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  1. Translated by:CN Evr lzs Shooter Cui Yutang Xccurate ChenYang Piece of Springonion ElegantWay
  2. Has been finished 98% of Chinese localization.Some necessary status words, no translation。 简体中文0.9A.csv
  3. I don't understand why developers are so confident in wiping. If you want to attract more players,need a simpler PVE。The current PVE mechanism, the new player upgrade is very difficult now. If you want to make money, selling paint DLC is enough. By retaining the player's assets, we can easily drive more people to play this game.
  4. Please tell us when to wipe, my friends are not online because of this post. They are waiting for this wipe, and whether it is really necessary to wait and see with the wipe again and again......
  5. sorry for The chat system dropped, showing only the nation and clans. but At the end of the battle, we divided the enemy into 3 parts, which is very advantageous. when you escap,We are at a disadvantage.
  6. Due to network problems, most of us can't go to TS.and We are not confused in this battle. if britishs don`t escap before battle close,we could sank a Bellona before him escap by the help of 1rate . (KATAKURAKOTONOOTTO and Upsy Daisy is too late to play game so escaped)
  7. ok......the L'Ocean targeted the endymion,then i jion in.and when other 4 ships jion, the Locean eascaped without any talk. what a nice day
  8. the L`Ocean was taged by the Endymion first,then i jion in.....
  9. i dont know what to say...what to do.
  10. (Still is Lucky L. chatting msg as you can see on the top.) Lucky L.(L): When I was doing the PB with AHOY at the frontline(referring to Cartagena), what he (Elegantway and/or EAR in general) is doing? He is just a puppy raised by ahoy. L: Ahoy can easily command him. L: Ahoy wants to attack Misteriosa. Ahoy need to get permission from me. L: Ahoy wants DPL to cap Misteriosa. This is premitted by me. screens of private convos edited out
  11. Lucky L.(L): That LZT1209 (referring to the BC in previous screen shot) is me. content is edited out
  12. post approved but content edited posting private communication from in game/ from forum/ or other venues is not allowed.
  13. president of [CH] shows his He was angry at my broke said that I betrayed their underground deals. while, we still hope that they can correct the mistake, To fight the pirates instead of going to trade with the pirates. further, as president, I must be responsible for every member of my clan, They are troubled by the pirates, I can not pretend not to see。
  14. New member in our clan [EAR] bpdls3 was robbed at the mission this afternoon by pirate [CRAZY] black Roberts, and lost his “Indefatigable”. Earlier, [CRAZY] attacked another member and robbed his “Trincomalee”. We have reason to believe that all this is a premeditated action, because they used the suicide attacks. Until this afternoon, president of clan [CH]Lucky. L shows off the agreement with pirate about : [CH] and [CRAZY] pirately reached an alliance, [CH] provide “constitution”to [CRAZY], on the other hand, [CRAZY] promise they won’t attack [CH]. The pirates grabbed the resources from our side, on another side they use this resources to buy “Constitution”from [CH]. Grow themselves, and then continue to attack the British Association. [CH] as a member of the Royal Navy, facing the pirates, they do not defend their honor, however, privately traded with pirates. Sell our own country's resources. Although, most member in our clan are not native british, We still think we should abide by the glory of the royal navy, disgusting with pirate's private deal. In the same station with [CH], make us feel disgraced. As president, I do not allow my members to be hurt by betrayers. President of [EAR] ElegantWay
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