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  1. As a global language, English has led people around the world to choose the GB. I think Britain is the biggest PVE country and cannot be independent of the Alliance.
  2. it cost 254.8k per day~! it must be 20K per day for defence timer
  3. I bought a GTX 1660ti yesterday, but the ship's rigging rope is not shown. When I play other games, GTX 1660ti performs very well. This should be a driver problem. so...I don't know if this report will help.
  4. I am very worried about our clan will or not be retained as before. If it can be retained, it can effectively protect the stability of our clanmembers.@admin
  5. change some word order to make the text easier to understand 简体中文1.0.csv
  6. Translated by:CN Evr lzs Shooter Cui Yutang Xccurate ChenYang Piece of Springonion ElegantWay
  7. Has been finished 98% of Chinese localization.Some necessary status words, no translation。 简体中文0.9A.csv
  8. Please tell us when to wipe, my friends are not online because of this post. They are waiting for this wipe, and whether it is really necessary to wait and see with the wipe again and again......
  9. sorry for The chat system dropped, showing only the nation and clans. but At the end of the battle, we divided the enemy into 3 parts, which is very advantageous. when you escap,We are at a disadvantage.
  10. Due to network problems, most of us can't go to TS.and We are not confused in this battle. if britishs don`t escap before battle close,we could sank a Bellona before him escap by the help of 1rate . (KATAKURAKOTONOOTTO and Upsy Daisy is too late to play game so escaped)
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