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  2. Капитаны, серверы были недоступны из-за проблем с соединением на стороне провайдера. Мы уточняем причины произошедшего. На данный момент оба сервера доступны. Если вы потеряли корабль из-за технических проблем на сервере, просьба отправить репорт из игры по F11 с детальным описанием. Приносим извинения за предоставление неудобства.
  3. Nope, if you want instant fight they have an arena game coming out. Other wise move an out post to you front lines and fight that nation. Free towns should be trade hubs between nations not gank points for any one that use it. And if you have only a few hours than set up a base in one and work out of it until you have to return to get supplies.
  4. Older enough to see the how irrelevant is your question to the discussion. I have seen how some people with 50+ years are pure trash in the game while others with less than 30 are able to dance against any enemy in battle, ow and diplomacy.
  5. "What spy?!?!?!" Well-played, sir...
  6. How old are you?
  7. Captains, PVP-EU and PVE servers were down due to provider internet fault, servers are live at the moment. We are clarifying reasons of the outage with provider. In case you lost a ship due to server issue, please send F11 report with the full description. Sorry for inconveniences.
  8. confirmd, the game mechanic is not the best,i dont understand why they maked 1 min invisble to 30 sek, i think it is better to make 2 min invisble and it is more realistic, after wipe we have not one good port battle because the players have to much fear to lost the ships and this crappy conquest marks are the kill for this game.
  9. 1. When the Trader Tool shows an item "available" in a port, I would like that item to be there if I arrive within a set period of time. I don't know how many hours I have spent sailing to a port only to find the item is not available even though the TT indicates availability in that port. If there are not enough players in PvE to generate a decent economy then I would like to see to AI maintain a minimum level in the "available" ports unless player activity for that item exceeds the minimum. 2. As I currently understand the ship perks in the port screen, the selected perks seem to apply to all player ships in that port. It costs 50 combat marks to reset the perks. I would like to see no cost for ship perks. 50 is a steep cost and discourages modifying perks to tailor a ship to a specific task. I would like to be able to have one set of perks for Mission Combat, another set of perks for traders, and another set for OW capping traders. If you make a mistake or change your mission for a ship or ships, it currently takes too long to reset. 3. I would like to see most AI traders unarmed. In the era we are sailing, I doubt that most traders were armed due to cannon weight reducing cargo capacity and most crews were not trained for combat. An occasional armed trader could provide an element of surprise in an attack, especially when sailing in pirate infested waters. Again I am referring to PvE, PvP can get shot at all they want.
  10. Lucky you. Just lost my bermuda/bermuda redeem with copper and gazelle ....
  11. With the recent instabilities of the servers going on, where there seems to be what looks like a connection issue a couple of times a week it would be fantastic to see some kind of system built where you can set the behaviour of your ship/fleet if you are DC'd in combat. The options I can think of should use current systems in place and be able to fully borrow programming already in place, just used as an option for players. The DC AI options I would like to see would be: Fight - Where the AI fights for you, as it would if it was just an NPC ship. Run - The AI should act like a trader and run away via the best possible method. Nothing - The AI should just does what it currently seems to where the ship just stops and puts its sails down waiting for human control again. The benefits of this is it gives the players more choice, it shouldn't take long to implement and it helps avoid some of the issues with unstable connections, I can't really find any drawbacks beyond players getting upset they set the wrong option for the situation, but at least if a ship fights for you then you go down with some chance if you can get back in time, instead of your precious ship sitting like a lemon ready to sink on your return. Any thoughts or expansions to the suggestion are very welcome, thank you for reading.
  12. Servers are live again.
  13. server is somewhat working now, I have no clan chat (but a clan) and no mail.
  14. im still battle ahaha that ai couldnt kill me
  15. I'd like to request teleport to free ports back as it was before the wipe, I think this is a good idea to promote more PvP, otherwise to have some pvp sometimes it's sailing for more than one hour to go and another to come back, some of us or the majority of us don't have a lot of time to do that because of jobs or studies. Right now this is killing a lot of pvp which in my point of view is the most entertaining feature of the game, fighting vs AI becomes boring at a certain point and you have the feel it's not challenging anymore. I hope you take this into consideration Thanks
  16. It's not about the ship but the crappy game mechanic Id rather use and sink my ship than let it rot in port for weeks just so I can say Ive got a cecilia you could get a cecilia for participating in the lgv challenge. Hope more of those sort of events are coming.
  17. You lack imagination, probably that is one of the reasons of the spanish failures in the game.
  18. my question is why become only a few of players this ships,bring the blueprint in the game than crying not so many players when this ship is lost. i will sunk all this ships
  19. Lol Sunday night. definitely not going to get fixed anytime soon eh?
  20. Советую слишком эмоциональному датскому капитану погуглить слово эксплойт. По факту игра увы еще сыровата но в ваших силах написать нормальный фидбэк без эмоций относительно данного инцидента. А на данного товарища вполне могли уронить по бортовому залпу с ваших слоников и идти делать дальше бах-бах по форту. Хотя за стрельбу по своим емнип ставили в угол, отсылайте скрины и может их накажут. Бывают и ддос атаки на ТС во время важных мероприятий.
  21. i was in pve battle when server downed.Can i lose my ship?
  22. +1
  23. Trashmiral shitratio retardblower, seriously put your head inside your ass and stop talking shit.
  24. secret new wipe begining now. after go live again, all have 0 redeem, 0 gold, 0 ranks. just for "hardcore " game :))
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