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  1. does this mean you can enter other nation port in warship, even craft resources and build ship? or just able to enter port repair ship and shop?
  2. the point is on the last line? BUFF the TEAK! 😲
  3. Major Problem: too many nation → only major nation have player base → small nation player unable to have resources and keep port → unable to build quality ships and level up → player leave → big nation only getting stronger and bigger, until player are tired or have disagreement to each other. Just My Little Dream: other way besides Alliance My idea is make RVR to Clan basic not National basic if you like to keep and add as many nation in game as possible? let nation just a select for spawn area, and different regions(nation) have different special local product. just let player choice what they want to specialized. reason why nation really doesn't matter in game : 1. Investment is basic on clan not nation, and big nation have zombie clan, most player in that clan already leave the game or nation, but they still control the major port. 3. clan dislike other clan or national player, so they change nation to contest port. 4. many clan have deal with other nation clan to dominate territory, or help other nation to defend port. 5. Russia almost have half of port in map. ppl don't like to get rape cause more clan join Russia. 6. map is unbalanced, some nation don't have port to grind 1-3 rate, and some nation able to grind very easily to get more CM and get more stronger. historical accuracy already getting more unrealistic in Naval Action, so could we have International clan in pvp server? even civil war(only PB). other nation mechanism is fine, keep OW PVP only for nation to nation.
  4. Not personal, but I am afraid Community is not always right. The crowd is blind at most time. 90-9-1 rule : 90% user read - 9% post - and only 1% are helpful, which mean 90% of post are helpless. 80-20 rule : 20% good idea make 80% of profit. if Community idea is not a good idea, it just a time waste (like past 4 years, game mechanism was changed again and again and again! ) . And individual should not be ignored, every single message also mean there are 20 more people have same idea behind. Community just like screening fleet, use number advantage to enforce the way to what they want. Blindly fulfill Community want may give you a Immediate profit in short term, but in long term you may lose more. I know it is hard, everyone need money to live, and fulfill most people want can make more money. In summary, the ability to identify helpful message is more important than most people think. And experience is very valuable assets indeed, it can increase you ability and reduce misjudgment. just an advice by a Chinese forum moderator with 9 years experience. Andy.
  5. beautiful town hope we can have Chinese style port in future (although it is only little chance Chinese nation will have they own port in game)
  6. could we have more event for the quarantine time? it should be great
  7. I always manual save after every battle, today something weird happened. after Chapter EN3.4 the save function are bug. (I had send the bug report today.) chapter save are gone and unable to save a new one. (even auto save are gone) and when I click "save" button to cover other save . it only "delete" other save? what kind of this bug... now my all game save are gone... btw. before I use the save game function today. I adjust the music sound in battle, not sure dose it have any connect to the bug.
  8. @admin I find out every time the ships that system give to you and your enemy are different in frame and trim. so it could be very easy to win or very hard to survive.... so my suggestion it to standardization the frame and trim in the Final Exam, so the tutorial on the forum and other place could really help the newbie, or it just rely too much on luck.
  9. thank you after testing, sure that is connection issue. open table and check too fast it will show the wrong data. wait few second then check, it will show right data
  10. it seem already fixed after today maintaining. in battle back to 84 again thanks
  11. thickness are different between port and battle. same indefatigable armor in port menu. it show 84 thickness. but in battle it only have 78 thickness. it miss the 6 thickness on all side. Navy Planking seems not working in battle? can someone explain why or I miss something. thanks @Ink @admin
  12. Major update for Hotfix for patch 35 Change log: 1. update PVP server description for Hotfix for patch 35 2. typo fixed
  13. Vision update : 2019/07/07 Fixed some typo Unified Chinese description for Basic / Advantage / MASTER item. Add more description to help understanding. (at some case player may will be confused by original description) Replace some loading screen description to game tips. Vision update : 2019/07/10 (patch 34) add new words in patch 34 (repair counter for hull and rig) Vision update : 2019/07/21 Fixed some typo
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