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Captains of the Black Flag  If ye see a Pyrate with the handle  [BLACK], That be us!    Teasmspeak: in transition....                                                                   

I was not part of those raids that sank so many India's down south but it proves how few it can take to have a lot of fun and make a great difference in the game.   

Our New YouTube channel has been launched called Clan Black. Light hearted and not to serious.....we aim to promote Naval Action as best as we can. You can see how BLACK likes to hunt the wo

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Due to full servers for PvP1 i have taken refuge with [FOT] Forces Of the Tide, a fine bunch of ruffians, currently on the PvE server. Should I run into you bunch, consider me an ally!. Hopefully see you all soon, should I get a chance.



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Been with these guys now for a few weeks. Great bunch. Friendly, willing to help. Work as team. Not too big, not too small.


Sign your life away to the infamous Captain Pagan Pete. He says Arrr a lot in Team Speak!

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Aye! We be hilarious in teamspeak too!

Plenty o comradeship, comrade ships, and common rad ships! As a bonus, Captain of the Black flag issues no orders, collects no tribute or tax, and allows each pyrate to do as they will as long as they keep to the Accords (the top post).





PSm ye can listen to Pagan Pete talk in his pyrate voice ALL DAY in teamspeak!

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Join us, we even holiday in foreign destinations. YARRR.



Seriously folks, if you want a clan that has fun and laughs but snaps into serious mode when the brown goo hits the fan, then [bLACK] is the clan for you. As Pete says, there's not orders, class system, or BS, every man is free to do as they wish but must put the clan first when the need arises. WHEN the need arises everyone pulls together and I've yet to experience a defeat. 


It's not to big that your voice is drowned out, yet not to small that you're crushed when the enemy sails into our waters. 


Join the BEST pirate clan on EU PVP1 !!

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