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  2. Will the tow to port be changed since you dont get ported to regional caps due to pbs but now every port can be a pb?
  3. I did not said that, I said if you want to take part of a portbattle you need to do to much work, people have put in 300 hours to sail there dream ship and then they need to put another 20 to play a portbattle without any problems? no NA legends will be the solution.
  4. One way to help new players to learn econ and trading is they could set up trade missions where it has you go to certain home region ports and set up things like, oak, fir, hemp iron or sugar. Have them ask which mission you want. Than the missions string helps them set up there first two ports. I pick Hull repairs and it tells me I need Iron and Oak. It get to set up Oak in Mort and than it sends me to Little Iguana to set up Iron. I pick Rig Repairs it tells me to set up Fir in Mort and than hemp in Islet. I think those two would make great starter tutorial missions for new players. Remember we get our first permit for an out post for free. Players should start with a small amount of seeded money. Maybe this could be after doing your first mission or two that teaches you how to sail and fight in your ship. Than you have seed money to set up your first two buildings and the ports. Rum is a bit more complicated as it takes 4 items. Though this could be an advance tutorial. I don't know how the resources are set up in other nations but if the Hull and Rig repairs can be down in two ports counting the capital it would make a great tutorial mission for new players to learn about econ set up. Rum takes Fir, Iron, Oak and Sugar so it can be set up as an advance tutorial after some one gains maybe a level or two. As for the TP from freetowns. I would say only if you limit to only keeping trade ships in those ports. As long as you have a war ship in that port you can't TP out of it. You will have to take it back to a friendly port before you can teleport. Other wise it will be abused to much by folks working out of Free Ports attacking other nations. All they have to do is TP back and do there econ and than pick it up and drop it off once a week or something or go fight other fights like port battles. If your in a war ship and need to get back to friendly than you need to do it by sailing the OW. Why would a freetown let you leave a war ship in a freetown? I also think Freetowns should be limited to only 4th rates and below. SOL's should not be allowed to dock up in freetowns. Than again I think one way to limit them also is make it so they can only dock up in SOL ports only. This will limit where some one can keep his SOL's and use them.
  5. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    yea he a troll 1 of 4 that i have on ignore now. And low and behold the forums are now awesome.
  6. Will we be able to cap the reinforcements? :^)
  7. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    This is true but even my Stupid Dog only went in to the someone else yard once that had a dog that was bigger than he was. Granted my dog is all of 5 lbs with a big dog complex, but even he understands his limits.
  8. Do those prices include labour hours?
  9. So you think teamplay is irrelevant in this game?
  10. Why not? I can see it and think that it adds more depth to the game.
  11. En mi casa-clan en el arbol de jardin siempre habrá una camita para mis dos gatitos (Luci y Fer) y para los amiguichis Lobogris y Tiburcio. Seremos una familia unida comercialmente.
  12. Por lo menos tenemos a alguien que traduzca los parches xD
  13. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    AMD Radeon R9 380 v. 17.7.2
  14. You must be thinking of certain former British clans and french clans. We don't have to work out of free towns. Can I remind you who owns a region right next to every major nations capitals right now or at one time and even than still a region close enough to raid said capitals or econ regions of those nations? I do remember seeing your name in the port battle yesterday. So how exactly is that working out for yall? We don't need to work out of a free town when we own a region right next door to you. Why you think we picked that one as the first region to take from the US after several attacks and port battles started by your nation? I think it's funny most of the folks that complained about the TP being removed from Free Towns said, "Pirates should still get TP's so they can raid out of them." Weren't pirates and are the folks we see use them to raid. We don't need Freetowns to raid out of. Back for the post though.... When we go to flip a port we have one person bring a trader full or load up our SOL"S with a lot of repairs. We flip the port and than port into a Freetown for the night or if we own a region close we do that. We drop off all the extra repairs and only bring what we think we need for OW and Port battle fight. Than we return to the port and restock or move that port after reset to our new base of operations and leave the ship in that zone to protect it. I can say if you want to raid out of a Free town than you need to make weekly runs an produce those goods you need to restock. The problem is one person can't make all the repair mods themselves easily. You need Fir, Oak, Hemp, Iron and Sugar. As long as you return every three days you can restock up as you cap out at the port holding limit. Though labor hours max out every other day. Some folks don't want to do this part of the game so we need some other way to get simple supplies and I think the best way to do this is allow ports to seed daily the repairs and not allow them to buy them off players to keep folks from buying them up and saleing them in other ports. But the port shouldn't be able to support a lot of players as to give a reason for you to return and restock up supplies too.
  15. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    psst.... its a game.
  16. Where is the honor? Where's the fun?

    Well I don't find it all that different from EVE - take it with a grain of salt though since I didn't play it that much and it was years ago. In the way that insurance only seemed to matter for T1 ships while it was still a pittance for T2 or higher ones, much like in NA where most ships are inexpensive until you get into the ones requiring combat marks and/or expensive refits to make them viable in PvP. It's very easy to for example mass-produce 15-knot fir renos - and even chuck mediums taken from PvE fights - to get some extremely cheap PvP action. Also in the way that in both games most PvP seems to be done for the fun of it with little hope of making any profit at all, or even break even. More along the lines of making the other guy lose more rather than to gain anything.
  17. indeed, the hole council, official portbattle leaders, and the hole acting school in a nation keeps you from playing a portbattle. and when you play a portbattle where you raised hostility but you are not on teamspeak then you get the hole nation chasing you down and saying you are rogue or an alt account. greets
  18. Поразительная ситуация. Для 3% созданы уникальные возможности. Бесплатные, корабли, бесплатные ремки, куча денег, пвпештесь на здоровье. Но нет, они не играют. Эй, представители 3% можете объяснить почему?
  19. Have all the options listed on the crafting sheet and not as separate cards. Meaning several dropdown lists, one per each component of the ship, structure, planking, rig, extra 1, extra 2, extra 3, crew contract, etc. Calculate final requirements of crafting according to options. Done. Everyone has a go at it. No more forcing pve because it is almost the only way to get those.
  20. New ships 2.0

    I want to see Dutch and Danish ships added. Diversity is always good.
  21. Your better off its them and not me. I would be 180 degrees in the other direction. While you would be spending your time trying to teach me how to bring a proper fleet I would be doing my own training session. I'd call for each of those 25 USA players to cap free frigate of the OW each day. I'd flip that port every other day and suicide that crap into one or two first rates until you managed to sink them all. Rinse and repeat till you gave up the port or brought less of a Death Star fleet 😋
  22. Personally I'd love if they got rid of mods and skill books completely. Let the ship, wood type, and cannons you chose and your skill determine your outcome. Edit: although it's just me. I have a friend who plays this game who prefers POTBS combat bc the skills make it more unpredictable whereas I hate all the buffs/debuffs, etc of POTBS
  23. I know they mentioned OW couldn't be done, but they haven't mention anything about Port Battles between clans or nations in the this current post. It would be nice to know if that is still on the table or not. One thing they should do if they keep the smuggler flag is go back to doing what they had before when we had Pirate vs Pirate before. Make it that any one can attack a player with a Smuggler flag on. It basically turns you into a pirate char and than make pirates perm smuggler since most of us leave it perm on any way. Just keep the restrictions of using it to trade ships only. This way if you see a known spy/traitor coming back from meeting with his other nation alt or what not and has a smuggler flag on, you can attack him even though he's your own nation. I think cross nation clan alliances would actually be bad. The only way I can see it working is by turning Pirates into a Privateer faction and make them very much like Mercs in MWO. Where clans can take out contracts (Letter of Marques) with a nation and fight for them. I think they are currently one week or month long contracts. Haven't played in a while, but you know that clan has a contract for that set time. When it's up they can easly switch to another nation. Clans and solo players without LoM will be your traditional Pirates/Outlaws. This way removing pirates from RvR system unless they are acting as Privateers for a nation. While they are under that LoM a National Clan can add them to there "Friends" list so they can join and help with port battles. If you are not acting as a privateer than you get to work out of Freetowns, Neutral ports and Pirate Havens (perm pirate ports that can't be captured spread all over the map).
  24. The game is very lacking in offering information to traders w.r.t. player needs. Campaigning in enemy waters should be expensive, but in no way crippling someone from playing the game. Currently I'm also on the US coast with very little repairs. I could put up a buy contract, but chances of it being filled are very low. Even if I put up a fair price. On the other hand, it is very easy to craft repairs and very good income for (low level) players. So first the game should provide better information on player contracts outstanding. Second I think avatar TP from Free Towns is must. You should not get stuck somewhere where you can no longer provide to action. You should be able to get back to a place where you can.
  25. Where is the honor? Where's the fun?

    He is often surprised by many things that he is supposedly paying attention to. PVP currently is boring, there is no real pay out for losing, running and even really winning. Even in EVE if you lose, and you have your ship insured you will at least get something back for losing. It still sucks but you dont go insta broke for losing a ship. Here if a ship is sunk and you fought back you get NOTHING for losing. The winner barely breaks even and no one really comes out on top. It is like the game punishes you for fighting other players. Then when we add in the fact there is no surrender with terms function in game. So I cant just give the ship back to the person I just beat if they surrendered it to me. Sometimes I dont want the ship, I just want the cargo.
  26. Well the fix is easy. Only let one ally for each nation and make the rule that the 2-3 bigger nations cant get an alliance. But it is clear to me that small nations need some help in RvR, if not they will be always dead natons.
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