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Traditional Chinese(繁體中文) Localization

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@admin @Ink

100% translations of Traditional Chinese for Taiwan, Hong Kong and others player.
include all full description and battle Icon (temporarily more than Simplified Chinese in game,  after patch 34 is same )

feature: highlight Important message and adjust text size for better experience





CSV.file: Chinese(Traditional)   latest vision. 2019/9/13 

change log:

1. update PVP server description for Hotfix for patch 35

2. typo fixed


將檔案安放至steam遊戲庫目錄內資料夾 : steamapps\common\Naval Action\Languages





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update description for Hotfix for patch 35
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On 6/30/2019 at 7:37 PM, admin said:

thank you very much!



Vision update : 2019/07/07

  1. Fixed some typo
  2. Unified Chinese description for Basic / Advantage / MASTER item.
  3. Add more description to help understanding. (at some case player may will be confused by original description)
  4. Replace some loading screen description to game tips.

Vision update : 2019/07/10 (patch 34)

  1. add new words in patch 34 (repair counter for hull and rig)

Vision update : 2019/07/21

  • Fixed some typo 



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