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  1. Emerald Jack and Scarper Jacques, please send me mail or pm in game or to Nick the Cursed. If you look on the clan pvp board you will see we are very much still around, small as we are. We sail the seas hunting or doing ai fleets for booty as well. Everyone chooses the path and kind of pirate they want to be and as long as they abide by the articles that is fine. See you soon on the seas
  2. Add fleet escort missions for AI elite or non elite indiaman fleets (or other types like escorting nobles who are on a ship in the fleet) from one port to another. These fleets would have a special flag to identify them and either rotate in ow or spawn through a mission. The goal would be to escort the fleet to a specified port and the rewards for the group escorting would be based on how much of the fleet arrived intact. Enroute the fleet would be open to attack by any enemy and possibly ai enemy ships it nears. This would be in open world and not in a battle instance unti
  3. Ink, The ship freezing still occurs but now most of the time if in open water i freeze for several seconds while my fellow pirates see me sailing and then my ship jumps ahead OR I dc right out of the game. In the last two weeks I dc 2 to 5 times a day and in several cases inside battles. Lost a nice ship ending up under water leaving a battle and being pulled it yo another battle while i logged out and in again to find i was boarded. I have noticed that while playing Naval Action on some days there is a huge jump in transmit errors ( i use a wifi monitor to see how bad it is.) I hav
  4. I have dropped 3 or 4 times since then. Once today and got kicked back out into the open world without losing my battle group or anything else. I did f11 one in the last few days that did send a report in. If I experience lag spikes like others are having I agree that it likely is the connection. today I was sailing for an hour fine and no spikes or lag and it froze. Once I was booted out to open world again i sailed for a couple hours problem free. I would say it is a combination of issues causing this for myself and others. Part with the game itself and part with steam and the con
  5. I accidentally was recording at the time of the event. It happened around 12.36 est. When i first hit f11 to send a report nothing happened. i hit it a second time to get the report window up. The clip is attached below. very dark it was stormy but you can see the time in chat and the ping 0 status at bottom left plus the f11 window and the report prep. I logged out started the connection test. it ran for a good 10 minutes. It should have been long enough. I logged back in and ship was there no loss on my part. ping0eventapril082020.mp4
  6. Ink, my ship froze about 8 to 10 minutes ago. There were a few lag spikes earlier where it stopped and started but did not freeze up. Seems a general issue there. I am running the connection test now. How long will it go on it has been a good 5 minutes and I really don''t want to lose my ship sitting in ow atm while waiting on it. I also put an f11 report in as it was happening and did not wait for it to complete before i left the game to run the test. When it hits the 10 minute mark i am killing it so hopefully it gathers what you need by then. Ferrus
  7. We found a lone Victory sailing and attacked it. It had some super turning ability with less than 70% sails and turned faster than our smaller more agile ships at times. No matter what buff or extra ability he was using it was to no avail. Davey Jones has a new dinner guest!!
  8. I will do that for you so you can find whatever is going on. Thanks.
  9. My files are good Ink. All was fine until that patch a few months ago. I can look at my GPU at 100 percent while cpu is normal and memory use for system and graphics is well below any danger threshold. Drivers are all current and checked often. If it happens mid battle or a chase the you are screwed if in open water it is an inconvenience to the group that I am with. I play mainly on wifi but while directly connected via cable the issue still happens so you cannot blame the wifi for it. The net is stressed right now so game crashes and other net issues will happen, t
  10. Yesterday Mar 31st approximately 1:13 or so EST I recorded the frozen ship in the phony battle instance it gets thrown into. The game runs my GPU to 100 percent and freezes only my ship graphics and movement in the game. Re F!11, I used it about 20 times when it started happening 3 patches before the final release. The problems started after you released an optimization patch which I think included ship performance and profile changes. It does not happen every day but recently more often. There was a period where I went a week fine. My last major freeze was
  11. BLACK is alive and well. This is a recount of a recent hunt. Enjoy! perhaps Nick will post the photo from inside the harbour at Fort Royal BLACK on the hunt with Nick the cursed, Smock le Terrible and Ferrus Pugnum Under the cover of night fall, the pirate raiders slipped into Fort Royals harbour looking or prey. They dropped sails and hid themselves deep inside away from the docks of the capital city. Patiently waiting and aware that discovery could mean a quick death from the defensive forts and towers located at the entrance to the harbour, the pirates nerves were on edge.Soon the pa
  12. I would like the devs to consider a percentage limit of the total number of ports in the game that can be controlled by any one nation. In the past if one nation took control of a majority of the ports, there would be a map wipe and reset. In the current released version of the game that would mean all the major investments in buildings and shipyards would be tossed away unless your faction could retake the ports where these facilities were located. to save the riots and outcry that would entail, perhaps 25 or 30 percent be the max total percentage of the ports that could be controll
  13. I agree some of the changes are bad for the game as a whole. I do see that there are trade goods that if you take the time to find them can make you money from port to port since reals got nerfed on the cargo and passenger missions. In one case I found a 40 percent profit on a short run with goods but there were not enough in the ai stock to make the run worthwhile. As for the reals and dub nerf for the cargo missions, you( the devs) forgot to take into consideration the distance traveled even with wind buffs. Being paid 7k to 50k reals to run 20 to 60 min into hostile enemy ter
  14. The indiamen are there to collect loot from your port in the raid. If killed no looting happens but if they succeed in capping the port you will lose the port regardless. If we had the ships there we could have intercepted them out to sea from the port. When the raid started it showed 24 attackers but they loaded in over a few minutes and were set up in two large fleets about a 5 to 10 min sail off shore. So it is important as noted in the dev note not to join at the dock. join at the entrance to your port out as far as you can in force to intercept the fleets before the hit any circle
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