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  2. Предлагаю (пока не поздно и план доработки окончательно не утвержден) включить в этот план механику назначения награды за голову. Награда за голову назначается непосредственно игроком на игрока, возможно не только за игровые деньги, но и за знаки отличия. Награду может забрать игрок, который установил галочку (на подобии галочки контрабандист) "Охотник за головами" (далее ОЗГ) В этом режиме игрок не может участвовать в ПБ, эвентах, рейдах, миссиях и т.д. То есть он указал что вышел на охоту. В режиме ОЗГ игрок имеет шанс, заходя в порты, получить информацию о недавнем метонахождении разыскиваемых его нацией игроков. ОЗГ не может охотится на игроков своей нации (кроме пиратов) или союзников нации (кроме пиратов). Жду помидоров и не только
  3. Предлагаю (пока не поздно и план окончательно не утвержден) включить в этот план механику назначения награды за голову. Поподробнее о механике ОЗГ тут
  4. How do you tell which ID is which Port, Item, etc? Is there a cross reference list somewhere?
  5. Can we jget a thickness nerf across all ship classes and call it a day? Seriously, mahogany or live oak with build strength or stiffness combined with either regional thickness or strong hull make ships too damn tanky. I dont care if they nerf base thickness or the strong hull and regional thickness trims, but the thickness on these ships needs a good solid whack from the nertbat. I have seen entire broadsides against these ships at moderately close distances just bounce off like the hull was made of solid steel. It makes port battles drag on for a really long time because so many of your shots simply do not penetrate. Also, I dont want to see the time limit increased too much, maybe 1 hour 45 min, and leave the battles open until the very end so if you manage to get through the screening fleets, you can always join the battle.
  6. We can deal with the 4 players but that is not the problem. If those players can manipulate the vote of their nation and continue to not go with an agreement there is nothing we can do. Even if we worked with the Danes, French, and maybe even the Pirates it would still be a pain for us smaller nations to deal with our ports constantly being flipped by them as we try to fight the large nations. Not a hard task just a very large annoyance. I also agree that its a shame that the large nations are not involved in this post. Id like to also mention that today for the most part this has been a pretty civil discussion between players and has given me some hope for a better future for the game.
  7. The 2017 timeline just released puts shipbuilding changes in the Backlog category (and not either of January or February): Finalization of ship crafting (delayed until content wipe) So it would appear that unless people are going to write NA off until after release they may as well stop waiting and just use the system as is. I can only say that I'm really not having any problems selling the ships I craft if I keep the price reasonable. And by reasonable I mean I usually undercut the going rate but still make a goodly profit. The flip side of the coin is that I'm crafting *only* gold ships (& using officer perk) to maximize my chances of getting blueprints and level up. Hoping to not lose those in a reset but if I did it wouldn't be the end of the world.
  8. Выглядит очень удручающе, даже если учесть что это бета.
  9. Yah it's been Brits now and that was another reason we didn't want Brits to have that region either. France was a very good option and it put a buffer between us and you. But like I said just get your guys to show up and beat him. I'm sure RISE will agree to stay out of those battles along with the Danes so it's only those two players and there alts. Remember it's free ships/paints for those that show. If by chance they flip it than flip it back at prime time for ya'll. Got to be better than doing nothing right? Cause we all know that if no one helps them than they will never be able to hold those regions even if they captured them. One way to support this is not show up to those port battles. Just like these ones against Danes right now. US and Brits are going for the kill and we don't want that for the server. Since they aren't attacking any home nations regions. They for sure haven't been attacking US or Brits. If you don't agree with it than tell your guys not to go to those port battles. We plan to screen the crap out of those two battles if we can, but we won't be able to help them inside the actual port battles. The port timer restrictions where good that helped little nations, but the flag system had many flaws. They should not completely dump the current system. They just need to work on the way agro works and maybe have the flag system with raids to help counter the grind. That and having restricted port timers for battles would help little nations. That and allow us to freaking actually fight in US prime times. We can't even do that so I bet a lot more Port Battles would happen if we can actually do them in prime time for US players.
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  11. Да уж...., пушки с борта где нет противника тоже палят, а писали провиант, заряды, всё надо возить с собой, ни какой экономии, залпы по воробьям.
  12. I have my own group because I am special 😵
  13. Unfortunately I think they overestimated the willingness of the cats to cooperate in being herded.
  14. As announced, timers will return. They also said in october patch that: "Timers are removed (for testing) as we believe that in new system port battles will arrange themselves when there is max presence of players for both size (due to pvp impact). Also we expect that all timezones will need to participate to bring hostility to the port battle levels. If this assumption proves to be inaccurate we will bring back lord protectors (but with wider time limits)" Hope they will be implemented soon
  15. so nothing stop you basically. because you can change leadership in day if it suit you and clam all agreements will be lost because of that change and this is the issue i don't want my enemy's to judge when a nation deserves to die out. lets say we give you Savannah and make some kinda deal to get more good port battle. our site starts winning fairly and we pushing your back how long until you feel justified to do this again
  16. And it makes it even worse that the devs won't fix this with a simple hot fix so it tells you they don't care. They even said on steam they know it's an issue.
  17. That is fine, but give us an update of what the time frame might be. I know a lot of players that flat out stopped playing and won't return until the patch comes out. I know many others that just stop making ships to stock up on goods to make new ones. This killed the server pop the last big patch cause they said it will be out this and that month and than it didn't come out until a month later and we had 3 months of pretty much very low pop action cause every one was waiting.
  18. Stay up late lol 3am and 5am haha Before the system is good
  19. That's what trust is built on. If anyone has paid attention, our alliance has not been maintained on convenience and comfort, but on trust with our allies. When we say we do something, say support a port battle via screening or delivery of war supplies at an agreed upon time we do it. Unfortunately, our trust just now costs more because of past transgressions against that trust that the Danes have perpetrated.
  20. no show night flips ofc. and don't say we haven't tried to reacting out to you i have been on at 3 to 5 danish time most days to get some kinda conversation going but it seams like you don't want to talk with me and maybe find a solution with out having the devs make the hard choice ? but why should EU players pay for the fact that your times zones can get enough players to fill a server ? but nothing stop you from making another demand after we give Savannah. should we keep playing know that the only reason we have any ports is because of the good will of the US nation and allways have the fear of awakening your anger and getting in to this position again
  21. Give incintives like on MWO for the merc units. It can be any where from a -30 to 20% to you xp/credit earned depending which House you join and help. This would work great for Privateers if they went that route with pirates. I really think they should change the name of the from Pirate to Priavteer and than you have those with no contracts will be outlaws and they will be the true pirates.
  22. The log output that this particular snippet is taken from does not have any accuracy mentions. This is unit data that is generated upon loading a scenario. As the actual piece of code that has the equation we're looking for is buried in a dll file, which I probably can find a way to decompile, but 1. that's too much work for something that's probably going to get me in trouble and 2. going from human-readable log files will still probably get us within the 80-90 percentile of what we're looking for.
  23. I noticed there's no accuracy statistic above. How does it factor in?
  24. Already got a hold of him. Even what is left of the Spanish.
  25. Caught me in mid-reply. I agree it was counter productive. It is just Dutch politics. It is spastic at the slightest change. There were multiple ownership concepts brought up one of which was that. After seeing the French would not be having a national refit of any sort it was accepted that Windward would go to them. The next day it was agreed upon, Pirates. Nothing I could do to halt the re-capturing of Windward then.
  26. A U.S.-only or any time-zone locked server is a non-starter because there isn't a large enough player base to fill a dynamic world the size of the one we have in NA. Besides, I won't speak for everyone, but I enjoy playing with people from around the world and see that as a very important feature of online, multiplayer gaming. All you need is a design that facilitates it and a player population large enough linked with mechanics that provide for around the clock action. But with regards to us stopping night battles with the Danes... perhaps ceding us Savannah, which the Danes have admitted holds no strategic importance to them anyway now that they have many years worth of live oak in their possession, would be an act of good will. The Danes have a lot to make up for on upholding diplomatic agreements, wouldn't you agree? By blowing up past agreements you've automatically cost yourself a steeper bargain moving forward.
  27. Derp...oh yea. Your discretion is probably wise. Thanks for the glimpse. I've spammed a charge with 50 skirmishers at Malvern Hill and it's pretty darn effective. What you say is true about charging with smaller brigades.
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