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  2. Neue Contents für NA

    Ganz ehrlich, da fehlen mir ein wenig die Details. Klar hört sich das alles ganz gut an, aber führ das doch mal etwas aus ... Was sind die diplomatischen Missionen? Was für Handelsverträge, also was wird gehandelt und wo ist der Nutzen für die Parteien? Was soll man ausspionieren können? Man darf es sich nicht zu einfach machen und sagen: ich hätte gerne super tolles Diplomatie System, dass allen Spielern Spass und Beschäftigung bietet und gleichzeitig keinen Nachteile hat. Devs macht mal !
  3. Lobby / Queueing System

    Yes, this makes sense. NAL flopped so letzt turn NA in something like NAL ... Kafkaesque ... Edit: Pleas do it. Implement the Lobby. TEST it, make it exactly as they want it ! But EVALUATE it after 4 weeks ... and draw consequences ...
  4. Today
  5. Lobby / Queueing System

    All I know is I played legends briefly and was bored of the same fights over and over. The beauty of this game has and always will be in the hunt and the chase. Legends cannot replicate that. The patrol zones also diminish this
  6. More Late Game, Get Rid of 1st Rate Swarms

    First rates are not OP and don't need to be limited further than they are now. The game REALLY needs some better end game content when it comes to the PVE side. I don't know what form that would take, I'm not a carebear, but something should be there.
  7. Lobby / Queueing System

    how do you know? In NAL's alpha testing stage, there was a duel option - I really enjoyed that one, fight after fight - 10 a day was the max you could do. Why not expand it to 2v2 3v3 4v4 etc. ?
  8. Lobby / Queueing System

    Please stop encouraging the devs to make NA into NA:L (yes, realise that Sea Trials was essentially NA:L and NA is based on Sea Trials). What will result will neither please arena-style fast action type nor OW sandbox types. They don't need to be separate games (you can incorporate the lobby-style gameplay within the "missions" tab in NA), but NA needs to get OW and the economy/trade system developed to really shine before any more arena combat functions are added.
  9. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    US Crushes GB at Marsh Harbor Charleston Rejoices!
  10. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    first battle nothing special however their LOceans were really hard targets no final result - just a screenshot my second broadside (first was a badly managed chain) - 41 hits 27 leaks second battle we were outnumbered and outgunned and some of us had only few repairs
  11. Clan Warehouse

    And tiered officer ranks. Rank 1 - invites only, rank 2 - take out mats, rank 3 - take out gold, rank 4 - set timers, rank 5 - creator.
  12. Lobby / Queueing System

    In my opinion patrols are the better way to integrate moba players into the game. But instead of try to make them suit the sandbox players they should appeal in the first place to the NAL players. Lobbies should only be used for challenges and tournaments. RvR has to be made usefull to suit sandbox gameplay again.
  13. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    at the end of the day it is but a mere screenshot. it tells nothing, basic propaganda. same as your post claiming you won a 4v17 battle when you merely fought at the very best 8 at a time. In the current meta where battles don't close in safezones he could as well just have fought then 2-3v1 at a time. it tells nothing beside they spend most of their time stern camping killing crew. Dutch may say Rum OP.
  14. Lobby / Queueing System

    Now that Naval Action Legends is being put on hold, the game will now have to tolerate both "fractions" again - Those that just want a pure OW experience, and those aiming to get more or less even fights for an enjoyable time. A Lobby / Queueing system would be much welcomed IMO. Sum-up of some reason: Getting "good" pvp is a pain. Battles in Reinforcment zones stay open for 30 minutes - even IF you get tagged by them in their safe zone, they will still have 30 minutes to bring in reinforcments, which, obviously, is BS. Same goes for PvP events. There may be a BR-limit, but that pretty much also tells you HOW / in what fleet you got to PvP - no more lone frigate raiding. Say you get yourself a frigate duel in the zone, great. Now after 20 min, 10 4th rates join the enemy side. Good Game (?) Port battles? Meh - Got to grind up HORRIBLY boring hostility, and have the actual battle happening a day later - without guarantee that you will even get a fight, as ports are now useless and cost way too much. I simply miss the good old days where you could sail around in a medicore sized frigate, attack other frigates without having to worry about IMBA reinforcment 1st rates to spawn in, or have enemies join half an hour later. Pretty simple, set your settings, 1v1 2v2 3v3 etc., ships or BR limit, perhaps a wager, and you're good to go. Get a notification when someone takes your proposed battle settings, and you got a fight. Perhaps ship-loss and / or rewards can also be set in the options, as many now simply want a good fight and dont care about marks or whatever. To compare, AoE2's lobby system. (Pretty simple, but it works)
  15. More Late Game, Get Rid of 1st Rate Swarms

    Huh? I ran my 10s usually with profit.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Stop hiding behind aliases on the forums

    What's the implication? That someone can make more than 1 account?
  18. Durability

    I can find no fault in that statement, which is to say I suppose I agree with that.
  19. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    that depends if they could pen ram´s ocean.
  20. Rare module components

    Available at Cap-Francais, San Jose, Sale-Trou, and Basse-Terre. Each of those ports are held by a different nation. So 4 nations, in addition to Frence (Barataria) have a port that produces this. Available at Saint Marys and La Navasse. Again, each held by a different nation, so 2 nations other than France (Atchafalaya) have a port that produces this Oranjestad (swedish). Sinamaica (DK), Amalianborg (DK), Saint Johns (SV), The Settlement (DK), Island Harbor (SW) So 2 nations that are allied control virtually all of this resource (except Fort Zoutman in VP). The ports inside the safe zones are not hurting availability of these resources on the map (1 for each of them, 2 FR and 2 VP). It's a solution without a problem imo.
  21. creo que este video es del nuevo tutorial....... Les falta traducirlo......
  22. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    they probably just suck TBH. In the end its dutch. No chance he can outdps them btw.
  23. Stop hiding behind aliases on the forums

    I'm not really sure this matters. For the few times that you disagree with someone on the forum and they are being a jerk to you, all you have to do is ask them their in-game name. When they tell you, put them on your ignore list in the game and you're done. Otherwise, not sure why you are complaining about it. This is "normal" behavior for much of any forum. And yes, I use my in-game name here on the forum, but I don't have alts, many others do, so why would they create a forum account for each alt?
  24. Stop hiding behind aliases on the forums

    I would appreciate you leaving any editing of my post to me. You know full well I am not talking about using an online alias. My issue is with people using one name in the game and then another on the forums to enable them to shit talk without repercussions or accountability in said game.
  25. Stop hiding behind aliases on the forums

    Don't forget the implication of aliases with polls. Especially when admin post polls about the next ship to be developed/added.
  26. Stop hiding behind aliases on the forums

  27. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Yeah, was wondering how viable L/WO is after the armor changes... but then again Ram could probably have done it with a Fir/Fir so it doesn't really matter
  28. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It is not so hard to make a guess. Live-white, cartagena, navy structure, also a upgrade for hp. Probably most of his skillbooks are for fast reload. And you can see in the image, he is using poods. That is the way to outdps that fleet.
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