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  1. the player get my Endymion into his fleet and that ship is only 12.67kn with teak/white oak. and then my friend can`t tag him with 14.68kn Trincomalee in open world. this is the ship my friend to use.
  2. Add members in and out the clan information. Add the captain’s service record。
  3. just like before,when 18 menbers go into the mission,18 AI ships there to fight. we can ship battle line in mission ,not only in PB.
  4. [EAR] is a group of players mainly from East Asia. We are recruiting players to join Britain on the PVP Server. Our active time zone is from 10:00 to 18:00 GMT. We EAR focus on casual game style and we got many shipwright and merchants. What we lack is the PVP player but you will definitely be able to fit in if you are a PVE player. Currently our major priority is defending the ports and guarding the coastline though we still got a small group of privateers on the high seas. Joining our clan, Gaining access to our production lines, Getting insurance for the losses in
  5. We were approaching him at the beginning.Then he increased his speed to full speed and we lost him in the sight.and the fastest ship of our fleet was a 14 knot wasa with spanish rig. This picture is from his own screenshot
  6. how did the Tinc reach this speed at this angle? Is it possible to cheat?
  7. it cost 254.8k per day~! it must be 20K per day for defence timer
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