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  1. Sinbad

    US Server Down

    Appears were all going to lose duras and officer lives which will be a pain.
  2. Sinbad

    US Server Down

    Same,please get this sorted guys,the server is very unstable atm.
  3. Sinbad

    Help Please

    Welcome aboard Billy Budd.
  4. The pings even worst with the nxt maintenance,its over 400 now,cant play with that ping,if it continues naval action runs the risk of losing its oceanic player base.
  5. Then why are the PvP servers experiencing such high pings,mine on the US PvP2 is normally 240ish now its PvP2 EU at 350ish,i cant play like this,
  6. Sinbad

    the L'Oceans 36's

    The L'Ocean could also carry 18pdr's on the weather deck,instead of 12's [it is interesting to note that though these ships were costly, their design changed to become even larger in terms of overall tonnage with the introduction of the Impérial in 1803. Mounting 18 pound cannon on her third gun deck (unheard of in French three-decked ships of the period), she would set the example for all of the French 118 gun ships to follow] http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?1548-Oc%E9an-class-ship-of-the-line
  7. Sinbad

    Belle Poule or Frigate?

    You can smash all those other ships to kindling with the frigate,but thats just my playstyle.
  8. Sorry for my ignorance as i havnt read the posts made but please add sliders,just some simple sliders atop crew stations to manage them more effectively,anyone else who has suggested this,kudos to you as well.
  9. Sinbad

    Proposal for Regional Conquest in Naval Action

    Be careful what you wish for barthas and also how such dynamics change the rules of the game dose not always mean that what you wish for is what you get.
  10. And that is exactly why i play games,for fun,to put forward the proposal that we all should conform to a few peoples ideals of drawing our names from a historical pool or such is in my mind silly,such is the nature of the beast in these forums at the moment with a small number of single minded people seeing fit to dictate what direction this game should be going in and take little consideration of the vast number of other people who may just be happy playing the game with its current set of rules while looking forward to future patches which will undoubtedly improve the game,that said,there are a few names that tend to make me wounder,why?
  11. Sinbad

    Spain - RECRUITMENT! (PvP Two USA)

    Hey juan,really do hope spain becomes strong again and great to see you drumming up support for that faction,us pirates really would like to see a few more Spanish galleons to plunder in future
  12. Sinbad

    Captains of the Black Flag

    Thats the English ya talkin about pete
  13. Sinbad

    Provisions affecting Skill/Morale of Crew

    Yes and so not only the idea of provisions is a good idea,but also that it would encourage guilds to invest cold hard cash into 1st rate ships,this would also be an economical and military game change in strategies.
  14. Sinbad

    Thank you.

    I have yet to play but cant wait to as you know,congratz on launch guys.
  15. Sinbad

    Captains of the Black Flag

    Should have my computer upgraded by march pete,will sure to be looking at this gang of cutthroats as my port of call