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  1. So no complete wipe after the game is in a more finished state? Really would not mind starting over again from scratch (meaning all XP being zero)!
  2. So basically make leveling even faster than it already is?!
  3. Seems to me you've got a dirty mouth?
  4. So hillarious self appointed 'spokesmen' of ALL players under a certain flag...not! Have fun and play the game your way, you paid for it so you should be allowed to do whatever you want right?!
  5. Already have 'nationals' in my friends or rather vaque acquaintances list!
  6. Well it is quite clear how you stand on that matter now is it!
  7. It does, in fact if you get your ship "stolen" by so called friendlies it is most definately an issue for the courts!
  8. Full? Hardly ever have any problem getting in! PvP1 for a great community and some lesser souls as well!
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