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  1. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Battle's Closing Uneven BR

    Battles took from 5-15 minutes to 3 days IRL. So there's a lot of leeway to discuss from. Second, a distance of 30 seconds in the OW couldn't be traversed in reality not even after 2 weeks due to tides and winds - alas in this specific situation a captain failed to join the sack of panama... all because of a "stupid" 30 seconds OW travel in proper reality Back to game...Why sit in port ? Why not sailing outside already ? I'm failing to understand something here... If a ship is outside, sailing, he can join any ongoing battle near him. Doesn't have to wait, can be near the events, whatever you can think of... - and if you wonder, many ships couldn't face off assailants, historically, because they were docked and it take quite a deal of work and whatnot to actually put them to see, maybe more time than some battles, so no. It is unrealistic. - What is your purpose suggestion ? What will it improve ? What are the prejudices resulting from it ? Pros, cons ? as i said this has been discussed a lot of times, and it never ever gets old. it is an excellent subject to brainstorm o7
  2. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Black Veil Griefing

    Tribunal works. Case thread is presented. Posts by accused, posts by people present there, posts with visuals, and anything really important to the specific case. It is very simple. This case is now under review.
  3. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Patch 27 - New Economy feedback.

    Frankly that's not my experience. Had combats involving Dianas, Indefatigables, Trincs, L'Hermiones... But sure, experiences may vary.
  4. Intercepting players returning to port full of loot is more certain, that is correct Archaos.
  5. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Battle's Closing Uneven BR

    We had this same discussion a hundred times for years. I have a script already.
  6. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Battle's Closing Uneven BR

    I agree. Make close in 30 seconds. You are either in the area or you are not. Warp speed across the waves to reach an area you'd take days to arrive ( in a 1:1 scale ) is definitely unrealistic.
  7. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Black Veil Griefing

    Question: - If any one of you makes a "defensive tag" this means you have no intention to fight ( it is done it both trader and war models ). Would that mean tribunal cases as well ( as none of you that does it has any intention to fight ) ? Does tribunal works only when it fights the needs and wants ?
  8. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Missing skills

    Fireship is a permanent now. So can assume all the missing ones have been removed from book grade and became permanents.
  9. Hethwill the Red Duke

    The Nick's adventures

    Very nice I like how you link the different in-game models with the storyline. Transition of the LGV to refit is a nice snippet. ( plus I know that burning snow ! )
  10. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Where has all the Live Oak Logs gone?

    Some inbound traders have been "randomly" attacked by some of my associates which yielded some good amount of white and live oak that would have, if they arrived safely, secured some of the contracted quantities. Alas they were intercepted. Said amount of prized woods seen their way to La Tortue - the convoy was untouched by enemies, which was surprising - and should be up for sale if not all bought already. It is impossible, virtually impossible, to stop all "auto deliveries" but some may well fall prey to players.
  11. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts enters testing phase

    Add my nickname to that list of testers. Thank you.
  12. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Oak and Iron kickstarter

    Refreshing. Nothing like a nice Saturday around the table boasting face to face. Seen Blood & Plunder played live and is really great. For a good Campaign Master, linking both would be really great - going through the naval engagement and then commanding the entire crew ashore ( invasion, raid, etc )
  13. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Muskets, the new golden marines?

    In truth they are permanent equipment. Not ship knowledge Books.
  14. We are testing them. WE are in development phase, meaning every patch is a testing phase. Is all testing until release. Provide more than "destruction" feelings. That is naught.
  15. Hethwill the Red Duke

    safe zones

    Keep the RoE of the safezones ( always open for owner ). Make AI aggressive to enemy players - they will actively sail towards and attack enemy players sailing in the area. If possible make OW NPC fleets join ongoing battles.