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Can You Load Different Ammo on Different Decks?



An example: I want to stern rake a ship with grape but don't want to be completely screwed if I miss my angle and come around broadside. Is it possible to load only grape on one deck and ball on the others? Another instance of use, maybe I would like to chip away at sails while still damaging armor and lock one deck while aiming at sails and then unlock it to fire another broadside into armor. Or maybe my carronades are too far to pen a ships armor but could still hit the sails, while I have longs loaded on other decks that could pen armor.

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you can it requires using special ammo like double shot or charge and carros. So many ships will use carros on the top deck so you can load chain then switch to double shot/charge the carros can not use this so they will hold the chain while the cannons will use the new ammo.

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1 minute ago, Liberalism said:

In my opinion, it's just a bug and not intended game feature.

I tend to agree with that, because when switching to normal ball, the carros would be reloading ball, even if they are switched off.

When selecting ammo, it is applied to all decks regardless of their firing activation status. If the gun deck cannot be equipped with the selected ammo, the order is ignored. It would make more sense to apply ammo selection command only to the active decks, not to all. Then, you could deliberately choose which deck to fire with what ammo. 

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