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  1. Sound like they need a Plan B for the server...
  2. Pressing F5 will also cut the gunnery crew requirements in half, say it was 200 for both broadsides and you got 160 crew (so it show gunnery 160/200), if you press F5 to lock a broaside it will change this to (160/100) at which point the "extra" 60 crew will spread to sailing (if activated) and afterwards to boarding (even when not active) so it shows 100/100 on gunnery might show 80/80 on sails and 30/0 on boarding. This is handy when for instance in a lineship you know you won't be shooting your left broadside for a long time (linefights), you disable the left side and it will put the extra crew in sailing which makes you more manouverable. Do take in mind that it takes time for your crew to 'restation" to the gunnery department when you open the broadside up again. Correct me if i'm wrong on this, its since pre wipe I checked this.
  3. The Conquest Marks are not ideal cause once the lines are drawn for a nation, and you don't have any lordship in any of the regions, and this continious for multiple weeks of status quo (like we have had on the EU server with some nations) the game starts to feel boring realy realy fast. And like I have seen on the British nation, when the opportunity occurs to have a PB, even this was an arranged port activation, you have every man and his horse show up to enter. Imagine if Brits would attack, even if we would have a full PB fleet, some people will just rush in cause they smell conquest marks even if they don't have a PB ship. You can't deny them the entry, its the game, you can enter nothing against the rules there. But it rather feels like its every man for himself and not all for one, one for all. Which ads to the state british are in. I say remove conquest marks and replace them with PvP marks, give PvP marks according to the BR of the ship you sunk, for instance 140PvP marks for a surprise, 250 for indefatigable. And increase admiralty prices accordingly. The Lord Protector gives a daily PvP marks "pension" instead of conquest marks. If (like with crew) the amount of mounted cannons on the ship are also translated to the BR rating of a ship (no cannons = nearly no BR), alt farming or just mutual agreements of PvP farming will be unprofitable in the long run. This mechanic will create more OW PvP, nations who are legging behind in the armsrace can go out and hunt in enemy waters to get more PvP marks to close the gap. The better captains (not those in the biggest clan) will be those getting the most PvP marks, and the easiest acces to bigger ships. You'll never have the feeling that your with your back against the walls cause you can't match anything the enemy brings.
  4. pvp eu

    We had to go out and fight cause we, unlike every other nation, had no coal to even put long guns on our ships. The British nation started out with a handicap from the very beginning and we never recovered from that. You can organise a 3rd class football team as good as you want, if you're up against Real Madrid its going to be the same end result every time. We simply don't have the CM, nor the ships to be of any challenge at the moment. If you guys want to settle an old score thats fine, but I think the guys you want to settle a score with are on the global server mate.
  5. pvp eu

    We don't even have a full 4th rate port battle fleet, I don't know what you guys want to get out of this "war", but if its good fights and glorious victories I have bad news for you. Have fun sinking every 5th rate on your way to KPR.
  6. I can imagine if there is profit to be a made a pirate would have sold his own mother.
  7. Let trading between different nations only be possible in freeports?
  8. All it needs is maybe a better indicator as to what fire mode you are in, maybe collor code it.
  9. Would just be a matter of time before people get falsly listed as "unfaithfull traders".
  10. If you trade, don't trade with people you have never seen around on the national chat etc. Be extra suspicious if the guy is low ranked, only joined recently or is not in a clan (but a known clan). Clans don't take these things lightly and if it should happen you get a bad deal and can prove it the clan might be willing to compensate for your loss and the guy will be kicked out of the clan. There are plenty of trustworthy crafters out there, if you want to be realy sure ask to be given something of equal value while he uses your goods to craft. Or ask in global if anyone ever did business with that guy.
  11. I say ditch the PvE marks for a bit more gold, throw out the conquest marks and only use PvP marks. Capping ports gives you X amount of PvP marks (allot more then conquest marks). And instead of giving them the name PvP marks. Use "Reputation Points", as in the admiralty/pirates have taken note of you humble and honourable succes in defeating the enemy and as your reputation has risen you stand a bigger chance of getting a nicer boat/upgrades etc... The current system with pensions is just not the right way to go forward and keep the game interesting for a large group of players for a large amount of time. When you are in a disadvantage there is no real way for a nation to change this quickly. And every day you fail to do this the difference gets bigger and the chances of levelling the field is severely reduced. On top of that it severly reduces the chances of pubbies, or lower ranked clan members to get into a portbattle. Use PvP marks for all matters PvP, OW Battles and PB conquests, and it offers an alternative for nations who are knocked back. At the same time we got rid of the rewards for screeners as they get PvP marks.
  12. If you'e not a 100% confident with your skill level atm, its a better choice to go for the toughest ship available when doing PvE. Tougher ships will be slower, but speed is less important while doing missions or regular PvE as the enemy will always fight you and never run. Traders is another matter tho. You said you bought a snow, this ship has allot of fire power but it has a weak side structure (1450) as compared to say a navybrig (2100). If you manage to get a hold of a White Oak navy brig, it'll have allot higher side structure HP value. This will be much more forgiving to play with, as a mistake is less catastrophic. If you mount carronades on your 6th rate, you'll get a ton of fire power out of a little tough ship. And sinking ships will be allot easier/faster. They are however tricky to get used to, they are very inacurate and you need to be realy close. While on the matter of being close, i think most people i have seen lose a ship (even experiencd ones) are because they got boarded by AI. So always keep your speed above 3,5 knots when close to the enemy. Its tricky when you're running carro's and need to get close, but you should be allright. Also don't forget to sell your PvE marks (if you don't need em), and try to loot the enemy ships when they are sunk. If you would be on PvP EU on the British nation, I'll give you a 6th rate.
  13. I think we should realy get a sort of back up plan for lower levelled players, the game has a prety steep learning curve. And just being reverted to basic cutter grinding a couple of times, having to grind again for a suitable ship an suitable guns, will get old fast and people will eventualy just move on I guess. Insurance will get exploited for sure. Maybe if we ever implement a Tutorial we could give some small reward ships if they complete it. I'm prety sure that even the fact they did a tutorial, and got some basic techniques presented to them they would allready skip a large piece of the learning process and get sunk less often solving part of the problem.
  14. Its just the beauty of this game, matches can be won in so many different ways. One manouver on the right time can just flip the balance in your favour. Its sometimes just being creative with what you have.
  15. Its a very ahistorical scenario to be honest these conquest marks. What do you think spain would actualy have done if spain (just an example) has the biggest fleet in the carribean, they wouldn't be sending more SoL's. Instead the admiralty of the smallest fleet would be writing home to ask for reinforcements. Now those who have nearly no fleet get nearly no extra fleet, and the biggest fleet is just pumping out SoL's like there is no tomorrow.