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  1. Conforme vou actualizando aqui do meu lado vou fazendo upload. Acaso queiram, criem tópicos para os vossos ficheiros. Poderemos então usar blocos uns e de outros para criar as diferentes versões ( umas mais modernas, outras mais gaming, outras com termos mais da época, etc )
  2. Hethwill the Red Duke

    A Controversial Subject.

    I love a good, solid, as intended sandbox play. Hardest part for me in gaming ( not only pc but also in the table ) is the beardies and similar fauna types - guys that live for the rules and rules bending and forget the experience the game intends to deliver. They are like locusts swarms - appear, devour, and disappear. In the meanwhile devs have to change a million things to accommodate for their depredations...
  3. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Dynamic Open World PVP

    #wishthiswaspveserverwithonlypbbattlespvpcrowd year old global server discussion
  4. I use the Protractor 2 ways - beeline/dead reckoning - and for the Estimation Point for longer routes. It works
  5. Regarding the GPS thing, tons of ideas have been suggested - some were spectacular and very "captain's cabin" like around charts with drawing and making own waypoints. Others referred to relative position to show the quadrant where the player would be ( 20k units square ) as this would make use of the grid map. But the game design is GameLabs only. We just participate with our ideas and no need to stay up clawing and hissing when they don't. I know I don't and do accept the bloody thing as a given. All I wanted forever was the removal of the F11 debug coordinates. And that's it. I'm happy when they are removed.
  6. Hethwill the Red Duke

    A Controversial Subject.

    The raw merciless sad truth. Guess it must be a MMO culture thing...
  7. Nothing new. When my opinion conflicts, harshly, with yours, that's what I am. But did you even read what I wrote on that line ? Everyone, no exception, by grinding or by fighting or whatever to have access to all books and equipment provided they have the gold to exchange for it in the admiralty. Of course things can still drop - no pay needed. I have no idea where that would ever be prejudicial to a new guy. But hey, i'm prick.
  8. Hethwill the Red Duke

    A Controversial Subject.

    Modules, Books and Perks to a point do adulterate the known historical manned and unmanned qualities of the ships. Hercules, Xebec, Bellona, Trinc, Pickle... Do a test. Make unmodded/nobooks/noperks Cerb vs same(nonothing) Herc Then make it again but both fully upped as both player wish. Take your conclusions of which feels much much better overall. If you like arcade you will love the second.
  9. Hethwill the Red Duke

    A Controversial Subject.

    No ship was as fast as we have them ( with mods and books ). And Xebec can be really scary fast.
  10. Hethwill the Red Duke

    A Controversial Subject.

    OR... or... After full release, Victory Mark can be exchanged for a Hercules/Xebec.
  11. Hethwill the Red Duke

    A Controversial Subject.

    Step 3. review sail forces. to dust. it affects every ship including DLC ships in very odd ways, and we manage to do things that ( without neutralizing sails ) would be nigh impossible on a square rigger, for example. Hercules being a light build, short length, narrow beam, is really good with such mods/books.
  12. Hethwill the Red Duke

    A Controversial Subject.

    A age of sail book of dweeb would be a wondrous thing 😮 Anywaaaaaay... Step 2. No redeem if account has 1 in existance ANYWHERE in the world ( even in fleet ) ( see step 1 somewhere above )
  13. Hethwill the Red Duke

    A Controversial Subject.

  14. Hethwill the Red Duke

    A Controversial Subject.

    Oh... ... you know what... Step 1. DLC can only be redeemed in ports where Admiralty is present. ( i mentioned this a few times before ) ... let me ruminate a bit in the rest...
  15. Hethwill the Red Duke

    A Controversial Subject.

    Got summoned... give me time to read this.