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  1. Sure, but I think like with my clan about 80% of the people not having logged on in weeks/months, only +-3 active officers. Its probably a good idea to undo all clans so all clans are sure to start with active members. On the other hand, some people might rush to "claim" some famous clan names just to screw with those guys. And nobody would ever know who did it. Might be better to leave it as is then.
  2. I'm prety sure they mean everybody who bought the game and created a character before final release. So you'll most probably get one.
  3. Would be a good idea to wipe all clans so nations can "reorganise" better afterwards. Will be plenty of new people and people comming back I imagine, possible some nation switches maybe.
  4. Nice to have that info. As sruPL is pointing out activity will drop before patch as crafting and RvR will be pointless. So shouldn't we come up with some "activities" (genre small battle challenge) to keep it fun and interesting between now and the 19th? We all got plenty of ships and gold and stuff to get rid off before the 19th. Any ideas?
  5. Sometimes its worth considering to fight the oponent right from the start instead of running away from him and eventualy having to fight him with 30% of your sails gone and no sail repair left. They usualy won't expect it and their ships will probably be speed fitted and cedar wood if they are realy out to hunt traders. If they start going for your sails, and you start going for their hull there is a chance at one point the guy will have to change tactics to avoid getting sunk. I think many battles have been lost that could have been won if they would fight from the start instead of running away and having to fight with a massive handicap in the end.
  6. Well its cool to fight with carro's again, I found out yesterday I still need to perfect my aiming with it after not having shot one in a long time. But its great fun. I think longs are favourable over carro's towards the second half of the match where things get spread out a bit. But did do better with my carro's on yesterday.
  7. Well I'm the optimistic type ....:)
  8. I was actualy talking about the special rare ship they are going to give out to all the EA testers upon release. If they do it like they do with redeemables now, we just all get the same ship and its not realy special. If they would do it this way everyone can make the ship they always wanted and from week one the playing field would be much more varied. For the regular ships and stuff I understand the mechanics, and it'll be great fun to actualy benefit from sailing the same ship over a longer period of time. However i fear it might be possible that we will sail the more popular ships even more and the less popular ones even less. But we'll see.
  9. Well, as i was forced smack in the middle of a group of carro fitted essexes early on in the game which nearly sank me, I had to keep the distance for the rest of the game. So all in all it was not a bad choice having longs fitted. Will bring carro's next time tho.
  10. Cheers Liquicity for the great effort in organising all this, first time I joined yesterday was great fun! Sadly I didn't knew it was going to be all carro's. Little note, I'm in the ROYAL clan and not the AHOY clan tho.
  11. Can't we have like a craft note where you can select any ship type you want and any wood, type, fitting, bonus you want and just push craft to insta craft it? So we don't all have the same ship with the same set up. Just an idea.
  12. The biggest thing to tackle is manual sailing, i would recommend grinding XP till you can fully crew a surprise and use that ship to do some PvP. Its a good ship to learn to manual sail, its very forgiving if you screw up, it has nice firepower vs other 5th rates, its a good sailing ship and the favourite of many. You can buy cheap NPC ones everywhere. Its by sinking your ships allot that you learn the most, don't be afraid to sink or get capped. Don't use gold ones until you are confident enough to keep it affloat in sticky situations. For missions I recommend sticking carro's on, they reload faster and do more damage, but has less range/accuracy, but the AI Tends to get close anyways. For PvP always use longs.
  13. I agree, kinda. I'm not a sailing expert at all, but wasn't ship speed more a thing like how fast it could go without breaking stuff (masts, rigings, sails), and not just a max number. So we could assume that an experienced captain would know better what his ship could take without breaking stuff, thus making it faster then an inexperienced captain who is running on absolute safe mode, the same might be true for manouvering. So some difference in speed would probably not be totaly unlogical, but not like the differences we have now (like several knots difference). I also think they should remove wood options like fir and cedar for SoL's, as they build these mainly for toughness not speed. Although for the sake of gameplay its fun to fight eachother with ships that have different specs.
  14. I have played this game for over a year and like many here have been closely watching the development and have played almost daily. First off, the combat mechanics are spot on perfect (only the boarding needs a rework but the devs are working on this), I couldn't imagine the battle mechanics to be any better. Its slow but not too slow, its tactical one mistake can make the difference in outcome, its just one thing we all agree on its awesome. The ship details, the smoke, crew sounds, etc... for me its spot on, and its the backbone of the game so thats definitely sorted. Now the biggest challenge for the dev team is that they had no games to look at in terms of do's and don'ts, Survival games, FPS games, Racing games, they all have plenty of examples of what was succesfull and why, and what became a huge failure and why. So on this the devs had to realy use trial and error, as some of the ideas put forward both by the devs and the players sounded good on paper but in the end turned out to be killing the fun once implemented. Now they solved that recently by opening a testbed server, where new patches are tested and well discussed and when they are spot on they will be implemented on the main server. So people saying that there is no progress since beginning of this year are not playing the testbed server or just don't know about the testbed server. What also caused some problems is the open development and communication used by the devs, the devs used to be out there and going into discussions with the players why a certain feature was implemented etc. and in some situations it kinda blew up in their face. Part of that I also blame on English not being their native language, dispite being realy good at writing in English, some things probably were phrased a bit more agressive then they intended it to be. In some situations information was mis interpreted and kinda started living its own life, people said there would be a shipwipe soon, or there would be premium ships, and pay 2 play stuff, which I have never seen written down as being a fact. Because the genre is so unique, it attracts both age of sail fanatics for whom it can't be historicaly accurate enough, and then we have the people who are realy into RvR stuff and they want to keep the gameplay fast and streamlined. These are a bit the two extremes you can find in this game and one new feature favours the one side, another new feature favours the other side and it often causes a bit of frustration. To conclude its a great game with a ton of potential, and the devs will get the game where they want it to be. The playerbase is slowly rising again and with the stuff i have seen in the testbed I'm sure it will continue in the same direction. EDIT: If you like I (or we) can go in debth as to what the current "workpoints" should be from a player perspective, but it would probably require you to have played the game to explain it in a way that is more or less understandable for you.
  15. Well, we used to have these in the early OW days. But I think they only tagged +- equal BR.