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Battle Instance Grappling Mechanics

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We all know boarding mini game is not the best part of wonderful Naval Action. It is a bit difficult to understand, not enough guides or tutorials, too many books and mods to change outcome. Thus leading to frustrations amongs players time to time. Boarding is mostly a game of last second attack/defend/muskets etc.

I remember capturing Bellonas, Agamemnons with our 6th rate ships with my mate, when I was fairly new to this game. Only reason those guys did not have idea of boarding game.

So developers introduced the fake “Determined Defender” perk to counter these problems, to bypass the boarding game etc. After some time DD perk was also nerfed. I purpose it even to be removed.

Remember that time in PVE (or PVP) that second your speed falls back to 3,5 knots for a half second, you already started accelerating but you are pulled instantly ! Your ship still sailing away but you are in boarding game already.

REMOVE INSTA-PULLING, it looks weird, feels weird, does not fit into beatiful NA combat. A cheap way to win a battle (hello le req)

Bring timers to achieve a succesful grappling, A GRAPPLING PHASE.

IDEA is, it requires some time which ships are at or below a certain speed, inside grappling distance. Only after this conditions, grappling is successful and boarding starts.

Easy to grapple a smaller ship, primary conditions fullfilled for 3 seconds.

Grapple similiar ship, conditions fullfilled for 5 seconds.

Grapple a bigger ships, takes 7 seconds.

* Times required to grapple are examples, they can change.

* As purposed earlier, musket, grenade damage starts when in grappling range. Bigger ship hurts more. Hugging is punished for smaller ships if long time hugging.

* In this system you can increase maximum boarding speed a bit more, as you can avoid now.

* You have to really damage that ship, so she can not evade you, so you can grapple.

* No more insta-pull by AI ships or Rage Boarder players. 

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3 minutes ago, Hethwill the Red Duke said:

Sure. I'll grab my 1st Rate and sail nothing else then.


You can do it now, you can insta grapple and board = win if you can catch the smaller ship.

With my purposal you need to pin the smaller ship,below 3,5 knots, in boarding distance for 3 seconds.

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All a player has to do is hold down the "G" key as you transition from negative speed to positive and you're pulled.  Doesn't matter if your acceleration is high. With AI it's auto-board in this case.  It's a bad mechanic and @AeRoTR's suggestion would solve it.

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