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1 hour ago, Cortez said:

But you don`t get them automatically anymore?

Top three nations get them, but only those players that have participated in a successfull portbattle.

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There are 2 ways to get VM's as people above me have mentioned. 

First, is by converting PvP marks, you require 50x PvP marks in order to get 1 VM, which is darn expensive. 

Second, can be acquired as long as a few criteria are met. 

i Your nation must be in the top 3 spots in the conquest board, if you're the first, you get 3x VMs if you're second, you get 2x, if you're third.. you get 1x. (you get the idea)

ii In order to get the VMs you must participate in a port battle, and as far as I know, the port battle must be successful. (i.e. you get the message from the clerk) But the requirement to win is something I'm not entirely certain of as some have stated you can acquire them as long as you participate in PBs regardless of the outcome. 

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