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  2. Captain's Chest bug ?

    I'm not sure if it's a bug or just poor coding. Either way it's really annoying.
  3. Polska nacja w grze!

    Haha, k***a nie wierzę... Mamy rzucić ważne port bitwy a najlepiej wszystko, żeby ubić paru anty-polaczków. No bo duże bitki są fajne, hahahaha Hahahaha, jak to niektórzy wczoraj mówili "Może w końcu warto nauczyć się grać" I takie odpowiedzi szanuje, czarno na białym. Chcemy was napierniczać bo jesteście słabą nacją, a Szwedzi są mocni bo mają ch****e ułożenie wysp. Bart, przenosimy się na bahamy tam jest jeszcze bardziej ch****e ułożenie wysp. Będziemy niepokonaną nacją! Proponuję zrobić jakąś gablotę na POST TYGODNIA albo POST MIESIĄCA.
  4. les EDR ont pris une décision funeste

    C'est toi qui es à la ramasse, le tribunal sanctionne les comportements in game, pas les propos injurieux de tes collègues. Qui fait preuve de malhonnêteté dans l'histoire? Au moins, ce nouveau fait d'armes de membres EDR ne fait que confirmer mes précédents propos...la plus grosse escroquerie de la nation FR. Allez je retourne dans mon trou, jusqu'à la prochaine sortie de route des EDR. Suis confiant, vous semblez bien lancés lol
  5. les EDR ont pris une décision funeste

    en fait, Naval Action, c'est un simulateur de cour de récré, c'est ça ? Et la 'Nation France', c'est le CM2...
  6. Can anyone definitively explain scaling?

    Don't worry about scaling anymore. Look at the intelligence screen - the enemy's Manpower serves as the highest possible number of men the enemy can bring to any single battle. Furthermore, that number also serves as a scaling factor itself, as the enemy will rarely bring that many men to smaller battles. Yes, the enemy can scale slightly up or down within the bounds set in the intelligence screen (for all the values), but that's very minor and probably won't change anything worth noting. Play the game of war as Grant did - kill as much of enemy as possible. By doing so you'll also reduce the enemy army's Experience and Armory values. Lots of good comes from slaughtering your enemy, who knew?
  7. Server Merge Poll

    Actually what I read seems just the opposite. Some players are saying they are not willing to play a game that they do not enjoy. They are offering their opinion that the game sucks or about extreme changes to the game would change it so completely it would not be worth playing. It seems very kindergarten to expect mature adults to continue investing their time playing a game that they have no interest in. Perhaps the merge would work best if we had a teacher who could force everyone to stay and make us play together ... regardless of what the game is. The game seems good to me right now. I used to play on all 3 servers. Since the last wipe I've spent almost all my time on one. It is still reassuring to have a choice. Perhaps we should leave the set up as it is. Merging the servers will not make a big difference to the population. And we will lose some players who are happy with the status quo. For players who are threatening to quit if the servers are not merged .... let them. They are not happy and their absence will not make much difference to the population. A better option than a merge may be to allow a one time opportunity for players to transfer assets from Global to Euro. And the PvE players are not hurting anyone in PvP. It is not feasible to expect that they will stay if they are forced into a PvP server. There seems to be no benefit to killing the PvE server. If the reason for a merge is that Game-labs can not afford to maintain 3 servers then none of the discussion has merit. The discussion should be focused on possibilities for alternate funding.
  8. les EDR ont pris une décision funeste

    Avec toi mon "pote" je vais faire simple: j'ai des poils au cul et je crois savoir que tu as des poils au nez....tu veux pas qu'on fasse des tresses?
  9. Combat feedback

    I do not complain about being sunk, the other player has used his possibilities and deserves to sink me, I simply do not like the mechanics. When we want to have a somewhat historical game, only battle repairs should be possible, but not building up the whole ship twice. Battle repairs should be something like setting a few guns up and stop leaks for the hull and repairing some lines and sails for the rigging. Setting up a new mast can never done during a battle.
  10. Legendary Union Campaign

    Yep, Seven Pines is a real fine battle. Very enjoyable. I played it twice actually. Both went the same way as I reported, but in the first one I tried to annihilate the reb forces. End result was I had 11,000 losses to his 17,000 as I pursued the Confederates into the woods. Unfortunately, those were too high to allow me a proper buildup for the major battle at Gaines Mill. I'm really scavenging for men and weapons, to be quite honest.
  11. Today
  12. Removed Way to Become Pirate

    I had no idea this was a thing. It seems like a great idea that the way to start a career as a Brit is to start a new character as a Brit. But it was a little odd that to start a career as a Pirate you merely start one of hundreds of battles without carefully reading what you are clicking on. I never could relate to the immersion of becoming a pirate without firing a single shot at a friendly ship. The process would have seemed more realistic if after starting the battle instance one had to inflict damage (or at least shoot) on a friendly ship before being considered a pirate ... with no chance of clemency. It was one of those necessary trade offs where we lost realism to prevent meta-gaming advantage.
  13. Server Merge Poll

    If you are talking about merging PvP servers, I have no particular opinion about it as I am not a PvP player and do not feel it concerns me or would it be appropriate for me to meddle in other people's business, therefore I did not vote. If you are a PvP player and asking to merge PvP and PvE servers then I will share my opinion. This has been debated multiple times and if you still fail to see (or don't care about , for that matter) the disastrous results it will bring upon the PvE community then it is just a sad state of affairs! Even as a non PvP player, I can understand that the PvP servers need more players to have an increased rate of PvP action. It doesn't take much for a PvE player, ie me, to understand that and I also totally understand the efforts of the PvP community who is tirelessly trying to achieve that goal: attract and retain players for the PvP servers. However, believing that forcing PvE players to join PvP servers (or single server) will increase the PvP player base is a total fallacy bordering on the delusion! But again, I have also come to somewhat understand that thinking process: "I am a PvP player, this is a PvP game everyone must play PvP style". When you do not accept any other play style than your own, you can not see the need or understand the wishes of people with a different play style than yours. Some PvP'ers are saying Gamelabs "never promised a separate PvE server" and quoting the steam description of NA. Sure, however even though the Devs did not make that promise, they still added a completely separate PvE server. I do not recall what they said their rationale was, but the fact of the matter is that we have a PvE server that has attracted a different community than the PvP one and they want to continue to play on that server, not the PvP server.
  14. tbf if the cutter was you I would have done the same :-)
  15. Removed Way to Become Pirate

    I believe the reason it was removed was that a lot of players accidently became pirate this way when they did not mean to, ultimately creating issues where they would have to delete their character to go back to their mother nation. While I agree it was a nice feature, I am not sure if it would work in the current game. I think the entire Pirate nation eventually should get a look at.
  16. Please post your major annoyances

    @admin If you guys ever Wondered why this Game gets so many Negative Reviews and just why so few People stay in the Game without extensive Safezones. This is what PvP usually looks like in this Game Instead of PvP Servers you should rename it to Ganking Servers ^^
  17. No, no, this wasn't batty about you, but how the game categorizes things. In the Royal Navy, the most prominent rating system in the English-speaking world, 6th rate in our time frame covers essentially two kinds of ships, the 28-gun frigate and the 20/22-gun post ship, the smallest vessel commanded by a Post Captain. Below that is the "unrated" ship-sloop and brig-sloop, schooners, and other miscellaneous vessels. I'll post some for this later, I was just typing that reply on my cell phone and didn't have my references on hand.
  18. les EDR ont pris une décision funeste

    Ce procédé est totalement scandaleux. D'une part pour ton information, le tribunal a rendu son verdict depuis hier soir donc encore une fois on note (au choix) que tu es à la ramasse ou que tu viens volontairement remettre de la polémique sur une action qui a déjà été sanctionnée au tribunal. Deuxièmement, je ne m'exprime qu'en mon nom, donc attendre plus d'une semaine pour me citer en te référant aux propos déplacés de Julien AF c'est encore une fois très malhonnête intellectuellement. Julien (et peut-être d'autres) ont pu être insultants envers des joueurs, je ne le cautionne pas (même si je le comprends). Mais en gros tu insinues que comme avant-hier il a insulté des gens alors tu avais le droit de m'insulter au début du mois. Ça suffit. Tu assimiles tous les joueurs EdR comme s'ils n'étaient qu'une personne. Les insultes de quelques uns ne justifient en rien ton comportement.
  19. Server Merge Poll

    I don't speak for everyone on the PVE server, but I can tell you what I constantly read. On the PVE server there is a similar response whenever this comes up; if it is suggested that those players must go to the pvp server it is a pretty common response and a general hoorah, just won't play anymore. Why? Because so many of those players it seems left the PVP server in the first place from the toxic environment, the place where they see the actual kindergarten activity displayed. On the PVE server I don't see anyone bickering, over anything at all. It's team play on that server. Merging that group of players is a fallacy, it cannot happen. Because they won't be there after said merge. All you would've done is eliminate their game. It's exhausting trying to explain that over and over, it has nothing to do with them sharing any playground, it is their own unique place to play, and when it is gone they are not going to switch their game to yours. Again I don't speak for everyone, so maybe I venture to guess you get 5 players? Hardly seems worth all this. But keep arguing for it if that's what makes you happy, to take away something from others when it in no way would benefit you, but would definitely hurt them.
  20. Server Merge Poll

    Ah, thanks for hunting that down.
  21. I can't help but think a whole army of Iron Foot Dwarves couldn't hurt.
  22. Little things you'd like to see

    Reducing the armament for increasing the hold. I sometimes read the term "adventurer" for this kind of ship, not really trader, nor war ship, nor privateer, but something like a high-speed merchant ship, for special purposes or for liaisons.
  23. La Sardoine 1757 French 4-pdr Corvette 12-18 guns Built by J.-L. Coulomb in Nantes. Captured in 1761 by the British 5th-Rate brig-sloop HMS Alarm (32 guns + 12 swivel-guns, 1758) and renamed HMS Sardoine. La Sardoine as taken off, prior to fitting as a 14-gun ship sloop http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/83948.html Plan showing the quarterdeck, forecastle, upper deck, and after platforms and magazine for La Sardoine Second plan of La Sardoine as taken off, prior to fitting as a 14-gun ship sloop. Note that there are no waterlines represented on this one. Historical armament : As she's been pierced by 18 portholes since French building, she could carry up to 18 x 4-pdr + swivel guns. and nothing excludes such an armament during war time. Known armament from sources : French service : Built with 12 x 4-pdr (Boudriot, Historique de la Corvette) 14 x 4-pdr + 6 Swivel guns (31 pds) (threedecks.org) British service : 14 x 4-pdr (Ian McLaughlhan, Sloop of War 1650-1763) 14 × 4-pdr + 10 ½-pdr Swivel guns (30, 5 pds) (threedecks.org) Suggestion for in-game armament : 12-18 x 4-pdr (giving a broadside weight = 24-36 pds), filling the 'gap' between in-game Lynx (8 x 6-pdr = 24 pds) and the Pickle / Privateer / Cutter (12 x 6-pdr = 36 pds). Nota : a 'sardoine' (sard or sardius in English) is a 'yellow or brownish-red semi-precious stone consisting of a variety of chalcedony'. Dimensions Dimensions of 4-pdr Corvettes (16 guns) made by Coulomb in the same year (see below) (pieds du Roi) : Length between perpendiculars : 100' Breadth overall to outside of frame : 25' Depth in hold from top of the keel to the line of the deck at the middle line : 12, 6' Dimensions of La Sardoine (before British refit) from threedecks.org (pieds du Roi) : Length of gundeck : 91'0" Breadth : 23'6" Depth in hold : 9'6" Displacement : c. 300 ton Burthen : 165 ton Dimensions of HMS Sardoine (after refit) from threedecks.org (imperial feet) : Length of gundeck : 94' 4 ½ " Length of keel : 78' 9 ¼ " Breadth : 24' 8 ½ " Depth in hold : 10' 1 ½ " Burthen : 255 74/94 tons BM Sources : J. Boudriot, Historique de la Corvette, p. 30 Ian McLauglhan, Sloop of War 1650-1763 http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=15602 http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/83948.html Extract of Ian McLauglhan's Sloop of War 1650-1763 about La Sardoine : "[..] was built at Nantes to the design of Jacques-Luc Coulomb. She had four sisters;in fact the French Navy commisioned nine corvettes designed by Coulomb, most listed as 100ft lenght on deck. [...] If the corvettes produced under the supervision of Blaise Ollivier appear extreme in hull design, they are nothing compared to Sardoine, whose sections exhibit an exaggerated version of the earlier designs. Sardoine was builit thirteen years later after La Palme and in addition to her highly developed hull, she was about 10ft longer and was pierced for nine guns a side, though armed with only twelve 4pdrs. She was commissioned into the Royal Navy at Portsmouth in 1761 and given an extra pair of 4pdrs. The waterlines in the half-breadth plan provide a clear view of the remarkably fine ends of this vessel, particulary that of the run. Her sheer plan shows the French preference for only a light degree of rake at bow and stern, but there is exaggeration in that her sternpost is actually raked forwards, Like the earlier corvettes, she has a marked degree of tumblehome which may help stability by bringing the weight of the gguns closer to the centreline but at the same time it would have made their handling difficult, possibly reducing their rate of fire; it was also less effective at dampening rolling than more 'wall-sided' designs. [...] She is shown with a raised quarterdeck and forecastle on the plan, which is dated April 1761 (ie before the prize was formally purchased), so these are probably as captured; the height underneath them is only 5ft aft and 4ft 6in forward." Contemporary 4-pdr Corvettes built by J.- L. Coulomb (from Boudriot) : Thx to @Sella22 and @Surcouf for their help !!!!
  24. In another post, I propossed this: The main qualities of the Belle Poule was a very good manoeuvrability (as most of French designed war ships) and a capacity to bump cannon balls to the sea due to the form of her hull. This is not reflected in game, and the Belle Poule is in game less performing than a Surprise, may reason why this ship is almost unused by players. See the complete discussion and the calculation file here: Topic: Proposition-for-new-brs
  25. Caribbean Invasion News

    First of all, a nation can not die. Unless it is deleted by developers. But it is true we have lost many players, who have switched to another nation. It presents challenges in some areas, but there are many parts in the game where it is irrelevant. - We still can make pvp. - We can still trade. - We still can level up. Yes, thies areas will be difficult if we become 2 port. We do not have a big protected area like many others. But it is not a challenge, that can not be overcome. So where is the crisis? What everyone measures a nation on, namely RvR. So what can we do: - We can fight the way that everyone has set for RvR. - We can live on others' mercy. - We can fight RvR in another way that suits a smaller nation. But that makes us an tough opponent. So I still look optimistic about the situation in the nation. Where I together with many others have a lot of good times.
  26. Please post your major annoyances

    My advice, make it like all chicken players gank in mass the prussian nation between Almirante and Mandingo on EU-server. Its easy because we are so few and you have with 5 vs 1 an easy success and nobody will hunt you because we are so few. Only problem the queue of chicken gankers is really long! If you are real big coward chicken with tiny shrinky balls wait until the prussian player is in missions than the npc help the coward chicken, also its than a lot more easier (as 5 vs1) and you can be more proud of being a coward chicken. Thats the eilte of our PvP players - coward chicken gankers! So my advice to the devs make npc missions without any time joining constrainsts so that it is possible that coward chicken gankers from different nation can join the battle. Its a lot more easier to gank the player if you are than 20 vs 1 and for sure thats more fun for the gankers!
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