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  2. Great idea, nicely done.
  3. Port Battle situation:
  4. Basically people who have joined since.... the same as people who don't remember the tank fleets waiting inside freeports
  5. I nominate Jeheil for the voice of instruction, the commanding officer of the ship rig tutorial, and Hethwill Khan for the sloops and schooners. They've already done so much in promoting the game, let's throw some shekels their way!
  6. Today
  7. They just need to get out of port.. I'm under the impression that a lot of seasoned seahawks have been inactive for some months now.. Hopefully they'll come out now that the split that devastated the dutch nation is over and it'll be easier for the dutch playerbase to rally and come out and give us some more opposition.. I wish them luck with the project and I hope to see them soon in the OW..
  8. Regardless of why 7up left the Dutch nation (as that is water under the bridge), they are gone and the Dutch nation will need to step up. Stilgar hit the nail right on the head. The Dutch nation needs to start rebuilding its fleet. It needs to start PvP'ing together. They need to start doing hostility and anti-hostility together missions . They need to gain experience. They need to start working together as a nation, as a fleet, not as individual clans or players. It may not be easy, but it is possible. Trust me, the United States nation had to work long and hard after being beaten back to its capital twice. I wish the Dutch nation good luck in trying to do this. Your allies are still here and will do what we can, when we can.
  9. I'm afraid you're mistaken. Tonight I was able to select multiple units using the control key and clicking units.
  10. Part of why BLACK can sport a small decent force in the mornings is we have a good number of AUS, NZ, Philippines players with a few other SEA and EU members. I'm sure the large nations like US and GB have more than we do, it's just getting them organized to show up so others don't have to get up in the mornings. To be honest if you can't field the teams to support the protection than maybe a nation shouldn't be spread out so thin. I updated the nations regions again today. I'll try to keep it to every Sunday instead of the end of voting cycles. Counts are of today with Port Battle changes and all regions total is including Capital Region. Danish : 8 Regions Dutch: 7 Regions GB: 22 Regions France: 3 Regions Pirates: 6 Regions Spanish: 1 region Swedes: 5 regions US: 19 Regions While we all know US and GB are the largest nations without having to argue even if they aren't the most organized. They still have more regions than almost all the other nations added up. They could loose a few more to help with the server population growth of the smaller nations. It looks like some folks are on board in US to give up a few regions to Spain. Now if they can get the other guys on board that would be cool. They are starting to get some more players this week. I think 5 regions should be the min any nation should be pushed down to. We will be honest that is partly why we picked our operations to be three regions only and no more. As that is not a key number that would hurt any one nation we might attack (of the three we are fighting with all the time). So unless Dutch act up we will no advance on the regions we have taken down south. We will prob give those up to France if it looks like they can hold them. Specially if we get new source of Silver and can hold it without constant attacks. As for times of fights we will still have some after server resets for our SEA/AU players for now cause we think it's only fair since many of them get up early to make it to our US prime time battles and many of them can't make it at all. We do pick small regions that aren't key so that a small force can fight each other over that region.
  11. Question, for the next grand battle, are we getting Chikamauga?
  12. Battle timers have to close quickly so that people can assess the level of threat around them accurately before initiating battle. When the timers were longer people were getting ganked like crazy by people they could never have known were there. It was mayhem and it was shortened for very good reason. I can't believe it's still being debated to be honest.
  13. Next Update will be due tomorrow Captains; after the Cape Francis Port Battle. Happy Sailing, Juan
  14. Well its not entirely correct @TommyShelby His point is that his clan lost members because of "protective" ROE mechanics. Its a fact that we need to deal with and take into account. Especially if they lost majority of their clan because of that. Truth is that most players that left like new ROE restrictive timers being carebears in majority, while some minority hardcore PVPers dislike but still playing. But its also true that we have lost about 80% of the game population and all those restrictions have driven away a lot of hardcore PVPers. I know this for a fact that my clan being strongest in hardcore PVPers numbers on the server have lost 90% of players because of carebear mechanics. I understand @fox2run frustration, because Battle Instances closing instantly is a complete bullshit and blasphemy to PVP game.
  15. Вспомню свое (и не только свое) "весеннее" предложение: лимит по бр-у. Посчитать у оптимальной солянки БР для каждого вида пб и его "впендюрить" как максимальный. Хочешь все топы - рассекай в меньшинстве.
  16. 7am eastern during the week works for me as I can get into the PB, finish up and still start work at a decent time. On a weekend I like 7am as I can get the PB done and have the rest of the day for other things. Yes, the Aussie players can usually make the 7am eastern time battles - in fact three of the swedes players are Aussie and made that battle.
  17. I think current ROE is not bad, however I miss a lot been able to reinforce my friends when I see so close the swords in OW. I only want to enter the battle instance even if I am very far from the heart of the battle. At least Im not leave behind in the OW totally vulnerable and alone.
  18. Yeah man I liked it back when you posted in December Doesn't really matter what details go in there. Thats separate issue. I just want the spyglass to tell some info that I would normally see in reality, but is missing in the game due to graphics limitations. And you would if the graphics would allow, i.e. target ship used studding sails you would see them in the OW open up on a side of the normal rig. Since you can't have that and its also hardly realistic, being able to receive that info through spyglass is a good sensible compromise that requires little programing. Some upgrades might not be visible at all, like Extra Planking. Its fine not to see that upgrade. Some upgrades require closer distance to identify, like reinforced rudder. Because graphical model does not change when you have reinforced rudder, up close spyglass could reveal that info. Ships needs to be identified by player - I agree 100% thats why I actually removed name of the ship from the info. Cheers mate! I agree on some upgrades being hidden indefinitely like Extra Planking. Some visible straight away (at the distance that quality glass is allowing) like Copper Plating and Studdings. And some upgrades visible only up close like Reinforced Rudder. From the programming side they all simply need visual parameter that checks against distance and quality of the glass, thus some info will be revealed sooner than the other. In terms of type of the ship - becuase this graphically represented in game you should be able to tell what you see or will be able to tell with experience. Thanks for the kind words! This is a compromise between what you should be able to see/note if you would really been there observing and what game simply can't show you. Experienced captain could tell the speed ship was traveling. We can't because of the game limitations. Same as for the distance. Mainly because of the OW compression. This is were spyglass comes handy to fill in those empty grey areas. Again info about the actual speed could have been revealed at the closer distances, while distance to the target ship revealed earlier. Captains would be able to tell if they are going faster or slower, buy just watching the distance. Other info like direction of the ship in reality being experienced sailor (sailed for many years) I could tell exact direction of the ship by seeing his sails setup and yard angles. This would have told me his exact point of sail. In NA OW sails have an arcade mechanic. Hence why there is a compromise so I could still get that info by using spyglass. As per above mate. This is a tool to deal with game limitations.
  19. True, and it's a very slight chance you'll see me up early like that unless it's the weekend. I'd rather lose a port than lose sleep. The game won't dictate my sleeping schedule. Well, it's just how it is when you have a community in a nation that is on a totally different timezone. Although for the AUSZ numbers, I wonder why no AUSZ guys show up to combat the chinese/taiwan danes, they are in the same timezone yes? Or at least close by?
  20. From the google translstion of qw59 I thought you are going to decrease the huge nuclear explosion of the ships magazine. I have been reading a bit about the battle of the Nile and L'Orient blow up only made that ships near him get on fire plus heavy damage to the sails. No hundreds of men killed nor masts fall down, like it happens now in the game.
  21. Yep. It is not ideal.
  22. Weird thing is that everyone in OCEAN likes the current RoE. (We also liked 2 minute timers, but anything more is horribru) But also everyone i know that plays Naval Action prefer the current Roe or 2 minute timers, they also think anything longer than 2 minutes is horribru. But i mean, we just like OW PvP so what do we know, we've only been around since before OW and have tested all the RoE's we've had ingame. I respect your opinion Fox2Run but your arguments are weak imo.
  23. I'm a casual player and I enjoy the game when I can play. I don't see it as a problem. Maybe I'm in the minority.
  24. 7 AM EST is not a good time for a port battle. Impossible for me, I'm on EST. Can't imagine west coast, it's 4 AM.
  25. Weird thing is that you dont really listen to the community. In my clan players are saying that they left the game when timers got cut for ROE. Please bring them back up. The game is boring now. You make it too nerdy. We need battles. This can not be stated enough. The largest sum of players are not into PBs with TS. They are casuals. But you dont care about them. You make things more and more restricted and tough. All you talk is some very narrow changes but you forgot the broad aim. All you do is to change som smaller stuff like perks or slots. WE NEED SOME FUN! Waiting for things are not fun. This is a game with no idea nor progress. What is your aim? Just asking...
  26. Jajaja If you are looking for an English clan in Spain this is the best option. In addition Senhor Lenhador is a very good guy.
  27. I have two rattlesnakes in my fleet and when I instruct them to de mast they instead attack the hull and attempt to sink the enemy. This has happened on every mission I have attempted. I select each ship in the fleet in turn and click on "de mast". Am I doing something wrong? Sometimes when I check I see "free mode" indicated. The instructions to de mast are ignored and the default( I assume) destroy is enacted.
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