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Steam Keys distribution for old backers

Nick Thomadis

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1 hour ago, joffre said:

I tried the key but it didnt work. so I bought the game again, never buy early wait for steam release. lesson learned the hard way.

The Steam key is different than the one you received to enable the game for the standalone launcher. The Steam key was sent to all early buyers, with no exceptions. 
Some players had issues with their email providers or they did not know how to find this key. Just for clarification. You can seek your key in your email junk or ask for help in our support forum.

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On 12/13/2021 at 8:21 AM, Nick Thomadis said:

Please read on Steam forum the latest news:


We must clarify that we have to collect all the needed keys from Valve (received gradually per week) and then we will send them to everyone. In the meantime you can play the Xsolla version which is always fully updated. We are very sorry if this has caused a problem for you, but we do not have control over key issuance and have to wait for Valve.

Good Day,  I have had the game since early testing.  I have not received my Steam Key.  Can you assist?  Russ663

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