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  1. Thank you very much for the hard work and update Russ663
  2. I do agree a good video card is a very good upgrade bigger bang for your buck. Beware good vid cards cost. Them most expensive part in machine. Good luck and have fun. Russ663
  3. There will be trainers out for sure. Since this is not a multiplayer game (yet) it’s all good
  4. Mods can def keep a game relevant for a long time. Star Trek birth of the federation is a perfect example
  5. Tablets, iPads etc do not have the cpu, ram and esp video capacity as computer. It would have to be simple turn based arcade imo Russ663
  6. I would assume the DEVS. are outfitting ships after hull floated
  7. Flight of the Valkyrie.....I am sure future MODS. Will address these
  8. A A lot of what you are suggesting could be implemented thru crew training and development. Your captain and senior ratings etc I do agree with nations having special bonus for historical content. Ie japan and night fighting. US and British radar etc Russ663
  9. Best upgrade investment is video card
  10. Mods, mods and more. Mods. Please
  11. First, I think the alarms would be nice. Say if you are viewing the enemy it lets you know, hey fool torps on way, or flooding, (maybe change direction to offset flooding). That would be a great MOD. I would assume a simple sound MOD would take care of that. Over all it would be a realistic addition for in-depth play emersion. I would DEFINATELY add that MOD. Russ663
  12. I may be way off base, BUT I would assume it is easier for the DEV's to drop/place the current (Academy/Campaign) hulls into the Custom section. They are hard at work on the campaign mode and to overwrite the custom hulls with unlimited access with weight/displacement etc would just take man hours away from the current campaign work. JMT Russ663
  13. There was something the other day about a contributor offering to supply his own homemade translation program/mod.
  14. I would love to see drop down menu on formations.
  15. It also depends on counter flooding, (I try to change sides/port/starboard) and hits in RED areas.
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