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  1. Trust me buddy, you don't want me to post the full version of the video I just posted because you took a beating. I posted the screenshot at the start of the vid to show this, which btw at the start you had 200 crew. I will post the video of your two click so called 'out sailing' which I've just re-watched. You were running the whole time and dropped sails when I was stern camping you. I ran into your rear. You got boarding. There was no out sailing, just a lucky 2 click boarding win due to me being un-prepped. Not a single cannon ball fired. The only credit I can give you is that I didn't expect you to drop sails, so I made a mistake there. I'll also say, both me and Black Chops were exceptionally drunk that evening . We got cocky, you got lucky, nothing more, nothing less. It's ok that you won the boarding mini game, just stop trying to pretend it was some amazing battle were you out-sailed us. The irony here is I had totally forgotten about our previous encounter shown in the video. Just came across you when looking through some of my vids of the many people I've robbed.
  2. Still bragging? Ok, I'll join in. One from my collection. Btw, I've never had gold marines. Also, it's with regret that I must withdraw this bounty. I've not played in some time and no real plans to return for now. Maybe if I get that itch, and once they come up with a solution to punishing solo / small ship pirates.
  3. No, because drunken rage posts add to the drama, and drama is what makes this game unique. You and me will get along in RL Join [bLACK[ we need more people with that kind of attitude! Right now, I report from Mallorca or majorca which was apparently a pirate hot spot back in the day. Blackbeard apparently visited these islands. Why the ferklage doesn't my wife see the importance of me going out and exploring the history of these islands?? I try to tell her I'm a pirate! She just laughs. BITCH!
  4. I withdraw these comments. Posted whilst drunk. Withdrawn whilst drunk also but whilst there are some features in this patch I strongly disagree with, I cannot speak on behalf of the [black] Clan, my comments about them all being in arma 3 is not true. I take those comments back and apologies for any drama queenage caused by drunk rage posting! Edit: I would love to say it won't happen again, but I am drunk often!
  5. LOL are you seriously bragging about this dude? If I made a brag post every time I capped a ship that had less crew than me, I'd be banned for spamming. The reason I don't is because I cap at least 4 in any particular gaming session. No need to post or brag about them because it's far too easy with current boarding mechanics. So you won the 2 click boarding battle against an un-prepped ship with lesser crew. "slow hand clap" I salute your skill in battle. Only I have no idea your skill in actual battle because, there was no battle. Lets not over play this and pretend it was something that it was not. There was no skilled exchange here. No test of skill vs the other. In fact, I don't recall you firing a single shot. Brag when your end of battle screen shows you sunk me in a ship comparable with the ship I'm in. I can assure you, you will not get one of those. Ship boarding, marines vs marines with crew = + is usually a foregone conclusion. Don't know why you felt the need to brag post. Guess I must be infamous So bloody - Bounty: 6 Mill on Caroline Vodka just for shits and giggles (and because I can), and because NO ONE puts a bounty on the [bLACK] and gets away with it lightly. 1 mill per kill, valid for 6 kills. Not valid to [bLACK] Members. Must be 1v1 legitimate kill. Payment will be made ONLY if it's legitimate and not fake kill to claim the large bounty. Community here will determine if it's legit kill or fake. Let the games begin! If I kill / board him myself, 1x will be deducted from the count.
  6. Fishing, AI player super fleets, 20% faster reload against pirates. Let me know when that changes, were fights are based on pure player skill vs pure player skill not stats / buffs or AI, so I can play some NA and be a real pirate again. Right now you'll find me in arma 3 exile with the rest of the [black] clan.
  7. Help channel is FULL of kind people willing to answer 'enthusiastically' any question (as well as stupid ones) posed. Help channel was the only source I needed when I first started to play NA. It's all a new player needs.
  8. The old system of invisibility for a short duration worked. Dunno why it was removed. Again, tonight, pulled into battle MULTIPLE TIMES. Chat went like this.... me : we gonna do this all night? Them: We're stopping you attacking our traders. Fair enough to them, but I really don't want to spend my Saturday night NA game time escaping the same 4 players over and over and over again.
  9. Like most things, it very much depends on the situation. In my case there was no way they were going to catch me. They said in global they were trying to keep me in battle so their motives weren't to sink me only waste my time. Yes, I do care about dura loss. I'm not about to go up against 4 ships (+2 ai cutters) knowing the end result is me sinking. Who in their right mind would do this? Not only is it futile, it gives them bragging rights 1v1 is a completely different ball game. I'll often commit to a fight 1v1 even if there's a chance of losing a dura.
  10. I see the problem. In fact, I was in battle for over 3 hours against the same 4 ships as I tried to get back to port. Each time I escaped I was pulled back in. The ONLY solution at the moment is to wait in the post battle screen which I've always been opposed to.
  11. I don't think it will make much differences. Most of us playing now already know the best / fastest ways to make money, and since crafting XP will remain, we'll be able to churn out new ships with ease. It might take a week, but before you know it, existing end / near end ranked players will be back in high tier ships. Asset wipe would simply serve as an inconvenience to existing players IMO. Edit: On reflection, what might change this is if learnt BP's are also wiped.
  12. Yep, sorry when I said BAAAD, I didn't mean the AI mechanics were bad, though they were, they ware bad in the sense that they turned a PVP fight into a long drawn out PVP/PVE fight, and I'm only interested in battling other players. I did after all join a PVP server. In terms of privateer and pirating, you had first to deal with the player ship, then spend another 20-30 mins dealing with the annoying AI. Not being a drama queen, but I know if this type of situation returns, I for one will drift away from the game. When they got rid of AI reinforcements the last time, it was a day to rejoice. The thought of returning to those dark times doesn't enthuse me!
  13. It's this that worries me the most. AI fleets were BAAAAD. SUPER BAAAAD!
  14. I know how I play the game. I know how me clannies play the game. Convenience & fun is sometimes more important than realism. More true in a game that spans a vast distance and moving assets can be very time consuming.
  15. Ach! Really not sure about all this. I just want to go out (and I can confirm the guys in my clan are of same mind) fight, return. Just seems to be another obstical to PVP, add to this crew management, Ach!
  16. Choice made by player. Circumvented by not making this choice and staying in the battle to focus the Belle. Frigate cannot re-enter battle. Now you have the gank. Sorry dude, but I don't see a problem here.
  17. Surely it's better that people leave with an explanation than just going quietly? Feedback is important and whilst I did see a dev say there was no need to post a goodbye thread, I can't help but feel this would be a missed opportunity to get an idea of why people leave. There's no exit poll sadly.
  18. Oddly, there's not a single point I agree with on this one.
  19. I've lost 4 dura in this game (excluding basic cutter noob days). The last one was day one of the new leak mechanic and someone forgot to read the patch notes I'd just been bragging that night how I'd only lost 3 dura TBH, it was frustrating, but I don't mind it. Just means you got to keep an aye on things and make escape before leaks get too crazy.
  20. It's a fair point. No one can now claim the ability to attack each other is a pirate exclusive mechanic. Switching to smuggler effectively gives a non pirate the exact same ability so no one should be bringing this up any more as an unfair pirate 'perk'.
  21. If you enter enemy port in a combat vessel with smuggler flag, you are unable to undock. You can only undock if you are in a merchant ship.
  22. Back OT, devs, I hope you see from feedback that the majority don't want these proposed barriers to PVP. We want PVP, and the ability to get back into the fight as quickly as possible. Right now we all fight on the same playing field. We are either at the positive side of instant recrew or the negative. Doesn't matter which side you are on, it works both ways. We do NOT want to have to sail back to the nearest free port before we are effective in PVP again. This is just an unwanted time sink. Please rethink this.
  23. 1. Powerful mechanics indeed. Since devs have already gone on record stating pirateVpirate didn't work out as intended, they should simply remove it. 2. Powerful mechanics indeed. they should simply remove it.
  24. And the fact PM's carry over when you log out, messages should have a time stamp. Again, something I think would be super easy to implement.
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