarding. Which is a mechanic that doesn't work like it should. You will need to move more ships around which also takes plenty of time/money. You'll need to increase your dock size. If ships stats are the only advantage crafted ships have over NPC or Basic ships, as upgrade slots are out of the picture, people will be even more encouraged to go out in cheap NPC ships. Also with one dura ships, capped ships can now also be sold in the shops. Maybe resulting in people making it a business to gank ships and sell them for easy money, while at the same time putting the market prices under pressure for craftes who'll need to sell with little to no profit. I also don't know how much different ships this server can handle. Cause if you basicly split the ship dura's you'll end up with maybe 4 times the amount of ships we have now. I think dura's are here to keep the frustration of people at a minimum, i'm not talking about SoL's here, but just like 5th rates and stuff which are probably most used in PvP. Nobody minds losing a ship when its a fair fight, and you had a reasonable chance from the start. Its just when someone screws up, or fellow captains abandone your battle, or you get DC'd, or you just get in a massive gank, these are all things that would frustrate you even more when you would have to spawn at friendly port, buy an NPC ship and go back out, or sail back to your outpost to get the ship you want. Instead of just losing a dura on your surprise and go on with the other 4 dura. Because of all these frustrating things that can happen in a fight making the win loss depend on different factors then your skill, its just better to have an extra dura to not make you rage quit. I think if they would make it 2 dura for first rates, people would also be less eager to take them out of harbour as they're more valuable with that extra dura, specialy for PB's. Although I know its much more satisfying to cap or sink a one dura ship, as the victory is sweater. I think it just doesn't weigh up to the negatives. There's no point in having 5 one dura ships instead of one 5 dura ship in my opinion.
  3. Allright, played the testbed yesterday. Flag cap fleet missions in the Vic (I know easy mode). First missions nothing out of the ordinary felt like the damage output has increased, but might be just me thinking that or the other ships being fir, dunno. Second mission I had no less then 4 AI ships (out of 16 or so) fireshock and explode?? They still had plenty of crew to put the fire out, but somehow they just went into fireshock. It was a funny sight, especialy if the AI flocks around it like seaguls on a piece of bread. Bought myself a "Bowfigure - Whale", perma upgrade, gives 5% pump bailing which I found to be funny. Does not change the actual bow figure, as expected. Sorry if this is allready been posted elsewhere in this thread. I probably did something wrong, but I couldn't join any of the PvE Events (demast, kill,...) I thought it was supposed to give you the ship so it would be skill based only not who has the best ship? All in all so far I like the new stuff, admiralty store is great, would be fun if there would be a bit of rotation in the stuff you can buy. Maybe make some stuff exclusive to some capitals. With the PvE to PvP exchange rate, its allot more profitable to do PvP, 10 PvE points give one PvP point I believe.
  4. They'll all say trading, and allot of people have these "secret" trade runs they do, you know as short as possible with as high return as possible, but I don't need money so I don't bother with doing any of that, but some people will let you in on their secret, ask around. There is a nice trader tool in the game now, the data is not accurate on it (price and stockwise) but you can use it to see where they produce and consume certain stuff and go by that. If you don't want to do trade stuff, I would recommend capping 1st rates in a mission (gives about 300 -350k I believe) or capping AI traders, they usualy carry around 60k, but sometimes you can be lucky and get 150k or so, sometimes only 20k. If you're into crafting, you can craft ships and sell em, still gives a nice profit. Compass wood is also in high demand, so if you put up a forest and sell your compass wood off, you should be making some money too. A couple of months ago we all sold a resource called "Fine woods" (like fine fir, fine oak, etc...) for a ton of money (like 40-50k a piece, making a couple of millions), it was a resource introduced in the game to slow down crafting but it kinda killed the game, so the devs removed it and made us all sell it. So as a result everybody has a ton of money, and prices are rather high.
  5. There are still regular missions, single missions or fleet missions, you can however no longer take missions in the capital area. You can take missions for every region in the game friendly or enemy (except capital area's) from any port on the map you can enter. The missions always count towards hostility in the region, it will lower it on mission succes in a friendly area or raise hostility on mission succes in an enemy area, losing will be in favour of the enemy. You can still TP ships after capping them, you can cap AI ships up to 4th rates. SoL's can be capped but only give money, not the ship. However a new "Towing" system is in place allowing ships to be towed from outpost to outpost, they arrive at their destination at server maintenance. There are no changes in boarding I believe, at least nothing significant I believe.
  6. True, I don't get why it should be murdering the game. On top of that instead of having 3 ships with 1 dura, you'll have 1 ship with 3 dura. Meaning actualy less 1st rates in quantity in the game. Like admin said, the less experienced or the casual captains will now feel more comfortable sailing their SoL around making them stick around for longer hopefully. I can imagine a captain scraping together every piece of gold to finaly sail a Victory and having it sunk in the first mission or battle he does with it. Its the game I know, you lose ships, but chances are prety big that this guy will just deinstall the game and move on. Don't get what difference it would make for the hardcore gamers who have allot of spare 1st rates, altough I'll sure miss the pleasure of sinking a 1st rate knowing its a perma loss for the other guy. Also, SoL's are fun, even with 3 dura 1st rates we'll still be sailing 5th rates in OW for the biggest part we're not all sailing bellona's right... The rest of the stuff looks realy good too.
  7. The problem is that, especialy with this low amount of players, that all allies know eacother so wel and do so much stuff together that splitting up alliances atm would be like splitting up a nation, its like a bunch of friends, you can't force em to fight eachother. I agree that it gets a bit monotone to fight the same enemies over the same ports etc... but it would probably frustrate people to be forced to work together and share stuff with someone they have been fighting (and maybe hating) for nearly a year. I honestly don't see a realy good solution to any of these problems. Would be better to have an additional goal for nations in this game instead of one porting your enemy, maybe use victory point of some sorts and keep a score. Like capping regions etc give you points, PvP kills give points, etc... so if stuff isn't working in the PB part of the game you can go out and sink enemies in PvP and still have it count towards RvR. Could counts countries individualy, so it could create a bit of tention and competition amongst allies.
  8. Can we have like an example list of different scenarios and what would be needed to tag them, so we can kinda work out a bit what we'll need to tag certain groups. I'm guessing screening will now be favoured by sending in groups of 25 ships with preferably high BR as they can tag everything but can't be tagged easily by other ships. I would realy like bigger screening battles, would be more fun.
  9. I'm certainly not saying its trolling if it is genuine interest, i'm saying if the system is "unstable" (as in, a small amount of votes can have a big influence on the alliances) its a system that may be victim to people intentionaly breaking up an alliance for their own convenience and not that of the nations. (Like Brits would use alts and stuff to break up alliance between DN and France for example, cause it suits their conquest goals). OP is saying the current mechanic is too slow and changes can not be put trough even with nation wide effort, which is good against the above problem, but should probably still be tuned down a bit to allow national effort to show results on shorter notice.
  10. Allright, I understand. But as alliances have been prety much the same, aside from sweden switching, its probably easier to have a system that makes it easier for a existing alliance to maintain itself, instead of having a system that needs to be maintained regularly by player votes to keep it up. Now one might say, there is not allot of switching as its impossible to switch with this system, but we all know (at least on PvP1) that there is no big demand for switching the alliances up. IRL it would probabl only take one incident and a penstripe to start a war with a nation, but with so many players with different opinions in this game its better to have a stable system that can't easily be affected by "trolls" or just rogue clans/players who just want to destablise an alliance. So thats probably why its so tough to mix things up. They might be better off resetting alliances every 1st of the month for all nations, and then have a new voting round, so mutualy agreed switches by all nations can be coordinated and done in one go. Its a valid argument, but its probably better to troll proof everything in this game.
  11. First I have to congratulate you with the effort you have put into this. I fail to see what you are trying to achieve here. Are you trying to say we shouldn't attempt to mix alliances up cause it will end bad for one or two nations, or that the alliance system works too slow to put changes in the field (Denmark and US desperatly want to "switch" places) into full effect in a reasonable timeframe so we have to change the system?
  12. The price is on the high side for an early acces game, but if you are realy into the age of sail and like realy good battle mechanics with great looking ships, this game will for sure be worth the money. Allot of the players have more then 1000 hours in this game including myself. If you are looking for a fast paced loby game, this is going to be a different experience. The game is not fast pased, but when you're in a good battle what feels like 10 minutes will actualy be 1.5 hours. Its great fun. As far as PvE goes, like mentioned by Nelson Hornblower, you can do PvE on the PvP server. If you pick out a quiet area of the map to put up an outpost you might be allright and only rarely bothered by a real player who attacks you or joins one of your missions. The map is realy big (would estimate about 2-3 real life hours maybe to sail from one end to the other). If you want to avoid any PvP I would recommend you start out on the PvE server, where players can't attack or bother eachother. You can sail around with friends or other players, and do missions together against AI ships. You can choose the difficulty of a mission, and you have an option to fight a fleet of enemies accompanied by a fleet of friendly AI ships to help you. This can go from a 2vs2 to maybe even a 12vs12 battle when doing one solo. You can also attack AI fleets sailing around in the OW, they are of different sizes, there are also some other special events you can join. Missions and fleets work the same on both the PvE and the PvP servers. You can buy resources or put up production buildings in ports to create goods you can sell or use to craft your own ships. You can buy cheap NPC crafted ships, or buy player crafted (better quality) ships. The good thing about the three servers (PvP1 EU, PvP2 US, and the PvE server) is that you can have a character on each one of them and they share your XP & Rank (No assets like ships, gold, upgrades, etc...). So you can play the PvE server where you rank up easily, and then switch to the PvP server occasionaly if you want to try some PvP with the same rank you have on the PvE server. The RvR aspect on the PvP server, is allot of fun, it comes with the regular doses of salt and boasting, but thats how you know people take this game seriously. Port Battles are the end game gameplay you want to end up in, its a massive 25vs25 battle. Its an effort that involves nearly all able captains of both alliances in an attempt to steal/defend a region from the enemy. I'm prety sure you won't regret buying this.
  13. Even if you force two nations to be enemies by excluding them from an alliance, if they don't want to fight eachother its almost the same as being allied. It'll be just like before alliances, one nation screening for their allies and vice versa. If you would force dutch and brit to not be allied, they would probably still treat eachother as allies, maybe aside from some rogue clans/members. Unless you motivate two nations to fight eachoter, you can go around forcing alliance breakups by limiting the number of alliances, it will just change nothing in the field and will only cause more frustration. Its probably easier to balance the alliances by motivating new players to join the less populated factions. Maybe make it easier for players/clans to swap nations (in regards of BP loss).
  14. Allright, cheers for the info guys. Kinda happy its not the 17th century wasa.
  15. Allright thanks, was just googeling it and it just felt like a weird ship to have in the game. Guess we'll just find out.