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  1. @admin I find out every time the ships that system give to you and your enemy are different in frame and trim. so it could be very easy to win or very hard to survive.... so my suggestion it to standardization the frame and trim in the Final Exam, so the tutorial on the forum and other place could really help the newbie, or it just rely too much on luck.
  2. thank you after testing, sure that is connection issue. open table and check too fast it will show the wrong data. wait few second then check, it will show right data
  3. it seem already fixed after today maintaining. in battle back to 84 again thanks
  4. thickness are different between port and battle. same indefatigable armor in port menu. it show 84 thickness. but in battle it only have 78 thickness. it miss the 6 thickness on all side. Navy Planking seems not working in battle? can someone explain why or I miss something. thanks @Ink @admin
  5. Major update for Hotfix for patch 35 Change log: 1. update PVP server description for Hotfix for patch 35 2. typo fixed
  6. Vision update : 2019/07/07 Fixed some typo Unified Chinese description for Basic / Advantage / MASTER item. Add more description to help understanding. (at some case player may will be confused by original description) Replace some loading screen description to game tips. Vision update : 2019/07/10 (patch 34) add new words in patch 34 (repair counter for hull and rig) Vision update : 2019/07/21 Fixed some typo
  7. @admin @Ink 100% translations of Traditional Chinese for Taiwan, Hong Kong and others player. include all full description and battle Icon (temporarily more than Simplified Chinese in game, after patch 34 is same ) feature: highlight Important message and adjust text size for better experience CSV.file: Chinese(Traditional) latest vision. 2019/9/13 change log: 1. update PVP server description for Hotfix for patch 35 2. typo fixed 如何安裝: 下載上列Google雲端硬碟網址內檔案 將檔案安放至steam遊戲庫目錄內資料夾 : steamapps\common\Naval Action\Languages 安裝完後重啟遊戲,將能在遊戲選項中的語言選單中選取"Chinese(Traditional)",重啟遊戲後切換遊戲為繁體中文
  8. hello, I try to use the fire ship to kill the enemy. very successful blow up 2 Mercury and Constitution. and here is the video how I did but after battle. battle log show the reward and not of them is about the explosion kill is this normal? is very sad that fire ship do the most job but earn nothing
  9. oh I got it so is slower because I got load on ship thanks!
  10. Hello. I have a question why my redeemable Surprise default speed are lower than normal one?
  11. Everyone know labor hours never too much. you can see player buying hours everyday. So why don't you add a mission that reward is hours. or let player choice reward for money or hours. it sound great for me.
  12. in the "small battle" is common to see some player use surrender to avoid let you get a kill reward. without kill or assists reward, the reward in battle just become very rare. when you spend a lot of time try to kill him. and you think he will leak to the dead. but in the end, you will find out you just waste a lot of time and almost get nothing from battle. except the little reward from hit. that really will make you very disappointed. developer, please rework the rule of "surrender". Let those player HONEST FACE THEIR DEFEAT.
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