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  2. Please don't be negative about things you made up. You can't capture ships from unlimited NPCs in EvE. You cannot capture ships from NPCs in Elite as well ( at least you could not in 2016). Capturing npc ships break games and most other mmo's don't allow capture of vessels from others. Its not GTA. NPC Capture IS NOT COMING BACK
  3. Hi guys, I have been playing this game since Sea Trials and I really enjoy it. Unfortunately, the latest community rage and the whole aggression between some of its members and developers forced me to write my opinion and thoughts about that. I hope some of you will agree with me and let them do their job as they intended to... Whole article was published here:
  4. exactly,i know quite a lot of player,which are not happy about these hardcore chances,on the other hand lots of players left,because there was too much pve content in the game from their point of view.i`am not a fortune teller,i just hope,that this is the the right decision to keep the game alive. the positive thing is that the devs finally found their direction and gonna finish it without any compromizes.
  5. Don't know why are so many so hardcore with *you killed the game* 1 dura to everything was proposed by us. Admin wanted to stick with 3 duras to be more player friendly ;-)
  6. А у меня одного тестовый сервер не работает или есть ещё кто с такой проблемой?
  7. You are totally wrong. We had EVERYTHING, i mean we still have EVERYTHING available on Live server. You have MORE PvP there ? NO. People quitting there? YES. Everyone has his own reasons to stop playing. Has nothing to do with NPC AI. Lol.
  8. so, maintenance begin... hm its a new time ? earlier was 9:00 clock.
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  10. Build strength still gives no bonus when crafting =(
  11. This is garbage... and if you decide to stick with this you'll have killed the OW game. You've taken an already niche game and made it ultra-niche. If you create a game that's basically PvP-only then you'll have isolated the far larger majority of players that enjoy PvP, but who like a spectrum of PvE content as well. This particularly kills new players. Most game players' psychology is centered on feeling the thrill of success. And if you don't balance the inevitable loss that comes with PvP with some success... players quit. And this is exacerbated by the ultra hardcore shift in crafting vs. purchase/capping of ships and how it intersects with one durability. Now, I'm a huge proponent of one durability ships, but not at the expense of making ships worth so much that people will not risk them outside of sailing out in huge gank fests. I firmly believe that the only way we can keep players in the game is essentially make getting to and staying in at least a few examples of 4th rates pretty much as easy as capping NPC ships. Leave crafting to specialized ship classes and line ships, but let people cap as many "common" ships up to 4th rates as they want. Let them sell them, let them use them, let them break them up for parts.. If you balance that with money sinks for upkeep, cannons, whatever then inflation can be managed without making everything in the game a pain in the ass. Let crafting be there to support people who are crafting line ships. Lower level crafters can craft materials, cannons, etc. and don't need to build every player ship in the game, just the "special" ones. EVE and most other MMO's that find great success are a result of great balance between PvE and PvP that caters to a large diversity of player types. The Naval Action you seem to be moving towards is exactly the opposite. Your continued tendency to want to divide players into separate groups, separate servers, and separate games is a jaw-droppingly shortsighted mistake. You can't make a game for everyone but you can make intelligent design decisions that gives content to a large diversity of player types while representing some small compromises. If long-term sustainability is desired, then you need to rethink this. Creating a game that 50 people are going to be happy about won't cut it.
  12. We had gps before, it was just a bit more difficult. As long as we have F11 with the coordinates in OW and maps on another tab (Siegfried's was my favourite) experienced players will just as fine as before.
  13. How about GPS only exists for the first rank or two, then disappears? Enough to get the newbies in and learn their way around.
  14. WOW the Hotfix needs a HOTFIX...seriously...maybe a pretest server is needed before it goes to Testbed server just saying. Thinking we waiting till next week atleast before this is squared away ? OW sailing not functioning correctly for some if not most ships , redeemables not redeeming, Trader map tool borked etc. etc. Come on gents this was a ouch moment of a Hotfix...some good ideas to test .....and some are hmmmmmmm
  15. ein positiver punkt ist,das die devs endlich ihren weg gefunden haben und diesen jetzt auch konsequent durchziehen.auch die problematik der langzeitmotivation und rate schwemme könnte durch diese änderungen gelöst sein. die entscheidene frage ist nur,ob sich genug spieler für diese deutlich erschwerte und zeitintensivere variante begeistern können? ich hoffe,das wir die chance bekommen,es mit angemessen spielerzahlen(1000+) zu testen und zu spielen.
  16. You can keep the Cargo,sink the ship and get reward.If NPC. If PvP, capturing another ship from a player saves you a lot of money,and thats a reward too. Sounds good to me.
  17. No I am not and I do not have a solution to this problem sorry, apart from ppl that are neighbours could be allies
  18. Минимальная цена покупки в порту Oak Log 72 дублона, максимальная цена продажи в порту 101, мин. 36. Данные по состоянию на 4 ч. Таким образом можно оказаться в порту, где не выгодно продавать. Кроме того, существует огромная куча товаров (35%), которые всегда будут приносить убыток в операциях купли-продажи. Так как их минимальная цена покупки > максимальной цены продажи.
  19. @admin Looks like all the traders you can make are only 3/3's and not 3/5s
  20. Lol took a while but the penny finally dropped on what you were saying cheers.
  21. Little tetchy. I read the announcement ? What did I miss about crew ? "Crew is now free in ports. You will have to use rum at sea. 1 rum recovers 10 crew. Free crew per rank removed" I don't have such a problem myself, large guild, lots of folks work with me to make stuff, so in all honesty its not an enormous deal to me beyond I want a game that attracts new players and the startup will be tortuous. I am actually more in the hardcore harry club than the carebear squad. I just think not being able to capture ships in a Naval game, which was all about prize ships is a little off. I know PvP rub a brick on it...but some noob wobblin about in a lowbie ship will get smashed in PvP
  22. All traders appear bugged, as well as some others, including Trinc, Connie, heard of Surprise as well, some one said Niagra but have seen a player OW didn't appear to have any issues. me +1 for the free crew in port, press ganged :), so much expense now a little relief like this is welcomed from me.
  23. Bug.Will be fixed. You care about new players that cannot cap NPC? Or yourself? About the crew..Read the announcement?
  24. So wie es aussieht wissen das zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt nicht einmal die Devs selber.
  25. Actually make that 0 knots, completely borked.
  26. It's good to see the information from the testing keep it up, I would get on the test but time restraints got me so I'm just waiting for it to hit live before I hit the ground running. The 1 durability will certainly make people more cautious as to what types of engagements people get in and also help people read a fight better and debate whether they stay in a fight or run. Hopefully the risk factor, like gambling attracts more people to the game.
  27. Can not leave any port, ships remain standing with full sails
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