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  1. I wonder if this is related to the AI ship designer to keep it making reasonable, viable ships. On light cruisers I've notice it can often make "glass cannon" unarmored ships designs. (Though it makes it easy for me to pop them like balloons!)
  2. So does that mean the ammo det chance slides down with ammo? In other words, if my original ammo det chance at full load was "x", if I deplete my ammo to 50% is my det chance (x * 0.5) or at least some number less than X?
  3. So does that mean the ammo det chance slides down with ammo? In other words, if my original ammo det chance at full load was "x", if I deplete my ammo to 50% is my det chance (x * 0.5)?
  4. I noticed on a few occasions that when I set a division from loose or normal to a tighter formation all the ships reported being at or very near max speed yet the rear ships were able to close the distance to the division lead. I thought maybe this was as intended, as some ships could over-work their engines and boilers for extra speed for short (and dangerous) periods. For my own suspension of disbelief I accepted this explanation, but I guess it was just a bug! So my question is, if I have a division of say 3 cruisers motoring along at max speed in "normal" and I change it to "tight", w
  5. Ah, It was a custom battle and I may have jumped to another screen temporarily when loading. I'll be cautious to not do that and will report it if I see it happen again when I have not changed screens/pressed anything, Thanks!
  6. So I'm not sure how the AI shipbuilding was affected by some of the changes but I got matched up against this terrifying bad boy:
  7. Apparently the enemy was so devastatingly frightening, half your crew died at the sight of them.
  8. So some general feedback after playing through the British campaigns through the 1920 period: 1. Research feels too slow. I get that we're trying to represent realistic development times and also that if it is too fast your ships just become obsolete before you're done building them (though that was a reality!) but in each campaign with research maxed I was only able to unlock few techs each time. I think this may be in part because you spend so much time in so many battles fighting with the same ships, against the same ships, it feels like I never get anywhere. Perhaps the answer is fewe
  9. I'm still a little fuzzy on some of these mechanics. Anybody mind answering? Why should I put a ship in port A vs port B? Do I need to "defend" each port with ships? Do certain ports cover certain sectors of the sea? (Ex. my English channel ports only enter English channel battles?) What does the "In being" vs. "Sea Control" choice do in game? (I understand the real life concepts)
  10. You're both correct and incorrect. Unfortunately, armor arrangements beyond the original 1860's central battery "iron box" grow increasingly complex, often with multiple layers of belt, deck and bulkhead armor. The below post from the World of Warships reddit illustrates the point. Also here's an image of Nagato's armor scheme. Below that is HMS Inflexible (1876) which has a simpler armor scheme. With Inflexible, penetrating the main armor belt amidships would likely be a "citadel hit". With the others you can see that it is entirely possible to penetrate the main armor belt without actua
  11. Since we all like to have a laugh at the "ridiculousness" of the AI for slapping all different manner of guns onto a hull, may I present the very real protected cruiser USS Columbia (1890) which was armed with: 1 x 8in open mount gun on the aft quarterdeck 2 x 6in open mounts (w/ gun shields) on the forecastle mounted side by side so they cannot fire broadside together 8 x 4in guns in casements on the main deck with roughly set out in pairs on each side to the fore and aft 12 x 6pdr (2.2in) guns in casements and everywhere else 4 x 1pdr Pom-Poms presumably somewhere up h
  12. Funny thing about this is that the shell trajectory seems to actually determine the hit, but it seems the dice roll determines if it is a good trajectory or not. You can use this to your advantage by targeting a ship that is close to but behind another. The shots will slam into the untargeted ship and hit far more times than you would have hit your target if the 2nd ship wasn't there! I've found it particularly useful when convoy raiding and the transports end up in a jumbled mess.
  13. I didn't have it happen to me, but I noticed the enemy ships losing crew mysteriously within seconds of the battle starting and when we were no where near each other
  14. Also you seem to need to keep the design if you have active ships of that class.
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